Inmates? Here’re the Keys to the Asylum. You’ll Do A Good Job Runnin’ It, Right? :)

Not too much more than this needs to be said.

In CBS’s opinion: Bradley Manning is really  Chelsea Manning.

However, we should comment, just because it needs to be said:

  • Shouldn’t we call Al Sharpton: “Moron?” Let’s face it he’s plainly a moron trapped in a human’s body.
  • Shouldn’t we call Barack Obama “doofus?” ‘Cause let’s face it: if ol’ 57 states, lead-from-behind, stop-the-seas-rising Obama isn’t a doofus trapped in a normal person’s body, then no one is!
  • Shouldn’t we call Hillary Clinton “The Howler,” both because of how she speaks, and what she says?
  • Shouldn’t we call John Kerry “Lurch” because, well, because we just should?

— xPraetorius


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