The Headline on the Drudgereport says:

Unemployment falls to five-year low on weak jobs report… 

The Congressional Budget Office released a report indicating that Obamacare will reduce the ranks of the full-time employed by approximately 2.5 million over the next ten years. You see, when the people calculate how much money they’ll get from “the government” as opposed to how much they could actually earn in a real job, they’ll choose not to work.

Keep in mind, that when someone says she’s getting money from the government, she’s really saying that you’re paying her to sit around. She’s saying further that she’s just fine with you paying her to sit around for the time being, thank you very much! Nice, eh? Obamacare — according to the Congressional Budget Office, will persuade millions of Americans to become freeloaders, living off your money.


Isn’t that just the story of the Obama Adminsitartion so far? So many people despairing of ever finding a job have dropped out of the work force — and are dropping out of the work force — that a pathetic jobs report showing 113,000 new jobs lowers the unemployment rate!

If it weren’t so tragic, it would have been funny to hear how these bringers of despair to the average American worker, spun the deeply damning story. It was great news, you see! Now Americans can become ‘free agents’ as they were always meant to be!” (Harry Reid)

“They can write poetry! They can follow their passion, without worrying about healthcare insurance (because you’ll be paying for it).” (Nancy Pelosi)

Grace-Marie Turner poses the question (here): “But in what alternative liberal universe can we pay people not to work and expect the economy to thrive?”

Sounds like a pretty sensible question to me.

She says a lot more eye-opening stuff, and I recommend that you read it all the way through. Her headline is: “The Human Tragedy of Obamacare’s Job Losses.” That sums it up…whenever the Democrats get their hands on something, suffering, pain, and sometimes death follow closely thereafter. Watch for Obamacare’s dead millions when rationing kicks in for real.


— xPraetorius

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