Waxman Calls for Congressional Hearing on Redskins Name | National Review Online

Waxman Calls for Congressional Hearing on Redskins Name | National Review Online.

Henry Waxman: What a blithering idiot.

Read how, at the above link, though the headline ought to be enough.

— xPraetorius

4 thoughts on “Waxman Calls for Congressional Hearing on Redskins Name | National Review Online

  1. Irrespective of who this bloke is and what his political track record is like( I hardly pay attention to much US politics) one can only say, ”Better late than never”.

    So good for him for at last having the decency to address this particular issue.

    The Washington Redskins name controversy involves the name and logo of the National Football League (NFL) franchise located in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area. Native American individuals, tribes and organizations have been questioning the use of the name and image for decades. Over 115 professional organizations representing civil rights, educational, athletic, and scientific experts have published resolutions or policies that state that the use of Native American names and/or symbols by non-native sports teams is a harmful form of ethnic stereotyping that promote misunderstanding and prejudice which contributes to other problems faced by Native Americans.[1] The Washington, D.C. team is only one example of the larger controversy, but it receives the most public attention due to the name itself being defined as derogatory or insulting in modern dictionaries, and the prominence of the team representing the nation’s capital.

    1. So, let’s see, JV — a bunch of politically correct, racist, left-wing organizations and opportunists take advantage of an ovine media corps to advance an argument in favor of curtailing free speech, and Sanders, a socialist, jumps on that bandwagon, and you’re surprised?

      Sanders is a proud member of the two most bloodthirsty death cults ever formed in the history of the world: Socialism and Atheism. But you go ahead and applaud his “decency.”


      — x

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