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There IS No “Recovery” — And There Never Has Been, I anticipate that Obama will blame it all on GW Bush or the Republicans and that the brainless media will immediately parrot that pathetic excuse. The Democrats have owned the White House, the Senate, Hollywood, the media (except for FOX News) and Academia exclusively for more than five years.

They owned the House of Representatives for two of those five years years as well. Meaning they’ve owned the American government nearly exclusively for five years, and still the doofus Obama will find a way to blame someone else for the lamentable, bedraggled state to which he’s reduced this, once the greatest country history had ever seen.

They — the American left, the Democrats — have owned Hollywood, the media and Academia — America’s propaganda organs — for decades. 

And still there will be morons in the media who will pick up their cue from their Dear Leader, look at you with a straight face, and pretend that it’s all somehow the Republicans’ fault.

Bill O’Reilly “landed” an interview with the lightweight Obama, and he was asking his viewers for questions they would like to see posed to the Commander-in-Chief. O’Reilly said that he “needed to show respect for Obama,” and I realized that I could never do that. I have none to show him.

Obama is a doofus and a dangerous, radical moron. He’s possessed by thoughts and ideas that any actually intelligent person gives up by the time he turns 13 or so. He’s a grave threat to this country, and January 20th, 2017 can’t get here nearly soon enough. The only problem: will Obama’s successor be able to clean up this mess. If it’s Hillary, she won’t because she’s played an important role in making the mess in the first place, and she’s a moron herself.

Will a Republican be able to clean it up? Sadly, I have no idea. Heaven help us all — and the entire world — if a Democrat succeeds Obama…

— xPraetorius

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