Still MORE Paranoid Delusions of the RGI

If you thought the “manifesto” of the California murderer, Elliot Rodger, was sick, what should we make of the below reproduced essay? Just as whacked-out-over-the-wall-and-around-the-bend-and-out-of-her-mind loony. I should leave it uncommented upon, but you know I can’t really do that. I’ve highlighted in red the passages that I found particularly instructive. Further, I did intersperse occasional comments of my own in [square brackets and red font]. The “author” is a black woman of about the same age as the California murderer, with whom she obviously shares the same impulses he had. Here’s her post (Note: NSFW, even though I’ve edited out the foul language I could find.):


*** BEGINNING of “diaryofanegress'” POST ***

African Meditation Session: Blood

Moon Rising


This post will make some of you uncomfortable. If you are not ready to partake in this meditation/prayer session, please continue to read and learn and grow with the Spirit. Return to us when you are ready.


Over the past decade, I’ve witnessed strong-minded, capable, intelligent black women and black men fall victim to an invisible force. Homes were lost due to predatory loans, jobs disappeared overseas or were given to others willing to work for pennies a day. Honest, hardworking Africans throughout the diaspora succumbed to this invisible force and because of it, I witnessed suicides, homicides, an increased dependency on chemicals and an utter lack of despair. [Huh? I presume she means “an utter lack of hope?” She’s not all that literate, this one.] Currently, the war on Africa and Africans has become so intense yet so innocuous that many of us, even the ones who can “see”, are blindsided by the events that are taking place. [What the… “An intense, innocuous war?” She really needs to become acquainted with]

Perhaps my new outlook on things came from a surprising source: A good friend of mine. This woman, with the exception of my mom, is probably the strongest, fiercest, most capable and determined woman I know. She’s not just a friend, but a sister-friend and guide for me. I’ve known her forever and her phone call the other night both startled and saddened me. She admitted that she was suffering immensely from this system and didn’t wish to live anymore. [What system? The system that contains more opportunity for advancement than any other in the world, or in the history of the world? That system?]

After feeling my heart skip about 10 beats, I managed to compose myself and listen very patiently to her pain and feelings of hopelessness. Then I thought to myself, If someone like her can be driven to the brink, then the rest of us don’t have a chance. After we hung up, I thought about her all night long. In the morning, after much contemplation and a dream that foretold the future of this stolen planet, I knew that this meditation/ prayer must be done. [Also, I should warn you, this one is prone to drama. However, if the California killer had not gone on his murderous spree, then we would maybe have characterized him as “prone to drama” too.]

As a blogger, I’ve been blessed to know a very small chosen few that I call my allies. We talk regularly about these issues and each time, the  same questions seem to  arise:

What are we going to do to get out of this mess?” [How about working hard, obtaining an education, learning to speak well, working well with others and presenting yourself well to others. You know, the basics we all have to do to try to get ahead?]

Can we get out of this mess?” [Sure, if you follow the above advice.]

Is it too late for us“? [Nope. It’s never too late in this the land that has offered more opportunity, to all people of all colors and walks of life, than any other country in the history of the world.]

What if Amos Wilson is correct?” [All indications that I’ve read are that Amos Wilson (link here) was a racist slimeball; a hard-core member of the Race Gadevance Industry who made a good living from whining about how awful it is here in America.]

Each opportunity that The Most High presents to us, whether it’s a job that finally fits in with our child-care/ elder-care schedule, a new home that we can pass on to our children to help them build wealth, a new and budding business venture that holds promise or a black owned charter school to educate our children in our traditions…each and every time that invisible force has permeated its way into our lives and torn us asunder. I’ve witnessed such hostility and rage directed at our people that we’ve been forced to do things that once were unimaginable. [I’m guessing that you won’t get any particulars here. What “unimaginable things” has she witnessed that anyone was forced to do? For example, you could never force me to do anything unimaginable. Presuming that it’s unimaginably horrible, I simply wouldn’t do it, whether you thought you were able to force me to or not. She has a pretty poor idea of the character of other black people. There are people who can’t be forced to do the unimaginable. They’re called: good and decent people.]

Black farmers, worldwide, that once were the pinnacle of independence are going out of business in record numbers to the point that they are now non-existent. [Lol! Unimaginable! The identical thing is happening to white farmers at a far greater rate, because there are more white farmers than black farmers. That, by the way, is a legitimate topic for futher discussion.] Homes that we once held dear and watched our children take their first steps  are being taken away from us (research the truth behind Hurricane Katrina and the Haitian Earthquake) and are being sold to the bankers for $1.00 USD. [This sounds like Detroit. No matter whether it’s Detroit, Baltimore, Los Angeles, Chicago or wherever, it’s definitely in a city — as I might have mentioned before, this could all be cured if black people would stop voting unconditionally for Democrats. As for Hurricane Katrina, just another bungled government job having nothing whatsoever to do with race. Obama, for example, bungled “SuperStorm Sandy” far worse.]

Our children are hungry, cold, scared and we, the Chosen People of God, are once again left defenseless and fighting against this invisible force. I have come to the conclusion that this force, this world-wide business of black slavery and genocide must be destroyed by any means necessary. [Then, this woman had better hop on the next flight out to Africa where slavery is still the order of the day in vast swathes of that unfortunate continent.] Unfortunately, we have no weapons that cannot be rendered useless. Our enemies and their relatives have surpassed their father’s expectations of brutality and madness. They control our food. Our water supply. Our heat. Our clothing. And, yes, they control our very lives. [If that were true, and they had the level of hostility toward you that you imagine, then surely they’d simply kill you and be done with you. Yet, the allow you to fulminate like this? Ooooooo! What a tough enemy!]

With a mere flick of their wrist or a lying tongue, we perish. With a simple traffic stop on the highway, we perish. [Ummmmmmmm… yeah. Ok. Again, if they hate you as much as you imagine,and they can kill you “with a mere flick of the wrist? I’m assuming they’d just do it and be done with you. Again, not much of an enemy. Methinks your way overheated imagination and your overinflated satisfaction with your glibness are controlling you…not some invisible enemy.] With a racist glance at work or an embellished letter of grievance, our lives are forever changed. Our enemies have demonstrated that they are without remorse, without conscience, without redemption and without even the most rudimentary form of huemanity. [sic] Perhaps the most laughable thing that I have concluded is this: [Wellllll, that last passage was illiterate! It is instructive, however. A simple and obvious fact: no one can ever know whether anyone else has a conscience. Kind of makes the rest of her tirade even more laughable]-

Even though they treat us with zero compassion: [Uhhhh…yuh. No white dude has ever shown any black dude or dudette any compassion. Ooooookay. Can “the system” have the welfare money back now? It’s only 12 or so trillion dollars. Can we now stop with the Affirmative Action and the thousands upon thousands upon thousands of programs, laws, initiatives and policies all designed specifically to smooth the way for black social, economic and political advancement?]

Below would be a graphic showing a “document” called a “Federal N***er Hunting License.” It’s too offensive to show here, but if you really want to see it it’s at this link here.

*** *** ***

[Have you or anyone you know ever seen or even heard of such a document as that mentioned above? Nope. Me either. Guess what: there apparently was such a thing, put out by guess who: government employees of the BATF at parties from 1980-1996. ]

They still expect us to show them undying allegiance and everlasting love. I’m saddened that we, the perpetual doormat of the entire world, still love them [Yep. I’m having trouble seeing past all the love in here.] and have hope that one day they will change. That’s is our greatest strength and our biggest weakness…our undying empathy for demonic entities. [Wow! You have empathy for demonic entities? That means you must be pretty evil! You should cut that out.] I no longer have that hope or that empathy. And that’s why they must be destroyed. [This is not the first time that this “author” has expressed the hope that all white people will meet with a violent and premature end. Noticing any similarities with the Califronia murderer?] We have something so great and so mighty inside of us that this invisible force that governs the world is willing to spend obscene amounts of money to recruit as many nations as possible to keep us from tapping into that mighty power. [Uhhhhh… yuh. Ok.] The power that I speak of is the power of The Most High, the Original Peoples of Ma’at, The Alpha and Omega Melanin Peoples of the Planet. [Yep. I’ve always been aware of this vasty, mystical thing, and like all white people I’ve been obsessing all my life, desperate — desperate, I tell you — to keep them away from this source of their strength! I confess! I’ve spent vast fortunes to recruit other people, and nations to keep them from tapping into this great stuff! Why? I want it all for myself and for all those other white people! Bwaha-ha-ha-hahahahaaaaaaa…!!!]

“Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. —–John 8:44″ [Welllllll, that sums it up, I guess. Nothing really left to say here, is there? 🙂 ]

At this point, I’m sure you get the picture. While I’ve mocked and derided this inane nitwittery,these are the writings of a thoroughy deranged woman. I’ll let the rest of this loony post go largely uncommented on (with a few irresistible exceptions.)

My real point here, is that this writing resembles uncomfortably the “Manifesto” of Elliot Rodger. If we were supposed to intercept him before he went on his murderous rampage, what should we do about this post by this “diaryofanegress” person? I don’t have the answer. These might be the ravings of an inconsequential madwoman, or just the maundering of a drama queen. Or it might be something worse. The rest of “diary’s” post continues below, with fewer comments.

Passover, the Khazarian Tribal Ritual which uses the blood and flesh of Melaninated Peoples, is upon us. With its arrival, there will be a blood moon. In every instance of a blood moon, the Deceivers have manipulated the cosmos [We manipulate the cosmos? We can kill with the flick of a wrist or a traffic stop? Holy mackerel! Surely we can keep the power of The Most High, the Original Peoples of Ma’at, The Alpha and Omega Melanin Peoples of the Planet away from them pretty easily.] in their ignoble favour and used our gifts, our cosmic gifts, against us. They have recruited those that crave power over huemanity to aid them in their diabolical task. The Maafa was just one prime example of their utter contempt for us. Let me be as clear as possible for those of you that have doubts:


It is time for us to reclaim our solar power and wipe these creatures off the face of the earth. I ask those of you that are ready to take the next step in our resistance to partake in this Prayer/ Meditation. We all know that words have certain vibrations. The language that we’ve come to know as English is naught but a coded, bastardized, occult spell-caster that keeps us downtrodden, asleep and psychically disconnected.

The REAL Last Supper Painting that is hidden from us. [Apparently it’s not all that well hidden, eh? I mean, there it is… right there. On this racist moron’s blog.] Make no bones about it…IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN ABOUT RACE [Uhhh… yeah. Only if you’re a whacked-out, loony-bin, paranoid member of the RGI, that is.]

Since we’ve lost our Mother Tongue during the Maafa and have been “put to sleep” by ways of mentacide, poison food, fluoridated water, arsenic in the air and on our clothes, soundwaves from the tel-lie-vision and music, we have no choice (for now) to use Drakkor’s words. But…we’ll charge his words with our African Spirit and use it against them.

Mat 18:19  When two of you get together on anything at all on earth and make a prayer of it, my Father in heaven goes into action. 

Mat 18:20  And when two or three of you are together because of me, you can be sure that I’ll be there.” 

***I’d like to thank my very special friend for giving me the aboved quote. You’ve always been rock for me to lean on. I know that your melanin energy will aid us in this prayer***

Instructions: Please mark this date on your calender.

1. On Tuesday, April 15th, 2014, a blood moon shall take place. On Monday, April 14th, drink lots of water to flush impurities out of your system. Be sure that the water is filtered and NOT fluoridated.

2. Find a quiet spot where you feel most comfortable and will not be disturbed.

3. Sit down where you are most comfortable, light a candle and have fresh water in a pitcher or cup. You will also need a clean, empty bowl to pour the water into.

4. Close your eyes and try as best as possible to banish all conscious thought from your minds. [I’m guessing that this particular step will be easy for the author. There doesn’t appear to be a whole lot of “conscious thought” going on in her cranium.]

5. When you are ready and feel as if you are connected to Nature, say this prayer/ meditation with our African family out loud:

“I pray for The Most High/ Eloheem/ God/ Allah/ Yashua/ The Great Spirit/ Mother Nature/ The Ancestors who Created Life (insert whatever name you feel most comfortable using. This is NOT about religion but Spirituality) [Ooooohhh…that’s deep!] to hear my cries and pleas for help. The sons and daughters of Africa need you more than ever. We have been beaten down, stripped of our inner selves and have forgotten who we are. We pray that you’ll hear us on this night of the Blood Moon. In the Spirit of our Ancestors and the Spirit of Ma’at, we beg you for justice. We beg you for healing. We beg for protection. We beg you for strength.

We’ve been put into a deep slumber by a Disagreeable and Anti-Nature force and need your cosmic help and divine intervention to awaken us. On this night, the night of the Blood Moon, we ask that you guide us in our illumination so we can vanquish our enemies from the planet. Since we are currently unable to fight for ourselves, we ask your Divine Light to give us, the sons and daughters of Africa, justice in the form of Retribution. We pray for Truth. We pray for Harmony with Nature. We pray for Reciprocity. We pray for Righteousness. We pray for Strength. And we pray for Justice. 

Let our enemies fall by their own twisted hand. Let their minds escape them and their tongues become twisted in their mouths. Let their eyes fail them and their bodies grow frail and wither away. Allow them to perish in the same manner that they have perished others. [Ummmm… “perished others?”] Let every diabolical scheme that they concoct be foiled by their own karma. May their homes be burned and their crops lost. [Oops! If our crops are lost, then surely we won’t be allowing them to eat. After all, we control the cosmos and we can kill with the flick of a wrist!] May they become enveloped in the sickness that they have designed for others with no hope for a cure. Let their cries for help fall on deaf ears and their tears go unnoticed. May they thirst but be given no water. May they grow hungry but be given no bread.

May their loins become polluted by their own evil and their offspring cease to exist. May the sun burn their flesh as they perish by ways of a solar assassination. May they realize the error of their ways with no hope of redemption. Allow Nature to swallow them and burn them with hot sulfur. Smite them with fire as they rightfully deserve. Send these creatures back to the hellhole from whence [“Whence,” not “from whence.” “From” is built into the word “whence.” Bit of a peeve of mine.] they came. Give the sons and daughters of Africa justice by ways of Divine Intervention. Heal our infected minds and broken bodies. Allow us a clear pathway back to you. Give us never ending strength and protect us from the coming storm but allow our enemies to perish as they rightfully deserve. We beg you for mercy, strength, protection and healing from the Cosmos as we watch our enemies sink beneath the Earth. Help us to find our way back to our illumination. I ask for all these things. “

6. Take the pitcher of water and pour it into the bowl and say,” Ase’/ Amen/ Amun-Ra (or whatever is comfortable for you. Again, this is NOT about religion but connecting with the Spirit)

7. Then, perhaps the most important part, visualize our enemies vanishing from the planet. Literally play out the scenarios in your mind. Why you ask? Because if you can see it in your mind, it has already taken place in another dimension. [Aaaaahhhh… so when this didn’t actually happen (as it didn’t — this was all written last April.), you still don’t have to have that crawly, foolish feeling because you actually did this jackassery. Why? Because, you see, it actually did happen in another dimension, and you weren’t just out there being a whackadoodle fruit loop.]

As you say this prayer, simply watch for coming signs that Nature has heard our cries. It will come in many forms.  An earthquake here. A new “study” claiming their rising infertility there. A civil war that breaks out amongst them causing casualties…Mass suicides…the possibilities are endless. I shall ask for something that I’ve always wanted for them: Spontaneous Combustion so I’ll be on the lookout for that. Sometimes it will shock you how ACCURATE what you’ve asked for will come true. Do not be frightened by it.  It is simply the Universe responding to your wishes and commands. Say this prayer often, especially on the days of the Full Moon. When you feel your melanin energy at its most potent, say this prayer. When you witness injustice, come home and say this prayer. When you have been victimized and feel helpless and defeated, say this prayer. The Universe will hear you and respond accordingly. Please be patient. She acts on Her own Divine free will. The more Melanin Peoples that say and do this ritual, the more potent it shall become. [Wow! Just when you thought she couldn’t get any more whacked out!]

Please pass this on to any and all Africans throughout the diaspora who want justice and are READY for change.


To Drakkor and Drakkor’s Relatives…all of you…you know exactly who you are:

I’ll keep this short and sweet.

Time’s up, f***er. [Foul language edited] [Well, that all was certainly enlightening! ]

*** END of “diaryofanegress” POST ***

— xPraetorius

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