Warning: Rated PG! It’s Okay to “Objectify” Women…

Once in a while.

Heck, they do it to men all the time. It’s called recognizing the biological nature of human beings. If we want to perpetuate the species, then until our young are being produced in test tubes, we’d better be able to look at women, and women at men, in a more organic, less intellectual and respectful, more physical and biological way.

Everyone knows the old joke: For a woman, what’s worse than looking her up and down? Answer: Not looking her up and down.

I see this all the time in the workplace. I’ve worked as a consultant in many, many different American companies. Ever since women supposedly became thoroughly indignant at “being objectified,” I’ve seen more thighs, legs, midriffs, shoulders and cleavage than before all the outrage. Well, if you’re exposing vast square inches of your body, you shouldn’t be surprised that men might find that attractive and even distracting.

I work with a girl who is quite beautiful and shapely. She knows it, and she exposes vast swathes of her pulchritude on a regular basis.  From tight, form-hugging sweaters with plunging necklines in the winter, to short skirts, and sheer, sheer blouses in the summer, she dresses so that her shape and much of her skin are on prominent display. We guys know how to interact with her — it’s easy: look at her from the neck up at all times; maintain eye contact at all times; despite the fact that her considerable assets are on display only several inches below. We men understand that if we follow that rule all the time, we won’t get into any HR trouble from women. We know further that the very same rule simply doesn’t apply to women; that they are free to look us men up and down and back up at any time whatsoever.  

The joke above is less a joke than a blunt statement of reality. The clothing is incontrovertible proof of it.

It’s a simple, undeniable truth: Revealing clothes are demanded by women, and it’s not so that the exposed places will go unseen. Or, put another way, if women didn’t buy these revealing clothes, then the fashion designers wouldn’t produce them.

Women don’t want us guys not to “objectify” them; they want us to turn on and off our “objectification” on their schedule. That’s all. Oh, and women want to be able to “objectify” men — as they do anyway — whenever they want to. Their second desire is normal; their first is just the usual, and perfectly natural, desire by women to control men at all levels of their lives.

I’m frequently struck by the extent to which “modern,” leftist movements are constantly asking people to act as if they’re not people. Communism suggested that under Communism, everyone would live by: “from each according to his abilities; to each according to his needs.” Feminism says that under a system in which men and women reproduce sexually, one half of that equation — men — shouldn’t perceive the other half sexually. The implication is, of course, that women would never do something so animalistic and base.

Bunch o’hooey!

So, what’s the real reason for the dumb, counter-natural beliefs, thoughts and demands of today’s leftists? Simple: the truth resides in my phrase above:

Women don’t want us not to “objectify” them; they want us to turn on and off our “objectification” on their schedule. That’s all. Oh, and women want to be able to “objectify” men — as they do, let’s face it — whenever they want to.

You could re-phrase that as follows:

“The left want us to act only in what they define as ‘virtuous’ ways, while they remain free to act as they wish.”

Read it well; it sums up the left’s motivations perfectly.

— xPraetorius

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