One More Thing…

Ok, a couple more things…

Look, the American Left (morons that they are) must figure they/we live in a completely binary world.

They (the morons that they are) insist that when we on the right say that there is no indication that, as the left says, man’s efforts are entirely responsible for “Global Warming,” then we’re really trying to say that man has no effect whatsoever on the climate.

No one ever said that.

Everyone in the world, and the known universe, knows that everything affects the climate. When I twitch my little finger, I affect the climate. In point of fact, due to the laws of gravity, when I twitch my little finger, I instantly affect the climate of every other planet in existence in the universe. (Look that up, for example, here.*).

Of course, we don’t have instruments to measure the extent to which I affect the climate here on earth by twitching my little finger, (much less on every other planet in existence in the universe), so there is — obviously — no need for a law proscribing little finger twitching.

However, the only valid question here is precisely the question nobody’s asked: To what extent does mankind affect the climate of the earth?**

Until we Americans get a clear answer to that question — an answer that doesn’t contain fraudulent “evidence,” or fraudulently obtained numbers, and isn’t attached to requests for billions in grant money — you know, until we get actual scientific evidence — we should tell all environmentalists to get lost and to take their parasitical ex-US-Vice-President*** with them.

— xPraetorius


    • Summary: “Newton’s law of universal gravitation states that any two bodies in the universe attract each other with a force that is directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them.” The point: As soon as I twitch my little finger, I perturb the gravitation of the earth an infinitesimal amount. In so doing, I affect every other body that has mass in the universe; eg, every other planet in the universe, as mentioned above.

** – Why does no one ask that rather obvious question? Because there’s not an easy, law-requiring, funds-needing, excuse-for-election-stealing, answer to it. However, there is an answer. Some climatologists have tried to answer that question, and the result has been, in every case: Nearly negligible. Yep. Man’s influence on the climate, while certainly present, has been nearly negligible. First and foremost because in the grand scheme of things, man has been affecting the climate for a very, very, extremely short period — some several thousands of years. If measured against the life of the earth (4.5 billions years), and if we use the outlandishly high figure of 10,000 years, that means that man has been influencing (or “harming”) the climate here for 1/450,000th of the earth’s existence. To put that into a bit of perspective: If you were to collapse the entirety of earth’s existence into one year, that would mean that our entire time here would represent: about a minute and ten seconds. During the vast majority of that time, however, we were like the rest of the animals out there… foraging where we could and eventually discovering fire and making, building and inventing things to make our lives easier. And, of course, “polluting” the earth.

The liberals want to focus our “catastrophic effect on the earth” to when the Industrial Revolution began. Okay. That means that our deleterious effect on the earth began in 1760 and is roughly 264 years old, or 1/17,000,000th of the planet’s age. I’m ok with that. That means that our entire time spent wrecking the earth has been about the same as a bit less than 1.9 seconds in every year the earth has been in existence.

Wow! I hope that in that less than 2 seconds every year, mankind lit off a freakin’ atomic bomb or something, because otherwise, we’ve had no freakin’ appreciable effect on the earth whatso-freakin’-ever. 

*** – Al Gore, for the low-information left.

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