It’s Worth Repeating – 2/15/14

We said it first here: “The left want us to act only in what they define as ‘virtuous’ ways, while they remain free to act as they wish.”

But, why would they do that? Doesn’t seem to make any sense, does it?

The answer to the ‘Why?’ question is pretty simple too: In their minds, they’re better than we are. They’re working so hard, you see, for the betterment of all of society, that they shouldn’t have to live and work under the same restrictions that they place on us.

Simple as that.

Note: There’s a subtext to this as well, associated with the various grievance groups out there. The RGI,* for example, are perfectly comfortable with their own rampant and virulent racism, because they’ve bought into the myth that white people have done nothing but oppress them.

Feminists justify their own sex-based discrimination and bigotry toward men in the same way. All the grievance groups do the same thing: they figure that it’s okay to do and say and act in ways they condemn vociferously, because, they say, it was done to them.

The point is that blacks, women, gays and minorities of all kinds have been favored groups for a half-century in America. Nowadays, the grievance groups continue to be and do everything they say they condemn, because it has worked in the past, and every indication is that it will continue to work well into the future. Until, of course, it can’t work anymore.

— xPraetorius

* – Race Grievance Industry

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