Wake up Black America

Wake up Black America.

Carey is one very pretty but confused girl! She’s young yet, but you can see that she’s well on the way to becoming a sensible Conservative. This even though she admits to having been a brainless bimbo for Barack. She tells of how she was once one of his most ardent supporters, but then decided to “google the news.”

After having “googled the news,” however, she rejects Obama — from the far-left.

I think.

Carey really comes across as kind of a libertarian-trotskyite-far-left-rightist anarchist. But, she voted for the most openly leftist candidate of the left-most wing of the most big-government-statist political party that has ever existed in America’s history. Did she really think that such a President was just going to leave Americans alone once in office? (Herein lies the central confusion of Obama voters: They bought the propaganda from the media that the Republicans in their zeal to cut big government were somehow conspiring to increase its heavy-handedness in everyone’s life. So they voted en masse for Barack “I’m-For-The-Little-Guy” Obama. As studies and research have concluded rather convincingly: Obama won the stupid vote handily.)

According to Carey: Obama: bailed out the bankers (correct); is continuing, and in fact increasing, all the same foreign policy initiatives of the hated George W. Bush (kinda correct); extended George Bush’s wars (Definitely incorrect. Obama’s doing his level best to abandon Iraq and Afghanistan to their own); is helping corporate fat cats with Obamacare (correct); broke all his promises (Duh! He’s a liberal…they lie. What the girl failed to recognize is that Obama campaigned as a moderate); extended the Patriot Act (sort of correct), and is the “biggest fraud that has ever been perpetrated on the America people” (that’s self-evidently correct), and much more.

Why do I say she’s well on her way to becoming a sensible Conservative?

Well, some years ago, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn posed the question of Stalin’s Soviet Union: Did the monster make the system, or did the system produce the monster? He responded that the system produced the monster; that, given the system, the monster was inevitable. This former Obama-girl says the same thing of the system and of Obama.

In the harsh glare of reality, that conclusion is a very, very Conservative conclusion. There is no alternative to that conclusion, save one: dramatically reduce the size, scope, reach and power of that very system. Saaaaaaayyyy… wait a minute! Where have I heard that before?!?

She has a very long way to go before coming to that very sensible conclusion, but she’s headed there.

— xPraetorius

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