You Read It Here First

Ukraine is lost. You know what’s coming up:

  • (1) Russia has taken over the Crimean peninsula. Russia will consolidate this “acquisition.”
  • (2) Russia is rattling sabers at Ukraine.
  • (3) Barack Obama will condemn the incursions in the most forceful of terms.
  • (4) Obama might even use the term “red line.”
  • (5) Russia will, read it well: do whatever they want to do, and the U.S. will do nothing.
  • (6) Don’t forget, Obama already disarmed Eastern Europe by removing tactical nuclear from that region early in his disastrous presidency.
  • (7) Russia’s influence over Eastern Europe will return to Cold War levels.
  • (8) More importantly, Russia’s influence over Western Europe will return to Cold War levels.

Some remarks in reaction to this:

  • If you were Vladimir Putin or Russia, would you be afraid to challenge Barack Obama? I wouldn’t.
  • Look at Obama’s record around the world:
    • Lost Egypt
    • Lost the stand-off with North Korea
    • Lost the stand-off with Iran
    • Lost Syria
    • Lost the “Arab Spring”
      • Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria? We have no influence there.
    • Where, precisely, do we have any influence?
    • Lost Libya (Does anyone remember Benghazi? An impeachable offense for any President with an “R” next to his name.)
  • Tell me again: Why was it so freakin’ important to elect a black President? As opposed, that is, to electing a good, or intelligent President?
  • Around the world, Obama is making Neville Chamberlain look like a lion among leaders!
  • Yep. We got fundamental change, alright!
  • Now do you understand why everyone internationally was rooting for Obama to win the presidency? Hint: It wasn’t because they thought it was in our best interests.

— xPraetorius

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