Is Hillary’s Long Ago Past Fair Game?

Uhhhh… Duh!

Let’s ask a simple question: Did the Democrats ever use the long ago past of any Republican candidate against him?

Naaaaaawwwww… They wouldn’t do that, would they? Besides, that would be wrong and just plain unfair!

Democrats wouldn’t, for example, dredge things up about George W. Bush’s college record, would they? Of course not! That was decades ago!  That just wouldn’t be right!

And Bush’s service in the National Guard was more than thirty years ago! They’d never even consider digging up old, antiquated, long past, oh, and faked, false, fabricated, stories about Bush’s Guard service and report it in breathless, stop-the-presses terms in America’s major media outlets, would they? Of course not! What are you thinking?!? They’d never jeopardize Dan Rather’s credibility that way!

Surely they’d never, ever, not ever dig up something that a conveniently dead guy allegedly said that Mitt Romney said almost 50 freakin’ years ago! They’d never even think about touching that, would they?!?

And they surely wouldn’t do something like that to Christine O’Donnell, would they? Witch Christine O’Donnell, you ask? Uhhhh… I’m sorry. I mean: Which Christine O’Donnell?

Now, ask yourself another question: “If the Republicans were to present a candidate who had aided and abetted perjury — something for which you or I could go to jail for ten years — do you think the Democrats would use it against him? How ’bout if the Republicans were to present a candidate who associated with just half of the sleazebags that have long orbited about the Clintons? Would the Democrats use that against him?

I don’t really have to answer that, do I?

The Democrats are the reigning Sultans of Sleaze, and the Clintons are the Grand High Poobahs of the Sultans of Sleaze. If you have to play with them, you have no choice but to climb down into the same fetid, stinking cesspool they built, and in which they play.

— xPraetorius

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