More Paranoid Delusions of the RGI*

The delusions of America’s Race Grievance Industry are many. Abagond was kind enough to compile some of them for us. I’ve taken the liberty of adding some commentary in line in red.

It’s interesting. Sometimes, their remarks are not too far off the mark. However, as you’ll see, we add the perspective that they don’t ever seem to see.

Please note: Normally, I’d simply link to the text, but the members of our small but increasingly influential think tank have been banned from Abagond’s site. ** sigh **

This is SOP** for the RGI: to ban or squash or squelch or silence commentary from those who disagree with them, then to crow about how they always beat their opponents so handily in debate. If it weren’t so pathetic, it’d actually be kind of funny.

First, some perspective. Apparently, Abagond feels the need to debunk something called “black privilege.” I’m reading between Abagond’s lines a bit and surmising that he’s trying to debunk some notion “out there” that black people have some kind of “privilege” (advantage, head start, leg up) because they were born black.  Things like welfare, and affirmative action, and SNAP, and Obama, and rich black entertainers, and rap and all sorts of other things that are associated with blacks and that result in their obtaining gobs of power, fame and … money.

Read this well: there is probably not a white person alive who sincerely believes that black people have anything like “black privilege.” There are, however, millions and millions of white people who believe that white people have a leg up in American society. Of course, black people will never have an advantage in a country in which their very own people are doing their level best to keep them down. Why? Because, as mentioned in these pages before, there’s lots and lots and lots and lots of money, fame and power in whining about how horrible it is in America. The RGI make quite a good living from inventing and fighting against non-existent problems.

It’s all part of Abagond’s quixotic quest to smash these non-existent threats to black people. Oh, there are threats to black people — mainly coming from other black people — and there’s no reason to minimize the problems that black people face.

However, it’s absolutely imperative to identify correctly those problems. Otherwise, we, and all black people, will be constantly fighting things, and people, and thoughts, and ideas that — read it well — simply don’t exist; at least in any societally meaningful way.

Blacks don’t have “privilege” relative to other Americans because they were born black. Rather a black person’s life is, in some way, harder and harsher, and in other ways, easier and gentler than that of others. Sadly, it’s the same things that make Black Americans’ lives harder as those things that make their lives easier.

Look at Affirmative Action. Affirmative Action does result in quota hiring and in favoring black (and minority, and women) job applicants over non-black, non-men applicants. However, the inevitable law of unintended consequences immediately takes over, and those black employees face a perception at the workplace that they just might not be entirely qualified for their position; that they just might be an “Affirmative Action” hire; whether they were or not.

Now, that’s not fair.

There were plenty of new black employees who were hired simply because they were qualified for the job. However the overall culture established by Affirmative Action made it so that all blacks faced the same damaging undertone at work: Did you take someone else’s job? Can you do the job? Do I have to work harder to cover for you? For HR*** reasons you are not aware of, I can’t say anything derogatory about you if you bollux up, so how are you about to make things more difficult for me?

All hiring managers and colleagues are aware of these things. Whether they ever voice them or not.

One last point: it’s extremely important to point out that Black Americans have serious privilege compared to other black people around the world…because they were born Americans.  Ask a certain Barack Obama, or Oprah Winfrey…start with them first. It’s worth repeating: the best thing that happened to Black Americans is that their ancestors were kidnapped and sold into slavery in America by other black people. Sorry, it’s simply, undeniably, true.

Without further ado:

The post at Ababond:

black privilege

Fri 27 Dec 2013 by abagond

questions-alexandra-dalBlack privilege means those special rights and advantages blacks enjoy just for being born black!

Some examples from Twitter in 2013:


Trudy@thetrudz 26 Apr 2013, USA
#blackprivilege is knowing how caring Whites will inform you that “not all whites are like that” ON THE HOUR. They care about our memory!  [Whatever this means. It might be nice if the RGI could make their rants coherent… it’d be a lot easier to talk about them.]


Kokujin@Kaibutsu 25 Dec 2013, USA
@MentalOrgasm #WhatIsBlackPrivilege The ability to always have a store employee nearby – looking right around the corner. [Yep. Look at your freakin’ picture, you moron! I don’t care what color you are… if you were to present that picture to me, I’d be scared of it. So would you. Moron.] 


Mychal Denzel Smith@mychalsmith 26 Apr 2013, USA
#BlackPrivilege is always having room on the sidewalk. Thanks to every single person who ever thought I was going to rob them. [Sorry…you’re a craven, cowardly liar. Anyone who looks like you never caused fear to anyone. Ever. You’re a liar.]


The Negress@ericabrazelton 26 Apr 2013, USA
#BlackPrivilege is when you move into a suburb and whites immediately move out so you can have it all to yourself! [Nice! Complex subject. However, I guarantee that if you, or your friends, or your, family were nice, friendly, courteous, thoughtful people, then I guarantee that what you’re talking about is, largely, a fabrication. Oh, it’s happened before, and every time it happened as you stereotyped it, it was wrong. However, what you describe is so rare as to be irrelevant.]


Zerlina Maxwell@ZerlinaMaxwell 26 Apr 2013, USA
RT @DoTPeRioD: #blackprivilege the self esteem boost you get when people are REALLY impressed that you speak ‘properly’.

She needs to get over herself. I’m impressed when anyone speaks or writes well. The American educational system cheats all people. However, let’s face it: she’s not too far from a painful truth here: I am impressed when black people speak well. Face it, so are you. Apparently, some people believe that to speak like a moron, to make strange, nonsensical gestures with one’s hands, to strut and swagger like a blithering idiot, shows that one is “culturally aware,” or “street-smart” or some other nonsensical, meaningless thing. If you are intelligent, then you will learn to speak well, you will try to obtain a great education, you will learn to interact well with others, you will learn to dress well, you will learn to work hard… and you will obtain employment and you will be the one who controls your future. 


Camara Mpinduzi@Pundit_AcadEMIC 26 Apr 2013, USA
#BlackPrivilege is having White men consistently tell me they want me to be the first BW they’re “with”! What an honor! [Please, please… not to worry. I’m confident that this has never happened. Look at that picture! If you’re going to whine about something, then at least don’t whine about something that has never happened!]


Atlegang Shole@JinJa_Shole 25 Dec 2013, South Africa
RT @QueenAraweelo: #WhatIsBlackPrivilege Having the superpower as a black woman to be both fetishised and undesirable all at the same time. [A serious violation of xPraetorius’ First Law: You are never as big on others’ radar screen as you think you are. This is a problem for white women as well as for black women: we men (white or black) are a lot less interested in you, or in having sex with you (though, we do love it), than you think we are. If this poor, pathetic babe understood what men actually think, then she would be lost; her entire world view would be destroyed.] 


Baeroy Lindo@KayJayFDU 24 Dec 2013, USA
#WhatisBlackPrivilege Our Sistas being called ghetto for their B-Girl style, yet when a white girl jacks it, she’s called edgy.

This pretty much speaks for itself. Psychotically paranoid much? What a moron!


♥Joyism♥@LadyJUniQue 25 Dec 2013, USA
Being a part of the only group of people who is told that the way their hair grows naturally is unprofessional #WhatIsBlackPrivilege [Thank goodness this never happens! Ok…has it happened before? Probably. How many times?  Three? Seven? Twenty-three? No one thinks it’s happened more than 1,000 times in freakin’ history — in other words, to no more than one person in maybe three freakin’ hundred thousand — ever. Freakin’ paranoid much, RGI?!? In other words: this has not happened in a meaningful way at all. Ever.]


Brotha Wolf@BrothaJamesWolf 27 Apr 2013, USA
#blackprivilege is to have people tell you “It’s just TV” but the same people will use it as a source as to how black people are. [Again, a violation of xPraetorius’ First Law: “You’re simply never as big on others’ radar screen as you think you are.” I’ve been around. I know a lot of white and black people, and I know that no one — ever — uses television for their understanding of “black people.” Let’s put it another way: no one intelligent uses television to gain an understanding of any people... Ever. Furthermore, if you use television’s understanding of people to draw any conclusions, then you are a moron.]


Yemeya y Shango@MentalOrgasm 25 Dec 2013, USA
#WhatisBlackPrivilege Affirmative action helped White fem more than ANY minority yet it’s condemned for “reverse discrimination” against Whites [Oops. The inconvenient truth: Affirmative Action has  disproportionately given money and stuff to black women. But only disproportionately at, like, a freakin’ seven to one ratio! Look at the poster’s avatar… that is not an educated or intelligent face.]


Charlene Carruthers@CharleneCac 27 Apr 2013, USA
#BlackPrivilege is supporting a political party (and candidates) year after year, AND not “being owed” anything. [Now, this moron is the first one to say something intelligent! She says, literally, “We gave you power…where are our goodies?!?” And, as much as it’s an evil question to ask, it is the bargain that the Democrats begged black people to make: Vote for us, and we will give you free stuff (ie stuff we take from other people). This moron is one of the few to call the corrupt Democrats on it. I have a fantasy: maybe this woman is really calling out black people on their sucking up to the Democrats. Maybe she’s taunting black people, and suggesting that they, maybe, vote for a party that actually treats black people as real people: you know, the Republican Party?] 


D.I.Y Beats™@Diy_bEatZ 25 Dec 2013, USA
#WhatisBlackPrivilege having your mayor and school district shutdown 23 schools because of no money but then build a prison [Here’s another one that’s uncomfortably close to the truth. Yes, school districts are closing because of a lack of money. However, what if families move out of your district? Then, it makes sense to get rid of the schools there, and turn them into malls. So, school districts, simply, follow the children. Nothing all that complicated or surprising. If Democrats are suggesting that all schools should remain in place, at all times, forever, then they are freakin’ crazy. Furthermore, If there is — read it well – no demand (or need) for a prison, then there will be no prison. ]


Jane Doe, MD@DrJaneChi 26 Apr 2013, USA
——> RT @jordanbks: #blackprivilege is always meeting the police description

[Hint: Don’t freakin‘ meet the police description. Duh! It’s pretty easy. And I’m talking about the tattoos, the hair styles, the clothing, the jewelry and the general look. You and I know what I’m talking about. Get rid of all the crap in your act!]


Baby Huey….Newton@the_illist_95 24 Dec 2013, USA
#WhatIsBlackPrivilege being stopped& frisked down the street from your home ‘cuz you and your friends stole a car even though y’all were walking [”cuz you and your friends stole a car even though y’all were walking.” This means you and your friends are scum-sucking thugs! You will be shot one day!  Give up that life. Now. Hang around with different people. Now. Do it now.]


Son of Baldwin@SonofBaldwin 26 Dec 2013 2013, USA
#WhatIsBlackPrivilege Using drugs at the same rate (or less) as white people, but being 4 times as likely to get arrested for it. [Actually, per capita, the rate is, as in most crime, disproportionately black. You black people: cut it out. Period.  Stop it now. ]


Friday Foster@MinoWarrior 25 Dec 2013, USA
#WhatIsBlackPrivilege The fact a whopping 63% of the prisoners freed by the Innocence Project are African American.#TheNewJimCrow [Again, because most people who commit crimes are black. You and I have complete confidence that if black people didn’t commit so many more crimes than white people — per capita — then the reporting would even out completely — if not disproportionately in favor of black people. ]


Mack Lyons@DDSSBlog 26 Apr 2013, USA
RT @PupsherLive: #blackprivilege is being shot by cops 41 times while pulling out your wallet to show ID. #Diallo [Fabricated. No one has ever tried to make the case that this has ever happened. “:Mack Lyons”: is a liar.]


INegro Montoya@AnimainSparkstr 24 Dec 2013
#WhatIsBlackPrivilege having to rely on social media to spread the word abt the murder of ur ppl bcuz the mainstream media doesn’t care. [Too bad that the exposure of the actual murder of your people, the cold-blooded murder of black people, has been suppressed by — black people; by the Race Grievance Industry. Frankly, that’s what the Nazis did. Today’s Race Grievance Industry is the home of actual Naziism today.]

— xPraetorius

* – the Race Grievance Industry

** – Standard Operating Procedure

*** – Human Resources

6 thoughts on “More Paranoid Delusions of the RGI*

    1. For those of you who don’t know, Herneith is a foul-mouthed, ignorant, poorly educated, racist, who’s incapable of putting together an intelligent thought.

      Her problem is that her brain, already overly small, is poisoned by the psychotic, paranoid propaganda of the RGI, of which she is a fervent member.

      I had to edit her post above, because apparently she’s also incapable of stringing together two thoughts without some obscenity or other.

      Bref: she’s a moron.

      To give you an indication of just what a moron she is, here’s a link to her “blog.” It’s essentially a barely literate re-write of Mein Kampf, the Race Grievance Industry version.


      — x

  1. Hahahahahahaha!!!! This is better than going to the Yuk Yuk comedy club. Oh, by the way, coming from you that above post is a compliment. Thank you!

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