It’s Worth Repeating – 11-16-13

It’s worth repeating: 

Conservatives, and most Republicans, have considered black people real people, real Americans, for many decades. Liberals consider blacks to be children; waifs to be coddled and pampered, but at the same time, herded and controlled.

It’s not Conservative or Republican policies that have turned vast swathes of American cities into virtual concentration camps filled with poverty, misery, despair … and black people.

This coddling, and pampering, and infantilizing of black people is the real racism of America, and it lives entirely on the political left. The Democrat Party — the party of Barack Obama — is the home of racism in America today. It’s this racism that helps confine black people to lives of violence, of poverty, misery and empty despair in the concentration camps that are America’s inner cities.

We said it here, first.

— xPraetorius


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