Ever Seen That Picture of Hillary?

This one:


Did you ever notice that she frequently has a manic, almost crazed look in her eyes? As if she just hates to smile and this is so against her nature, that the “smile” always looks completely forced and vaguely evil. Since she’s largely a nitwit, “The Look” is really … kinda funny.

The other “Hillary Look” that is just hilarious is the “Wide Open Mouth” one. Here it is — several times:


Note: the last one is called the “wild, bug-eyed” look. Looks really ummmm… natural, eh? Like as if it comes completely naturally to her, right?


If you were to hear her thoughts at the moment she makes these whacked-out, faked rictuses, you’d hear her think: “Wow, I hate this! But I have to make nice to that nitwit over there who just went crazy waving to me, as if I care to acknowledge her. Hi, Moron! Yes, I see you! But, I don’t want to say anything to you, so can you please go away? Yes, yes, yes, hi…hello…your hero is pretending to be thrilled to see you, now go the freak away! Now, ok?”

Man! Hillary really wants people to take her seriously, but first of all she’s a corrupt moron whose career wouldn’t ever have survived the first actual, honest media scrutiny. Second, she’s kinda funny looking.

— xPraetorius

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