Sorry, NBC: You Owe George Zimmerman Millions | National Review Online

Sorry, NBC: You Owe George Zimmerman Millions | National Review Online.


That due to its purposeful defamation of him, NBC owes George Zimmerman millions, should be obvious.

I can tell you from personal experience, that I duked it out in debate with lots of members of the Race Grievance Industry who were convinced of Zimmerman’s (1) whiteness (he’s not white, he’s hispanic), and (2) his racism because, mainly, of NBC’s false and irresponsible “reporting.”

Granted, the RGI are not well-informed, and engage in a constant search for confirmation of their own pre-conceived notions. NBC knew for certain that their false narrative had a large population of willing dupes, ready to buy the lie.

They ought to pay Zimmerman at least 10 million dollars, as an inducement not to engage in such criminally irresponsible behavior in the future. Between you and me, someone, or someones, at NBC should be in jail now. Maybe they could share a cell with Mike Nifong.

— xPraetorius

3 thoughts on “Sorry, NBC: You Owe George Zimmerman Millions | National Review Online

  1. Agreed. It was irresponsible reporting based on false information designed to manipulate a desired reaction. It was a bit like screaming fire in a crowded movie theater in the hopes of causing a stampede. That’s what was inflicted on the whole country, before we even get to the personal damages done to Zimmerman and his family. A lawsuit seems more than reasonable in this case.

  2. Good analogy, IB!

    What amazes me is that there has been ample opportunity for NBC to have set the record straight so that Zimmerman and his family could get their lives back. Yet no one there has made the slightest move to try to right the obvious wrong.

    A public mea culpa from NBC — in the form of something like an hour-long special, along with the appointment of a genuine ombudsman or the like — would have been not only the right thing to do, but it might have done something to patch up their deservedly battered reputation.

    Right now, as things stand, most media observers consider NBC to be little more than hacks; the propaganda arm of the left wing of the Democrat Party.


    — x

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