How ARE Black Americans Doing Under “The One?”

Remember when Obama was “The One?” Oprah crowned him  “The One,” and he was on his way to the White House, and the most powerful position in the history of the world.

Now, mind you, in these pages we told America that if Obama were to become President, then he has to be President of us too… you know, us? The majority of America? If he were to choose to become only a “Black President,” well, then we know what we called it when South Africa set up a government like that. We called it “apartheid,” and we liked it not at all.

At the same time, when Obama beat John McCain for the Presidency in 2008, millions and millions of Americans thought, “Finally! We’ve put that behind us! We’ve elected an African-American(1) to the highest office in the world. We can finally put behind us the whackadoodle notion that America is a racist country.”

More to the point, we white Americans were completely ready for Obama to address black concerns, and to put majority-Americans’ concerns on the back burner, in order to make the lives of black Americans better.

In fact, we white Americans were more than willing to be worse off if it meant that black Americans’ conditions could be dramatically improved under a black  President.

Even more to the point, so many of us white people (myself included) hoped against hope that Obama’s accession to the White House meant that the plight of black Americans everywhere could improve dramatically. Why? These are our American brothers and sisters. It’s a simple truth: the false idea that America is pervaded by white animus against black people has long been a tragic excuse for black Americans not even to try to get ahead. This in a land jam-packed to the brim with white good will, and hopes that blacks will succeed, and grab the opportunity for prosperity that sits in front of their noses.

It was a vain, irrational hope.

Obama was not about lifting all Americans. He’s a leftist! He was, and is, about “leveling the playing field,” which can be accomplished only by chopping down the heights, and making them the same as the depths. If your modus operandi is to bring people down, you don’t have any way to raise people up. That is the tragedy of the American left. Their “equality” is an equality of misery.

A simple economic truism: The easiest way to “level the playing field,” is to cut down the peaks, not to make the entire playing field higher.

So, how are Black Americans doing under Obama?

The great Deroy Murdock gives us some indicators:

  • Unemployment up. But, you’ll say, the unemployment number is down!  Nope. The down part is all about those black Americans who have left the work force entirely, and are no longer counted, because they despair of ever finding a job.
  • Workforce participation way down. Black Americans are giving up the thought of even finding a job, and who would blame them? Racist white Democrats have told them forever that only racism holds them back from finding employment (not a lack of education), or any of numerous other pathologies that blight the black community.
  • Poverty up. From 14.3% to 15% overall, and blacks’ participation in that from 25.8% to 27.2%
  • Food Stamps up. For black Americans: From 7,393,000 when Obama arrived to 10,955,000 in 2012. Wow! What a catastrophe!
  • Home Ownership down. Black home ownership during this interval sagged from 46.1 to 43.3 percent.
  • Income down. None more catastrophically than for black Americans. From $34,880 to $33,321.

When we elected Obama, we certainly didn’t have in mind the idea that all Americans would be a lot worse off for his having been President… but that’s what we got.

Even worse, the core idea that animated the voter numbers for Obama — that black Americans would be a lot better off under his presidency — was nothing more than a cruel hoax. We white Americans were willing to, even voted to, sacrifice power, money, fame and social standing for that precious goal, and Obama blew it.

He hung around with racist scum like Jeremiah Wright and others, and operated under the most reactionary, and frankly stupid states of mind.

Great job, Obama, you blithering idiot, great job.

— xPraetorius

(1) – Obama is a genuine African-American. One whose father was actually African, while his mother was American. Black Americans have left Africa so far behind that for them to arrogate to themselves the title of “African-American” is the height of silliness.

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