NPR Watch – Volume XIX, Edition I

NPR “News” — National Public Radio — is supposedly the home of journalistic excellence in America today.

Uhhh… No. Like, not even close.

They’re reactionary, shallow, ridiculously affected, phony … and lateReally late to any news story. Really far behind the times. Worse, they have no understanding whatsoever of what they’re “reporting” on.

They’re still flogging the “Global Warming” and “Climate Change” dead horses. Everyone in real life has long since moved on, with the simple understanding that: we don’t know nearly enough about the climate to understand the extent to which man’s efforts affect itAnd, we should clean up after ourselves, because that’s just the right thing to do.

For the considerable number of leftists who follow this blog, yes, I know that man’s efforts affect the climate. (There, I just wiggled my little finger, and that affected the climate, but, read this well, not enough to make rules or laws against wiggling little fingers.) And, read this well: Everything affects the climate. From the vibration of that molecule over there, to the largest eruption of a volcano ever… and all things in-between.

However, NPR is still stuck on the patently false idea that there are those who believe that man’s efforts don’t affect the climate at all. Read this well: No one in the world believes that man’s efforts don’t affect the climate at all. Now to remove the double-negative: Everyone in the world knows that mankind’s efforts affect the climate… but no one has the slightest clue as to what extent.

Back to the NPR story.

Several days ago one of the NPR morning news droids came on and said something to the effect of: “blah blah blah as Republicans try to block the President’s efforts to fight climate change.” Other than the “blah blah blah,” that’s a pretty accurate quote.

Well. Just what are those wascally Republicans up to? Well, of course, they’re trying to block our valiant, intrepid, middle class-lovin’ President’s attempts to fight, and beat that mean, nasty, wasty ol’ Mr. ClimateChange!

** Sigh **

We’ve been through this before. Here, for example… and here (all the way back in NPR Watch, Volume 8!).

Here’s the salient point from those two pieces:

From the first one:

“In short, it’s time to stop wasting dollars and efforts on symbolic and meaningless efforts to “stop climate change” and instead start figuring out how we might develop better strategies for dealing with a climate that does nothing but change”

And from the second (slightly more bluntly):

“…the climate does nothing but change.”

So, really, apparently, those rotten ol’ Republicans are trying to block President Obama’s efforts to fight … the climate.

Seriously, though, does Barack Obama — along with his ovine acolytes in the media, Congress, academia and Hollywood — really think that if only we do what he says we should do, we can freakin’ control the climate? Is he that much of a moron?

Don’t rule out that he just might be.

Pundits take great pains to point out that “the climate” and “weather” are two different things, and that’s true. The climate encompasses the larger behavior of weather, on a planetary scale; while “weather” is what’s happening outside right now. You can’t use one to say all that much about the other in any really meaningful way.

However, the way Obama and the Democrats — and, of course, NPR — talk about climate and weather, you would be forgiven for thinking that, but for the Republicans, you might soon be able to hear something from your radio like:

The government has scheduled rain for next Tuesday, from noon to 3:00pm in the Northeast quadrants; while December 21st’s snowfall has been postponed due to a schedule conflict with Monday Night Football. Hurricane Ethelrod has been cancelled due to lack of interest.”

It’s worth repeating: The climate does nothing but change. It’s freakin’ built in to the climate! Like dogs gotta bark, trees gotta grow, Democrats gotta thirst for absolute power, Obama gotta make moronic gaffes, the media gotta ignore Obama’s moronic gaffes, birds gotta fly… the climate gotta change.

Every nanosecond of every day for the last four and a half billion years or so, the climate’s done nothing but change. We’ve observed the manifestations of that built-in, intrinsic, perfectly natural characteristic of the climate and called it “weather.” If you’re “fighting climate change,” you’re fighting… ummmmm: the climate. And weather.

What do Barack Obama and NPR and the American left have against the climate?

So, why on earth, where we have all this great climate that does nothing but change, would they say something as stupid as “fight climate change,” and variations on that?

Yes, yes, yes, I know: “Global Warming” has been proven to be a fraud, and the “warmists” shown to be nothing more than a bunch of con artists trying to scam taxpayers out of money,(1) so they needed to replace it with something. Did they really have to replace the discredited with the insultingly moronic?

Worse, did Americans have to swallow this dopey twaddle?

NPR, the mouthpiece of the Democrat Party, the political wing of the American Left, demonstrates again and again and again and again, that Hitler’s “Big Lie Theory” is correct: You can say the same idiotic, irresponsible, jackassery over and over and over again, and soon vast populations will believe it.

Don’t believe me? Talk to a Democrat — or a Democrat voter…either one will do — and state the perfectly, howlingly obvious: “Climate change? The climate does nothing but change.” Watch as the Democrat’s — or the Democrat voter’s — facial expression morphs into the I-just-bit-into-a-rancid-lemon look of self-admiring, superior, scornful disdain, as she says, “Oh, you’re one of those…” Listen as the few remaining doors open to actual conversation in her mind slam shut for the evening. 

Way back up top, I told you that NPR has “no understanding whatsoever of what they’re reporting on.” Well, how would you characterize it when they say, in the gravest of NPR voices, things like, “Obama’s efforts to fight climate change,” without realizing that they just said, “Obama’s a moron.”?

You know it’s true.

— xPraetorius

(1) – Ooooohhhhhh, that’s why they say the insultingly moronic!


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