Leftists ARE Scum (Part II)

Mitt Romney’s son and his wife adopt a beautiful, bouncing baby boy. By the way, the baby’s skin is dark brown. They name this beautiful child “Kieran” and the left go wild. First, they google the name “Kieran” and turn up that it means “black,” and the glee goes through the roof. They go bananas.

On MSNBC, Melissa Harris-Perry and a murder of guests launch a taunt-and-jeer-fest, that reflects their brainless assumption that a white dude who’s also a Republican is therefore a racist.

“There’s something different about that one,” they sang, and “if only he’d [eventually] marry North West* so that Mitt and Kanye would be in-laws together.” Presumably, because Romney can’t handle black men, and not because Kanye can’t handle uppity white people (eg: Taylor Swift or Mitt Romney).

Then, when people erupt at the transparent malevolence of the jeer-and-jab orgy, a “chastened” MHP “apologizes.”

Two quick questions: (1) does anyone really believe in the sincerity of her “apology?” And (2) what leads someone to a point in her life where she feels it is acceptable to scoff and sneer at people who adopt any children.

It’s likely that Ben and Andelynne Romney just multiplied young Kieran’s chances at a good or better life by several tens of thousands… or more.

Well…we can’t have that now, can we?!? What a freakin’ racist Mitt Romney (by extension) must be!

Leftists are scum…and they’re racists.

Interestingly, I’m guessing that Ben and Andelynne settled on the name “Kieran” because they liked the sound of it. It apparently never occurred to morons like Melissa Harris-Perry and her noxious ilk, that while they were engaging in pointless speculation, trying desperately to perform proctological-level examinations of every moment of every Romney’s day, the selfsame Romneys just might not have been doing likewise with themselves!

It’s amazing what these moron leftists are implying. They’re apparently willing to believe that Ben and Andelynne Romney sat around, rubbing their hands, and saying, “Bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha! Let’s call the little brown one ‘Kieran’! What a joke that’ll be on them!!! They’ll never get it! Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha…!!!”

Leftists are scum…and they’re idiots.


However, the left simply can’t help themselves. That’s who, how and what they are. They are scum.

Boy, I hope that no black person’s name ever means anything weird or ironic or seemingly incongruous, or funnily coincidental… ’cause then it’ll prove what a couple of racist, scum-sucking morons their parents were!

But, no one would ever mention it, ’cause that would be wrong.

I guess that makes names like Blanche, and Bianca, and Blanco, and Bella (See the Russian) and Rose and Rosa and Verna and anything resembling Vern and thousands of other names completely out of bounds for all black kids… or else they’ll fall afoul of the Melissa Harris-Perry race-name police.

Leftists are scum.

— xPraetorius

    • the child of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West<

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