The RGI* Just Keep Proving Our Point — Over and Over and Over and …

… and over and over and over and over again.

They’re awash in contradictions that throw all their premises out the window. Then when you point out the contradictions, usually they simply ignore what you say, or go right back to their usual: Well, you’re a racist so you’re wrong. Either they have no confidence whatsoever in the validity of their viewpoints, or they have a singular lack of self-awareness.

In my latest set-to with them, I had an argument with the now well-known “Brotha Wolf” and he ended up by banning me from his pages. I figured he would. It’s a signature tactic of the American left, to silence any criticism of their positions.

However, after Brotha Wolf  (to whom I sometimes refer as Brotha Cryin’ Wolf, or BCW) banned me from his pages, he had a very instructive exchange with some of those who read and comment on his blog. Like typical leftists in good standing, he and his friends managed to do nearly all the tactics the left does — not to persuade others of the validity of their points, but to bludgeon them into silence.

Here are some of the inherent contradictions that the RGI can’t seem to recognize in what they do and say:

What the RGI say But…
The RGI insist that white America is awash in racism and hostility directed toward them. They say this out in the open; right here with “white America” all around them. They say it with no fear of retribution whatsoever. If you were to research “Brotha Wolf” a tiny bit, you’d discover that he has multiple online personae and that he makes no effort to conceal himself from others. Here in this supposedly racist hellhole, how is it that he fears no consequences for supposedly calling us whites out on our hostility?
In the exchange below, you will see that one commenter suggests that Brotha Cryin’ Wolf bring some kind of legal action against me. Then, the same commenter laments that that pesky “First Amendment” might get in the way. Why would the commenter suggest legal action? That’s simple: Because he can. And because he has confidence that through some weird happenstance, Amerikkka is brimming with white racism, but the courts are friendly to black people. Huh? In any country engaging in oppression of any group, the last place that group could ever turn would be the courts. Yet, there was “Mickey” below suggesting that BCW launch a legal action.
Brotha Cryin’ Wolf calls my part in our exchange “cyberbullying.” You and anyone else can read the exchange. I never used abusive language; I never called him names; I never questioned BCW’s integrity or his intelligence, honesty, truthfulness or anything else about his character. I never threatened him in any way. I simply disagreed with him. I did so forcefully, confidently and, I admit, occasionally condescendingly. However, I never acted disrespectfully toward BCW himself — always toward what he said. I was honest. If BCW said something dumb, as he often did, I called him on it. Furthermore, BCW committed all the infractions listed above — many times.
BCW and his friends have no qualms about calling us “creepy,” and suggesting that we are in the throes of some mental disorder. Again, you and everyone can read the exchange. Below are some examples of the vitriol directed at me in this exchange alone. You will see plenty of creepiness here. If you were actually concerned about someone else’s “creepiness,” would you then allow yourself to commit the very same creepiness you so vociferously condemned?

  • suffers from a horrible case of white male paternalism
  • a typical troll
  • a spoiled brat
  • he can shove that claim right back up his a**
  • Praetorius really sounds like an idiot
  • He’s nothing short of a basket case
  • a drapto troll with a lot of time on his hands
  • that x-prae is a creepy mother f***er
  • Yeah, but he’s small potatoes. He’s a true racist wimp
  • He is obsessed with you and Abagond and it’s crazy
  • he can’t owe (sic) up to his own racism.
  • glad you banned his koo-koo for Coco Puffs a**
  • A loon is a loon is a loon! Praetoria**, if you are reading this, f*** off
  • This t**d Partoria** (or whatever the f*** his moniker is)
  • Pratoria** would be better served partaking of shock treatment and high doses of anti-hallucinogen medications. If those treatments don’t work, a lobotamy (sic) will.
  • Maybe he just needs to have sex and is insanely horny. Unfortunately, he’s secretly wanting me.
  • I call him a liar
  • xPrae is demented
  • To me the x-praetorois and [another dissenting commenter], and that [another dissenting commenter] a**hats are like dogs that just come and urinate and s**t in your house
  • And like a dog that likes you, xPrae won’t stay away. lol

Remember, this was in the exchange below alone! There was much more of the same in all my other exchanges with this crowd.

Yes, these are the people who called me “loony!”

BCW constantly tells us how awful white racism is in America today. All their “proofs” that pertain to actual nationwide scope, are from decades ago. All their current “evidence” consists of isolated incidents and anecdotes, highly ambiguous “gotcha” quotes on the part of prominent whites, and personal feelings. Why do the RGI never produce statistics, or credible studies, or trends and analyses that show racism today? That’s an easy question to answer: there aren’t any.
BCW constantly insists that America is overflowing with hostility toward “People of Color,” or “PoC.” This includes Blacks, Hispanics and sometimes Asians — depending on whether it is worthwhile to the RGI include them. Why, then, are there literally millions of “PoC” struggling desperately to get into America? Are there millions desperately seeking to get out? Nope. Not even now, with the wreckage of Obama’s economy strewn all around for all to see.There was, briefly, a “Back to Africa” movement. It never went anywhere. Famously a black journalist did go “back to Africa.” His name is Keith Richburg, and he did go back to Africa. Here’s a snippet from Amazon’s review of the book that resulted:

He found a continent where brutal murder had become routine, where dictators and warlords silenced dissent with machine guns and machetes, and where starvation had become depressingly common. With a great deal of personal anguish, Richburg faced a difficult question: If this is Africa, what does it mean to be an African American?

Richburg is a liberal in good standing, but he came back from Africa, thereby confirming what we have said bluntly in these pages:

The best thing that ever happened to black Americans of today, is that their long ago ancestors were brought to America against their will.

White Americans have launched or established tens of thousands of initiatives of all kinds, and of local, state and nationwide scope. These initiatives have included: laws whose intent was to give minorities recourse in case of discrimination; programs whose intent is to make it easier for minorities to obtain the essentials for day-to-day life; programs imparting skills and education to make minorities more marketable in the job market, as well as programs and government agencies that have transferred more than 10 trillion dollars to poor people, which went disproportionately to black Americans. They never had a substantive answer to this. If they even responded to this at all it was to say that most of the programs that can be loosely grouped into the category of “Welfare” went to white women. That’s true, of course, but everyone knows that, and it was never the point. The point was that the transfer of treasure went overwhelmingly disproportionately to black people. Here, however, is the underlying point: There was never any movement among black Americans to reject the money. Or the food stamps, or the housing, or the Affirmative Action employment, or anything else coming “from the government” and overwhelmingly from white taxpayers. In other words, there was never any movement of any significance in the black community to say, “Look: just leave us alone. We don’t want any favors, we don’t want any special considerations. Just stop discriminating against us in employment, housing, restaurants and food, or anywhere else. Just give us a fair and equal shot.” In retrospect, that’s what we whites should have done. It would have made a heckuva lot more sense than getting black Americans dependent on free stuff. I have a strong feeling that if you were to examine BCW’s financial situation, one would find that he is quite a consumer of government stuff…stuff that comes overwhelmingly from white people. Please note: There were individuals who rejected taxpayer-funded assistance. The great Thomas Sowell comes immediately to mind.
One of the steady accusations leveled against me was that I, and by extension, all white people, view ourselves as superior to black people; that we somehow consider them lesser people. Here’s a sample of the invective from this very exchange alone: Mary Burrell said:

To me the x-praetorois and da-jokah, and that riverside rob a**hats are like dogs that just come and urinate and s**t in your house and especially at Abagonds (sic) he has to keep cleaning up their nasty and stinky mess, instead of just locking the dogs out of the house and not letting them come in stay outside. But i am glad you kick the dogs out when they make a nasty mess. That dog x-praetorious got to stay outside.

BCW’s response, concurring with Mary:

And like a dog that likes you, xPrae won’t stay away. lol

The attempts by the RGI to produce clever or devastating bons mots are usually just cringe-inducing.

More to the point: I guess BCW thinks it’s just okay for the RGI to suggest that white people are less than human. Did he then expect that we all simply would agree?

These are just a few of the jarring contradictions that the RGI have always steadfastly refused to address in any substantive way, whenever I’ve brought them up. One can conclude only that the RGI has no response for dissenting opinions and feels therefore the need to “win” by demonizing and silencing those who might dare to disagree.

I’ve reproduced Brotha Cryin’ Wolf’s post crowing post about how he banned me from his pages, and what a great victory that silencing represents for him and his readers. In that post, I have highlighted in blue the abusive language directed at me. I’ve added in some “Editor’s notes,” in [square brackets and in red font].

— xPraetorius

    • the Race Grievance Industry


*** BEGINNING OF BROTHA WOLF’S “Banned: xPraetorius” POST ***


Banned: xPraetorius (UPDATE)



xPraetorius uses a guitar like this one as an avatar.

xPrae, you are no longer welcomed on my blog. You have proven that you have a disrespectful attitude, a detached view of the world and an inflated ego to boot. [Editor’s note: Let’s stipulate to this just for the fun of it. I was occasionally condescending and dismissive of BW’s posts. They, however, were absolutely vicious.]

Let’s break down why xPrae has been kicked out of this den and why everyone else who’s an anti-racist should beware of him:

1. xPrae considers white racism as a non-issue or too insignificant for us people of color to care. [Editor’s note: Nope. I never said this. Just that it’s not a big problem. Certainly not worthy of the frothing obsessive attention the RGI pay to it.] In particular, he considers both me and Abagond to be part of – or rather ringleaders – of something he calls the Race Grievance Industry (RGI). [Editor’s note: I’ve never said that BCW and Abagond are “ringleaders.” I have said many times that they are the “foot soldiers,” pawns of the RGI leadership.] Somehow our blogs are part of a huge insane plot against white people, whom he believes are generally not out to get us, but to help us, by merely discussing racism. [Editor’s note: This is typical BCW frothing hyperbole. I never alleged anything like a “huge insane plot.” I did confirm that white people are most definitely “not out to get them.” Why? We’re not. I’ve never personally encountered a single white person ever who wishes black people anything but happiness, good health and prosperity. Yes, they’re out there, but if, as BCW insists, they’re everywhere, then I should have encountered some of them!] Like a typical conservative, he considers us as race baiters, [Editor’s note: They are race baiters. No “considering” at all. I assert it as fact.] focusing on a problem he declares as insufficient to us. And we should simply shut the hell up and leave white people alone. [Editor’s note: Of course, I never suggested that anyone shut up. They, on the other hand, frequently tried to silence me, and finished by banning me from the blog.] As far as xPrae is concerned, we and all of our guests who cosign with our articles are the real racists. [Editor’s note: They are racists. I think that’s nearly objective fact. Their writings are laced with assertions that nothing more than white people’s skin colors renders them sub-human racists. The assertion itself is racist. Furthermore, BCW makes no bones about it. I had the temerity to suggest that he stop being a racist. And I did not ever concede to the racist BCW, that I am a racist. Why? Because I’m not.]

2. xPrae’s focus on me and my blog as a proprietor of the RGI, as evidenced in his blog, is disturbing enough. [Editor’s note: The explanation for this is simple: BCW allowed me to comment on his blog for a bit. So I did. And, needless to say, BCW’s “thoughts” have proven to be a rich vein to mine for RGI “thinking.”] He goes out of his way to write lengthy articles, including screenshots of my posts, just to write extensively how ‘stupid’ they are to him. To that end, they are objectively stupid. He would even post screenshots of exchanges to prove his hollow point.

3. xPrae suffers from a horrible case of white male paternalism. He will see you as a child, ignorant of the “real” world. And seeing as how his ego is bigger than his articles, he sees himself as a white savior swooping down from the sky to rescue you from your anti-racism. [Editor’s note: Here BCW engages in a common failing of the left: the illusion that they can read minds. That I disagreed with BCW, and stood firm in my convictions, BCW misinterpreted as “paternalism.” This is ever so typical of the RGI: If you disagree with them about anything, and you’re white, you are being racist, paternalistic, oppressive, lying and crazy. By this specious “reasoning,” black people can never simply be wrong about anything. You know, like real people are all the time? It’s important to remark on BCW’s “anti-racism” thing here. It’s kind of a parallel with another thought that came after World War II. The pithy apothegm that sums it up is: “the fascism of the future will come cloaked in the flag of anti-fascism.” (provenance unknown, but attributed variously to Winston Churchill and Huey Long, as well as others.) To paraphrase a bit: “Today’s racism comes cloaked in the flag of anti-racism.”]

xPrae considers your stories of racism as nonsense, especially if you tie it to the system of white racism. [Editor’s note: I never said any stories of racism were nonsense. I said they didn’t prove that the entire country was filled with racism. That is, of course, true. No anecdote involving a few people can be used to prove anything about more than 300 million people.] Again, he doesn’t believe that white racism is a big problem. [Editor’s note: Finally! BCW says something that is true!] And whatever happened to you is isolated. Nevermind the mounds of research to prove him wrong. [Editor’s note: “Mounds of research” that BCW steadfastly refused to produce. Just saying that there are mounds of research doesn’t mean there are actually mounds of research.] They are not as credible as him and his ‘group’.

4. xPrae says that he is part of a “think tank” of writers. In my opinion, I’ve never heard of a think tank worry so much about bloggers, especially an average one such as myself. [Editor’s note: I explained this above. Brotha Cryin’ Wolf’s blog is a rich vein of the mindlessness of the RGI. I think I’ve pretty much got all from it that I can get though. ] You would think such a group be more concerned about those with more power and influence, and seeing as how he is an avid racism denier, that would be someone like Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson [Editor’s note: Sharpton and Jackson are in the leadership of the RGI. We and many, many others, have considered them a great deal, but very few people have studied the foot soldiers, the pawns of the RGI, up close. We did that particular ground-breaking work. Needless to say, I’ve never denied racism.]. I consider his fascination with me as nothing short of annoying and, at most, creepy. [Editor’s note: See our comment on this in the table above.]

5. Conservatives, for the most part, love to argue about personal responsibility for others. Not so much for them. xPrae is one of those people. [Editor’s note: try to find where I made that argument in any exchange with BCW.  I didn’t, and never have in any other context either. ] He made a choice to comment on my article about the Paula Deen scandal with his usual she’s-not-racist-and-you-sound-stupid responses. To this day, he claims that it was a member of his group, a black woman, not he, a white man. And to this day, I call him a liar. [Editor’s note: it was, indeed, my colleague, a black woman, who originally engaged BCW on his blog. If you reread our exchange, you will notice that I never called BCW a liar. Why? I don’t think he was lying anywhere in this exchange. He, of course, would have no way of knowing whether or not I was lying, so the liar accusation is ludicrous on its face. Not that that would ever stop BCW from trotting it out from time-to-time. It’s a staple of the RGI’s “argument.”]

Nevertheless, he refuses to take any responsibility for it. Yet, xPrae is the kind of guy that would slap you in the face and blame you for having cheeks. I should be held accountable for writing the articles, and it’s not his fault that he has the audacity to troll into the comment section and leave piles of insults he sees as criticisms. [Editor’s note: as mentioned above, I steadfastly confined my criticism to the content of BCW’s blog. If one puts out stupid blog posts, one shouldn’t expect glowing comments in return.]

6. xPrae loves to call your opinions on racism ‘crying’ and ‘stupid’ if they point to its existence. In fact, he called me “Brotha Cryin’ Wolf” in one of his posts. So, when he turns on his jerk mode and insults you and your comments, naturally you tell him off. Makes sense. But xPrae would consider that as hostile, abusive and – you guessed it – racist. So, he expects an apology from you, even though it’s like him hitting you, you hit back and he demands that you apologize to him while he avoids any liability. [Editor’s note: this is an incoherent mishmash. I directed my negative comments toward content, never toward people. BCW and the rest of his friends directed their vitriol toward me. If they can’t figure out the difference, then they’re engaging in the same selective stupidity I remarked on in one of these exchanges. ]

7. And speaking of apologies, and this is the kicker folks, xPrae is demented enough to want you to give in, say you’re sorry and accept that his point of view is the correct point of view! [Editor’s note: All people who argue consider their point of view to be the correct one. Duh!] I’m not kiddin’. Look at the exchange I had with him in this article, and you will see how far his white male paternalism goes! It’s almost as if he’s trying to brainwash me without any detergent. [Editor’s Note: I guess this was supposed to pass for a clever bon mot.]

If you’ve checked out his last blog post dealing with his battle with me, you will see he declared himself a winner. (LOL) But xPrae has shown how well educated in the real world he is – or isn’t. He can enjoy being a legend, or rather an influential think tank of writers, in his own mind, but he’s actually no different than a troll looking for attention. [Editor’s note: As bland an insult as this is, I never engaged in any personal attacks at all.] For some reason he wants my attention. But the buck stops here. [Editor’s note: BCW to his credit, was the only one who was able to hang in there with me at all.]

xPrae, your borrowed time here is over. Now, stay away from my den! [Editor’s note: This is a real courageous declaration, coming from someone who can routinely block my posts anytime he wants. This is the same as taunting the bear outside from the safety of your second floor deck. Don’t let that bear in, though! 🙂 ]

(He will likely respond on his blog with a long winded article.)

UPDATE: Just as I thought, xPrae isn’t taking his ban too well, as he still felt the need to lash out as seen here:


I’m not sure if you can read this, but if you click on it, it becomes larger and clearer. Obviously, he’s upset that I refuse to allow him any more attention. And he will make it known sooner or later in text. [Editor’s note: I’m not upset at anything. I obtained a lot of valuable material from this pawn of the RGI. That was my intent all along. This last was a very successful foray into the fever swamps of the RGI. I have enough content for the upcoming book, as well as the follow-up to the video documentary.]

Also, on xPrae’s blog, one of his recent articles is where he bids me adieu. To me, it seemed like he’s moved on too. But I doubt that. He will continue to show you that I’m still in his crosshairs. But I’m not worried about him. What can he do; spam me to death? [Editor’s note: Only the RGI can consider “being in the crosshairs,” having to deal with the rather bland posts that I placed on BCW’s blog.]

Just so xPrae is reading this, let me say that there IS proof to white racism. [Editor’s note: It would have been nice if BCW could have produced some. Goodness knows I asked him numerous times for it. 🙂 ] But you, like a typical troll, would reject it. A lot of info is found in this blog and in the blog links on the left alone. But he sees me as his servant, [Editor’s note: at no point, did I ever once imply, say, suggest, or even hint at this. Of course. More mystical, magical mind-reading from the RGI.] ready and willing to look for the material he is too lazy to do himself. I will not do for him what he is more than capable of doing himself, but made the choice not to. And like a spoiled brat, he will throw it away because it hates the taste of it. Besides, it was provided in the post about Paula Deen. And what did he do? Exactly. So he can shove that claim right back up his a**. [Editor’s note: Based on pretty scanty evidence, Brotha Wolf concluded that Paula Deen is a racist, and he projected what he thought was Mrs. Deen’s guilt on all white people. I demanded more proof than that. None was ever forthcoming.

Bottom line: BCW is just like the schoolyard bully who cries like a baby when his victims turn the tables on him. He sure seems like too much of a coward to allow dissenting points of view on his blog. We did make a good faith effort to change his mind, to turn his thinking in a more open-minded direction — that, after all, is what a “debate” is all about — but there are plenty out there who are not willing to have or keep an open mind.]

  1. Verveina said:

    April 12, 2014 at 10:46 am

    That guy Praetorius really sounds like an idiot. Yeah, racism is no problem because he doesn’t experience it himself. [Editor’s note: how does “Vervaina” know what I’ve experienced? Answer: she doesn’t. However, that doesn’t stop her from telling me what I’ve experienced. That’s supposed, I guess, to pass for sophisticated reasoning, or to be clever argumentation.] The spider on my wall has more empathy than that bloke.
    Good riddance.

  2. Wolf, that x-prae is a creepy mother f***er. The fact that he is always lurking and posting you and Abagond is weird as hell. It’s just creepy.

    • Yeah, but he’s small potatoes. There’s nothing he can do that would so much as leave a mark. He’s a true racist wimp who acts high and mighty behind the screen.

  3. He is obsessed with you and Abagond and it’s crazy. I am glad you banned his koo-koo for Coco Puffs a**.

  4. Trolls like XPraetorius and DaJokah on Abagond really piss me off. I am glad you banned XPraetorius because I read his blog and I was so sicken (sic) by how parochial his worldview was and he thought you and Abagond are racists because he can’t owe up to his own racism. People like him come on here to cause trouble and division in anti racist blogs because they don’t want to owe up to their own racism because breaking down this system would mean they would have to give up their privileges. And we both know that White Americans don’t want to give up the privileges and benefits it comes with being White.

    P.S. I wish that Abagond had as much guts as you have to get rid of XPraetorius from this blog. I wish Abagond could get rid of DaJokah, Riverside Rob and other racists who comment on his site. But he wants White approval so badly………this is one of the reasons why I don’t comment on Abagond as much as I used to.  [Editor’s note: it could be that this commenter doesn’t post “as much as she used to,” because she’s barely literate. Further note: Adeen doesn’t pay attention very well either. Abagond proved unable to stay with us either. I was banned from his blog long ago. Abagond is a slightly less typical member of the RGI. Just as irrational, he’s more educated than BCW, and writes a lot better.]

    • I think Abagond did get rid of xPrae, either that or xPrae left on his own. Jokah hasn’t pushed the right buttons yet. Even though he’s full of it, he’s sly. Riverside_Rob is a fly-by-night troll who comes and goes. He’s a straight up racist, but like Jokah, he hasn’t slipped up yet.

  5. And you know he is lurking right this very moment. Obsession with what black folks are talking about. It’s just sick.

    • You’re right. It’s unnerving.

      • A loon is a loon is a loon! Praetoria**, if you are reading this, f*** off.


        A dumb negress!

        Seriously, this man appears to be mentally ill in his obsessive behaviour. He was entertaining for a while but, he started going off the rails. Funny, he has never come to my blog because he knows he will be cussed out. You can’t ‘debate’ these nutjobs as they are not on this blog or any similar one to learn or impart knowledge. They want to get their racist points across at whatever cost. Hence, s**t tickets like Da Jokah, will change the goal post when proven wrong, even though the source of the other persons links are impeccable. This t**d Partoria**(or whatever the f**k his moniker is), does the same thing. Pratoria** would be better served partaking of shock treatment and high doses of anti-hallucinogen medications. If those treatments don’t work, a lobotamy will.

      • Maybe he just needs to have sex and is insanely horny. Unfortunately, he’s secretly wanting me. 😦

  6. Nat Turners’ Revenge said:

    April 13, 2014 at 1:05 am

    I can’t seem to post any comment @abagond but da joke & prae tell seem to have VIP status. Thank you for rejecting his deposit.

  7. Glad he’s banned. He brought absolutely nothing and just refuted anything you brought up to him with no resources or experiences.

    He said “racist” and “white supremacist” are slurs!? [Editor’s note: “white supremacist” is, but “racist” is not. However, in the previous exchange that I had with BCW, one of his commenters called me a “caucasoid.” That is, indeed, a racial slur.]
    I have heard that white supremacy and racism were “inventions” of socialists and communists, but that was from a white supremacist site! Praetorius needs to check himself, what he thinks he knows and how he handles his business on the internet. He’s a clown.

  8. To me the x-praetorois and da-jokah, and that riverside rob a**hats are like dogs that just come and urinate and s**t in your house and especially at Abagonds (sic) he has to keep cleaning up their nasty and stinky mess, instead of just locking the dogs out of the house and not letting them come in stay outside. But i am glad you kick the dogs out when they make a nasty mess. That dog x-praetorious got to stay outside. [Editor’s note: Can you even imagine the whining and the gnashing of teeth if I were to call a black person something other than human?!? Yet, it comes tripping off “Mary Burrell’s” tongue as if it were nothing.]

    • And like a dog that likes you, xPrae won’t stay away. lol [Editor’s note: And BCW endorses the insinuation that I’m less than human.]


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