Race Grievance Industry, Beware!

You vote for ’em; you’re addicted to the “free stuff” they give you, and the stroking of your ego they do. You love the excuses for failure they offer you, as well as the vague notion of  revenge they keep whispering about.

You love their oily, sanctimonious way, as they whisper sweet nothings into your ears, and put trinkets in your pockets.

You need to understand, however, that as soon as you prove — even slightly — to be a liability for the Democrat Party, they will toss you aside like a used condom, and for the same reasons.

Democrats are not interested in helping black people in any way; they’re interested only in the 10%-35% head start blacks give them in most elections across the country, as they slavishly give them their automatic votes.

Black Americans: Just out of curiosity, why don’t you try something different? I mean, this blind obedience to your self-chosen masters in the Democrat Party has done what for you?  It’s gotten you where?

Can you look at black America and be happy with what you see?

How are the cities? The cities are the gift you gave Democrats years ago —  and that you keep giving them every election. Thanks to you, the Democrat Party has owned the cities for more than 60 years. How’s that worked out for black folks?

Don’t mention Civil Rights, or slavery’s abolition — those are Republican Party initiatives. Democrats were by far the most implacable opponents of both those things.

The Republican Party, and Conservatives, have as an overtly stated ideal, the notion of leaving you alone, of getting out of your way, of guaranteeing you equal opportunity to use your God-given talents to succeed in America.

Try it, you might like it.

— xPraetorius


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