Powerful, Influential People Read This Blog (Part 12)


Recently (March 24, 2013) we said that Obamacare really is just a piece of an overall strategy on the left to control the numbers of people who enter the world (abortion) and to control the numbers who depart (Obamacare, the euthanasia movement). In doing that, the government can control the actual numbers and, for example, the ethnic make-up of the population.

What is the leftists’ big, overall, overarching, all-consuming concern? People. All laws promulgated by the left have as a basis the idea that some group of people are mistreating some other group of people; whether or not that is actually true. The left has always assumed that people are the problem, and that therefore, the people need to be controlled. What better way to control the people than to control how many of them there actually are?

We said it first, and others are reading it. Here at Breitbart.com, the great John Nolte says the same things we’ve been saying. Here’s an excerpt from Nolte’s piece:

Although there were many advance warnings, now that it is too late, America is learning that under ObamaCare there are losers — millions of them — and almost all among the working and middle class. Up to 20 million will lose the insurance President Obama reassured them they could keep, and as the cost of premiums and deductibles spike, they will find their health care choices limited. But the only reaction to this human carnage from America’s “Soylent Green Liberals” [Editor’s Note: From a famous 1973 Sci-fi movie in which the government uses euthanasia to control population numbers] is that it is all… for the greater good.

To be fair, the left’s Josh Barros and Ezra Kleins and Ryan Lizzas do not literally use bulldozers against those who protest the government, at least not yet. Instead they bulldoze us with colorful graphschirpy pie charts, and cold, robotic logic. And the math always works out to where we must ignore the rights and protections of the smallest and most vulnerable minority — the individual — to serve society at large.

Below is the latest example of our Soylent Green Liberals at work, a soothing pie chart that reduces millions to a small sliver of 3%. No one really believes that, once the ObamaCare dust settles, those betrayed by their president will be anywhere near as small at 3%, but isn’t this chart reassuring? Don’t you feel better just looking at it?

And just like soylent green, it is only made possible if you grind up millions of real, living people.

At the end of the piece, Nolte shows a video in which the above-mentioned Ezar Klein says clearly that the left needs to do whatever it takes to win. That might include overtly lying to the American people by saying things like, “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan. Period.”*

Take a look at the interesting phrase above:  “a soothing pie chart that reduces millions to a small sliver of 3%.” Read it well: a health care system that abuses three percent of the population — more than nine-million people — even if the remaining 97% get excellent health care, is an unmitigated disaster of a health care system. However, look more closely. It’s also a health care system you can sell to a population. Why? Because when it gets rolling the 97 voices will drown out the three voices every time. 

Important Note: When I say that it is an “overall strategy” on the part of the left, I don’t mean that it’s all in some document hidden away in secret vaults of shadowy billionaires; more that it’s part of an overall state of mind that is common to the American left. This idea of controlling the population — down to its most basic functions — has been in place on the left for a very long time. Here’s a snippet from our piece (really a snippet from Wikipedia that we reproduced) of last March 24:

The term eugenics is often used to refer to movements and social policies influential during the early 20th century. In a historical and broader sense, eugenics can also be a study of “improving human genetic qualities”. It is sometimes broadly applied to describe any human action whose goal is to improve the gene pool. Some forms of infanticide in ancient societies, present-day reprogenetics, preemptive abortions and designer babies have been (sometimes controversially) referred to as eugenic. Because of its normative goals and historical association with scientific racism, as well as the development of the science of genetics, the western scientific community has mostly disassociated itself from the term “eugenics”, although one can find advocates of what is now known as liberal eugenics. Despite its ongoing criticism in the United States, several regions globally practice different forms of eugenics. [emphasis added]

Note the parts in red. It’s worth repeating: The malign desire to control the population — down to its most basic functions (in this case, down to the level of the very DNA in its cells!) — has been present in humanity, and most recently in the American left, for a very, very long time.

— xPraetorius

* – Recent news has revealed that the Obama Administration, and Obama himself, knew all along that millions would lose their insurance upon implementation of the law.

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