The Headline in Drudge says: Christine O’Donnell: I was a victim of the IRS

The tax records of the  former 2010 Tea Party candidate for the U.S. Senate in Delaware were leaked to the press by an IRS staffer.

My only question: which Tea Party candidates around the country haven’t been targeted by the Obama IRS? I figure that if there were any prominent Tea Partiers in ’10, ’12, and if there are any in ’14 and ’16, they all will undergo illegal scrutiny by the now thuggish IRS.

Extending corruption many, many times beyond what Richard Nixon only dreamed of,* the Obama administration risks turning the once-greatest country in the history of the planet into a third-world tinpot dictatorship.

Well, that is “fundamental change,” I guess.

If Obama keeps up his wrecking ball policies, he’ll be able to join up with other historical leaders who brought about “fundamental change” in once great countries like Germany, Russia, Italy…

— xPraetorius

* – Nixon thought aloud about using the IRS to investigate his enemies, but never acted on that thought. That he even thought about it was prominent in the articles of impeachment being drawn up against Nixon. Barack Obama’s IRS actually did it, and is still doing it.

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