What, Finally, Do The RGI Want?

We’ll have more on this later, but in all my recent direct interactions with the foot soldiers, the pawns, of the Race Grievance Industry, I can summarize at least what they want. First and foremost, they want what they are told to want by the leadership of the RGI — the Al Sharptons, Jesse Jacksons, Tourés, Melissa Harris-Perrys, and, of course the Eric Holders and Barack Obamas of the world, who are getting rich and powerful from keeping the fires of racial animosity burning.

But after that, with all their gnashing of teeth and fulminating, and bloviating, and whining, and fabricating of injustices, what do the pawns like Brotha Wolf and Abagond want to obtain from all this grievance mongering?

Simple — Four things:
Revenge for wrongs against their ancestors, both long ago and more recently (in the form of slavery, past discrimination, segregation, Jim Crow and other grievances)
Free stuff (as a component of their revenge)
Emotional and intellectual validation for all the effort they’ve put into fabricating the complex edifice of imaginary white racism they’ve built
Built-in excuses for failure

In my last post, I mentioned that the RGI do as they do for at least one reason: Because they can. They have no fear of retribution whatsoever.

If you research Abagond just a tiny bit, you will see that he makes no real secret of who he is. Same with Brotha Wolf. Yet both these bloggers feel completely free to suggest — perfectly openly! — that the overwhelming majority of people in America are just seething with barely concealed hatred for them.

How can one square that obvious contradiction? If I lived in fear of the hatred of an ethnic group that outnumbered mine by a factor of something like five-to-one, I’d be a whole lot more secretive about who I am when criticizing that group in the terms used by the RGI. That these bloggers are perfectly open with their harsh criticisms indicates that they are not really afraid of white people at all.

Furthermore, if you were to check just a bit into the finances and day-to-day life of the RGI’s pawns, you would find, I’m sure, recipients of government services, money and other goodies.

Bottom line: all indications are that the RGI is filled with frauds and mountebanks. They neither fear nor worry in the slightest about white people. And, they understand that they have a good racket going.

We began this series last year at about this time, and are arriving close to capping off our research. As you might have noted, we have been releasing our findings gradually as we are able to compile and analyze them.

We’ll have further to say on the above summary, as well as more conclusions, in upcoming days and weeks.

— xPraetorius


8 thoughts on “What, Finally, Do The RGI Want?

  1. Abagond is NOT a he. It’s very easy to discover this, although the sycophants on the blog are too thick to work it out.

  2. Thanks, NW!

    I had wondered about this. In one of my exchanges I had speculated on this, and had even said that Abagond’s writing had a very feminine feel to it. However, I then figured that I might as well take him, and others, on his blog at their word. After all, I was jousting with the ideas, not the person.

    Incidentally, the others on his blog, and he, were never able to accomplish this and buried any substantive objections they might have had to what I wrote in a blizzard of moronic personal attacks. Even when I suggested that their vituperation was so pervasive, and came so quickly to them, that it threw into doubt their credibility entirely, they never slackened.

    I could conclude only (and I mentioned something to this effect) that I could have told them that afternoon followed morning, and they would have told me I was lying or a racist or somehow wrong.

    Bottom line, if Abagond calls himself a “he,” as he seems to, then I’ll call him a “he.”


    — x

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