NPR Watch – Volume XVII, Edition 1


On the way home from work, I was listening to “All (Leftist) Things Considered” on NPR when Robert Siegel posed to some leftist doofus or other the following clever question about the debacle-plagued Obamacare website: “Is this the tunnel at the end of the light?”

In that little clever phrase lurks the NPR state of mind regarding the entire Obama presidency. You could sum it up like this: “No matter what happens; no matter how horrible (Benghazi), how deeply offensive (IRS, Fast & Furious, New Black Panthers, more), how catastrophic (Syria, Libya, North Korea), how painful (economy), we have the right guy in the White House, and we need to protect him at all cost.”

The Obama presidency, for NPR, is “the light,” while anything that stands in the way of his efforts is “the tunnel,” the darkness, the bad, the … evil. This is exactly the state of mind that prevailed in the Soviet Union under Josef Stalin; in Germany under Hitler, as each of these two psychopaths prepared to set in motion the gears and cogs and pistons and tubes and pipes and bolts and nuts in the machines that would murder more than 100 million people.

The economy is the perfect example. Since Obama’s arrival in 2009, nothing resembling a recovery has even remotely taken place. You can say, “But look at the shrinking unemployment rate!” Nope. The much more important statistic, the millions and millions and millions simply dropping out of the workforce entirely is both the principal reason for the lower unemployment rate and a nightmare waiting to explode. Yet, NPR has done nothing but refer to the economy as “The Recovery.” Not only is there no “recovery,” but Obama has sown the seed so that it’ll be monumentally difficult to have a recovery in the future too! 

“Is this going to slow down “the recovery?” they’d ask. Or something like: “What impact will this news have on “the recovery?” Or a nugget like: “Will this prove to be a drag on the recovery?” And: “Will the fact that the economy is worse than ghastly, horrible, loathsome, bloody, tragic, murderous and terrifying affect the recovery?”

Ok, the last one was slightly tongue-in-cheek.

One thing NPR knows full well is this: There is no recovery.

Vast throngs on food stamps; jobs of all kinds, but especially full-time jobs disappearing like a liberal at check time in the restaurant; a growing understanding that everyone might have insurance, but people will be denied actual medical care — all contribute to a country with tens of millions awash in despair and hopelessness. I know. I was one of them. Obama has made it so that we are all deeply worried about our access to the very basics of survival in the most prosperous country the world has ever seen.

An economy, a country, in “recovery” can never be characterized as having tens of millions awash in despair and hopelessness.

If you listen to the tenor of NPR’s broadcasts, you’ll hear all this.  You also have to understand that there are people out there who take NPR — as corrupt, as reactionary, as far behind history as they are — very seriously. How scary is that thought?

If you’ve been paying attention at all, you kind of understand all this. If you go to NPR’s web page, you see that just about all of them have been with NPR for  decades! How could they understand what actual Americans undergo in life? I have a friend who’s in a field that was supposed to make him a rich man. No, he’s not a lawyer, He’s in IT*. No one works for the same company for 30 freakin’ years anymore. No one. My dad worked for his employer for 55 years, before he died. My dad was a product of his times and he understood his times. NPR is a product of my dad’s times — he died in 1988 — and they understand those times. But they do not understand our times. You know… real times.

There’s a certain desperation in current NPR broadcasts, as they do their best to cheerlead for Obama and Obamacare, all the while having this deep, sinking feeling that there just might be something seriously wrong with the entirety of their hard-left, collectivist, central-planning, more-than-slightly-totalitarian vision. If there were any honesty at NPR whatsoever, you’d hear about the catastrophe that is Obamacare and the Obama presidency. However, if NPR were to admit to even that possibility, it would be to repudiate the entire state of mind that is NPR. They won’t be doing that soon.

— xPraetorius

    • IT = “Information Technology.” Computers. My friend can develop software and web pages; manage IT projects of all kinds; architect software and web solutions of all kinds; train others; speak publicly; do technical writing, graphic design and copy editing; and a lot more. And he does all those things well. He’s practically a one-man IT shop! And he can document it all! He can bring out lots and lots and lots of people — past employers and colleagues and others — who would say as much. Yet, when my friend was out of work recently, there was nothing — nothing — out there for work. Why? He wasn’t either without skills — in which case there was plenty of menial, part-time stuff — nor did he have a background in health care. Bottom line: for my friend, and for other highly-skilled potential employees, there was NOTHING out there. In what country is there a “recovery” when many, many — millions! of — highly-skilled people can’t find jobs?

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