Take The Language Back! (You heard it here first)

Let’s start by taking the word “progressive” back. Let’s face it, the ones who call themselves “progressive” are the worst sort of reactionaries, and regressives, and “preservatives” there are.(1)

Since it’s Conservatives who have proposed the programs and solutions that actually would advance society, let’s start calling ourselves “progressives,” and start calling the left and the hard-left (including the current President of the United States) what they truly are: “preservatives.” It’s time to become “Active Conservatives!

They, the left, are after all “Preservatives.” Let’s face it, left-leaning political philosophy has dominated America since the arrival of Franklin Roosevelt into the White House in 1933. They, the leftists, have already been the “Establishment” for many years.

In retrospect, it’s almost comical — all the fevered, impassioned, spittle-flecked, screeds of the 1960’s left, all the way to the whackadoodle “Occupy” movement of recent, unlamented past, were all whining about how to keep power, not how to obtain it.

All leftist-oriented, or -led, or -promulgated efforts, laws, initiatives, programs, policies and thinking dedicated to preserving or extending that Establishment should be labeled “preservative.”

After all, that’s what they are.

— xPraetorius

*** Notes ***

(1) – Someone once must have said, “I know! We’ll gussy up what’s been in place all along for freakin’ centuries; in complex, convoluted, obscurantist prose, with tortuous ratiocination…  we’ll call it ‘socialism’ and ‘progressive,’ and ‘the wave of the future’ — and the freakin’ morons in the general public will swallow it, hook, line and sinker!”

Oh, yeah, that’s right — it was Karl Marx who said that.

In America, he was referring to ‘Obama voters.’

— xPraetorius


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