Beating the RGI*

It’s not hard to do… It requires only some courage on the part of black and white people who are not part of the RGI. Here’s an anecdote:

My daughter is part of the Army National Guard. She has a black friend in the Guard with her. They went off base to do some clothes shopping one day, and my daughter found a T-Shirt that read: “Black Girls Rock!”  Black lettering on a white T-Shirt. Now, if a white girl were to wear that, she would obviously be trying to show those around her that she’s not a racist and how wonderfully open-minded she is. If a black girl were to wear it, she would be declaring her confidence in herself and her comfort with her own race, and in her own skin. All that silly bumper-sticker stuff that is supposed to be meaningful but isn’t.

My daughter and her friend talked about it, and both agreed that a T-Shirt that read, “White Girls Rock!” simply wouldn’t exist anywhere. Too risky to make something like that! Oh, there were “Girls Rock” shirts and the like, of course, but “White Girls Rock!”? They both knew they’d never see it. So my daughter’s friend, who’s pretty “crafty,” bought a black T-Shirt, and with white lettering made a T-Shirt that read: “White Girls Rock!”

The next time she and my daughter went off base, she wore the “White Girls Rock!” T-Shirt, while my daughter wore the “Black Girls Rock!” shirt. Now, that made a message that meant something! That spoke of friendship, creativity, camaraderie, courage, fun and humor. That made people actually think, and had the power of difference, that actually could have started observers down the path of changing minds and hearts. Admit that you wouldn’t expect to see that walking through the mall toward you!

The “Black Girls Rock!” shirt alone? Only something meant to shout, “Look how goodI am!” Nothing more. But the two shirts together? That’s  good stuff!

Let that kind of thing happen a few million times across the country and watch the entire blighted, toxic, hatred-larded Race Grievance Industry disappear like snow in July.

— xPraetorius

* – Race Grievance Industry

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