Vox Day is a lost lamb… by Insanitybytes

Vox Day is a lost lamb….

Just in the past couple of days, I’ve discovered one of the finest, most insightful writers I’ve ever read.

Every single one of the dozen and a half or so of her posts that I’ve read has had something that approaches common issues and cultural currents from an angle that I’ve never seen elsewhere.

Here’s a snippet from the above-linked post:

Somebody wise once showed that countries that have more women in government are more successful economically and have a better quality of life then those that don’t. But here’s the cincher. It’s not that women are better at governing than men, it’s that the presence of women is evidence of the quality of a country’s men. Men who have to control women are small and frightened men.


We have indeed said that, in very different ways, here on this blog. However, when we said it, it was 1) from a man’s (my) perspective, and it was 2) definitely a masculine take on the issue. Our take was that we men could, if we so choose, keep women down and at home and out of the halls of power, but we didn’t, so I guess we’re not really all that bad, after all.

Insanitybytes, the owner and author of this blog, never fails to take the high road, to find the fresh approach, to perceive the nobility and goodness and greatness in people, where some commentators (I’m guilty sometimes!) see only bleakness.

She’s inspiring, refreshing, fresh, intelligent, trenchant, creative and a heckuva writer.

love her writing — and her thinking — and can’t wait to read more!

— xPraetorius



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