SOTU Postscript (NPR Edition)

I was listening to NPR again (again as comedy) when I was able to sum up what their major problem is: they accept uncritically what America’s left tells them.

For example: In the State of the Union (SOTU) Speech Obama trotted out the long discredited myth that women make 77 cents for every dollar that men make. A third-grader could knock that fabrication out of the park. Payroll is the biggest expense of businesses across the land. If women cost nearly 25% less than men, then you can be sure that in Barack Obama’s squashed, constipated economy, businesses would be hiring only women for the offices and all white collar positions. There would simply be no men in positions other than those requiring bulk, or in the dirty jobs that women simply don’t like to do.

And yet, there are men in white collar jobs. Lots of them. Are businesses trying to go out of business? Or are they simply paying people who occupy the position, roughly the same? If you guessed the latter then you get an “A” for today.

So, whence comes this canard about 77 cents on the dollar?

Easy: if you examine women’s careers, you find that women work less total time, that they choose less remunerative careers, that they take more time off and work fewer hours day-by-day…that, all-in-all, women are simply less productive than men. And, if you add all their compensation up for their entire careers, women make about 77% of what men make.

If you pay attention to society’s white noise all around, as I do, then you hear only how spectacular and just darned super, women are. You hear that women are smarter, stronger, more productive, more reliable, better workers. Why, then, again, would anyone hire any men whatsoever? Insurance companies, data-processing companies, any white-collar business whatsoever, should be comprised entirely of women. Right? But they’re not. Must be that women and men actually cost about the same for American businesses.

Look, I love women, I really do. But I’ve been an observer of American corporate life for decades. Women in general arrive later, leave earlier, have more issues, duck out for personal issues more frequently, take more vacation time, work fewer hours each week, spend more time on the phone handling personal things. It’s not always true, but it’s overwhelmingly true. Any honest observer will admit it.

Between you and me, I admire women for it! I think they have the right state-of-mind concerning the work-family mix. I think that men, with their much greater productivity, are kind of drudge-like. They train their employers to expect greater commitment to the company than, perhaps, is merited. In other words, women make sure to have a life, while men do the job, then see whether they can have a life after that. That is not necessarily a superior state-of-mind on the part of men.

Further, what would be the remedy for this “issue?” Well, of course, in order for a women who has had a 30-year career to catch up with the man who has had a 40-year career, is if businesses were forced to pay women 25% more than men. That would do it, right? Well, sure, if you wanted to put all women on the unemployment rolls! After all, at that point, they would be in real terms 25% more expensive than men. That would be a great thing, eh? They work less, less well, and spend less time at work, so let’s pay ’em 25% more? Boy, if that isn’t a perfect example of Democrat Party “solutions” to everything, then nothing is.

Demcorats sure know how to make an economy hum, don’t they! Just like the American economy is just humming along now…

The truth; the real truth: when you compare apples-to-apples women make about the same as men; sometimes a bit less, sometimes a bit more.

So, the idea that women are paid 77 cents while men make a dollar is ridiculous on the face of it, easy to disprove, ridiculously counter-intuitive and plainly fabricated. So, of course, NPR treats it as fact.

Obama repeats the fiction, and NPR’s response is to direct their furrowed-brow attention to “solving the issue,” ie flacking the Democrat Party’s Big Lie. Rather than do an honest look at men-women compensation, NPR simply takes the Obama assertion as their marching orders. NPR is the ultimate flat-earth network. Like those who insisted that the earth was flat, no matter the evidence against it, but because the authorities said so, NPR looks to their government masters for their guidance, for their point-of-view, for the slant of their content.

When someone like President Obama tells them that women make 77% of what men make, NPR leaps into action to empanel leftist after leftist to tell them how to “solve the problem,” ie make a leftist law, raise taxes, establish another labyrinthine bureaucracy, and otherwise increase government control over all our lives. When someone like former President Bush says Iraq has WMD’s*, NPR leaps into action to empanel leftist after leftist to tell them why Bush is wrong.

Without the prominent, obviously partisan talk-shows, they’re still the MSNBC of radio. Heck, they’re the Pravda** of radio! To  call NPR dishonest is to state the obvious.

— xPraetorius

    • And, it turns out, Iraq did have WMD’s — as well as plenty of time to hide them elsewhere (Syria, for example) — while the U.S. dithered before invading.

** – Here’s a snippet of Wikipedia’s entry on Pravda (linked above): During the Cold War, Pravda was well known in the West for its pronouncements as the official voice of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. (Similarly Izvestia was the official voice of the Soviet government.)

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