Just How Dangerous IS Barack Obama?

I don’t know. Possibly as dangerous a leader as has ever been.

Here’s why.

Obama is a weak, directionless leader atop the world’s (still) greatest power, faced with the muscular, determined, hyper-nationalist leader of a resurgent world power, Russia. There are unmistakable parallels between now and 1939, the eve of World War II.

If Neville Chamberlain and Édouard Daladier (in 1938, Prime Ministers of England and France respectively) had actually moved to stop Hitler in the Ruhr Valley or in the Sudetenland, or in Austria, or in Czechoslovakia — all before the invasion of Poland — there absolutely would have been no invasion of Poland, and possibly, no World War II.

Chamberlain and Daladier were weak, directionless leaders atop two of the then world’s greatest powers, faced with the muscular, determined, hyper-nationalist leader of a resurgent world power, Germany. Chamberlain and Daladier blinked, and World War II became a certainty.

Obama has been a blinking machine! In Syria. In North Korea. In Libya. In Egypt. In Iran. You name the challenge, he’s blinked at it.

In the 1930’s the then free world’s leaders (France and England) engaged in an actual policy of appeasement. The thinking was that Hitler’s ambitions would be satisfied with a few bones tossed his way. This was despite Hitler’s clear language saying that his goal was the conquest of much more than just those few bones. In fact, Hitler’s Mein Kampf suggested that the German nation, and the Aryan race should rightfully take over the world.

In the months leading up to the 2012 Presidential election, Obama was caught, on an inadvertently open mic, telling then Russian President Medvedyev — a stooge of Putin’s — that he, Obama, would have more flexibility after his re-election. Analysts on all sides of the political spectrum said that this was a way to tell Medvedyev that Obama would be able to act more favorably to Russia after the election. This, in conjunction with the now infamous “reset” promised by Obama and his Secretary-of-State Hillary Clinton, sound a whole lot like appeasement.

About “reset,” in particular. If you were Putin, and a high-ranking American official told you that the world’s sole hyperpower was going to “reset” relations with you, do you think that you might view this as an opportunity to see just how far you can go in the world?

In the 1930’s, Hitler took appeasement to mean that, at least for some time, he had a green light in Europe. Historians are largely unanimous: One of the direct causes of World War II was British and French appeasement of Hitler.

Another way to say this is: two principals responsible for the carnage of World War II were Neville Chamberlain and Édouard Daladier, whose weakness in the face of aggression emboldened Hitler

How do you think Vladimir Putin will interpret the appeasement directed toward him? What do you think is Putin’s level of ambition? Here’s a hint: Putin is on the record very clearly having stated that he would like to restore Russia to its past Soviet-days glory as a superpower. If you were Putin, how would you interpret Obama’s demonstrable weakness?

Will history eventually record that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, with their weakness and directionless fecklessness were two principals responsible for the carnage of the next World War — the World War in which the principal antagonists possess nuclear weapons?

Obama has the rare opportunity of potentially being able to kill millions in wartime and peacetime!

How’s that you say?

First: It’s certain that Obamacare will lead to rationing, and rationing has already led to death around the world wherever socialized healthcare has been tried. It’ll kill people here. Just a question of how many.

Second: If Obama’s pathetic weakness on the world stage leads to the next World War, then the blood of millions will be on his hands, and on the hands of his equally pathetic Secretaries of State, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry.*

Nota Bene: About Ukraine, the milquetoast-ian Prime Minister of England, David Cameron, has already issued that fearsome statement: “The world is watching.”

The last time a world leader said that, it was Barack Obama about Syria. We all saw how that went. We covered that here. Here’s a key snippet:

[Regarding Syria] Obama also said, apparently, “The world is watching.”


The world is watching. That’s pretty much all they do.

The image comes to my mind of a bunch of gigantic people staring down, brows knit with grave concern, at the little ants massacring each other in Syria. Not doing anything, mind you, but boy are they concerned!

Was Cameron’s “world-is-watching” statement a veiled green light in Ukraine to Putin?

Always remember; never forget: weakness in a great power is a big, fat, bright, shining green light for war.

Read this well: If the parallels with 1939 hold up, then we are on the brink of a shooting war. It’s just a question of the scope and magnitude. However, one thing is certain: one of the antagonists in that war is armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons.

It is certain that Obama’s weakness has been a principal cause — the principal cause — of the current instability all around the world. We’ve said it here, or variations thereof, many times:

“…the world over, bloodthirsty thugs, murderers, scumbags and members of Korea’s Kim family, go to sleep each night whispering prayers of thanks that America has the Democrat Party.

Watch out, Bashar! The world is watching.”

Fill in “Putin” where you see “Korea’s Kim family” or “Bashar.”

That’s how dangerous Barack Obama is.

— xPraetorius

* – It should be noted that it can’t be ruled out that Clinton and Kerry are actually secretly sympathetic to Putin’s ambitions. Don’t forget that both Clinton and Kerry remain members in good standing of the deeply Soviet-sympathetic ’60’s left.

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