@Abagond Readers…

Please be advised: You are welcome to comment here, and even to say all manner of  things you want to about what we and others say. However, you may not engage in any of what I have called: “CoMIRSUS(LiMiR)MOMOPE”

Pronounced: “ko-MER-sus-lie-mur-mo-mope,” it’s an acronym for: “Contains Mindless Insult(s), Racial Slur(s), Unknowable Speculation (Like Mind Reading), Misstatement Of Meaning, or Other Pointless Element.”

Please note: the phrase above: “You are welcome … to say all manner of things you want about what we and others say…” does not represent carte blanche simply to do drive-by snark-fests on what is said here. If you are going to come here and say something like “What you said is stupid and wrong,” and leave it at that, we will edit that out. You will need to add a substantive reason that does not represent any CoMIRSUS(LiMiR)MOMOPE.

Unlike Abagond, I don’t have the inclination, to allow nitwittery like that on his blog.  We will edit your posts as needed to remove the extraneous fluff, and leave the substantive. In order to allow you to understand how we are making our assessments, we will leave notations in each edited blog post indicating why the offending content was removed.  Things like “[gratuitous insult removed]” will allow you to compare your submitted content with what remains on the blog.

Please Note: Under the heading of “Other Pointless Element,” you can put:

  • Dirty words. (the usual ones)
  • Actual swearing.
  • Offensive words.
  • Unsupported assertions and the like.
  • Others as we discover them.

Please note: we anticipate that these requirements will filter out most of Abagond’s readers from contributing at all, but we’d prefer that over the abysmal posts that so polluted Abagond’s blog.

As always, we welcome your substantive, intelligent contributions to our discourse.

In other words, my colleagues and I will moderate this blog as Abagond should moderate his.


— x


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