Once More Unto The Breach (Part 2)

— WARNING – There is disturbing graphic imagery below in a blog post from which I have quoted  Due to this imagery alone, I have rated this post ‘R‘ — 

As most of you know, I’ve long followed the output of many, many commentators regarding just about anything.  But recently I’ve followed a couple of commentators who have been writing about the Zimmerman-Martin case, just concluded (at least the legal piece of it) in Sanford, Florida. I’ve labeled these commentators “race addicts,” because they exhibit all the characteristics of an addict — the denial, the tortured rationales, the irresponsible disregard for the injury they do to others in pursuit of their narcotic, the blaming of others for their condition. One more thing: the race addict is an inveterate projector, relentlessly accusing others of what he himself is guilty of.

One of these guys, a certain Abagond (who is really, I suspect, a woman) has a perspective that seems to encapsulate neatly all that is wrong with today’s leftist thinking regarding, really, just about anything. Abagond is unable to write without committing the primary fatal error in logic that throws everything he writes into question: he reads minds.  Abagond presents as fact what he says others think, feel, want, hope for.

Of course, no one on earth can read others’ minds, but Abagond pretends he can, and does it with reckless, irresponsible abandon. The seriousness with which he presents the unknowable as hard-and-fast fact is, in a sense, funny because of its cartoonishness. But, Abagond thinks it’s deadly serious. In one previous post, Abagond accused others of trying to “determine reality.” In his own way by arrogating to himself the “knowledge” of what others are thinking, Abagond endeavors to replace actual reality, which stubbornly refuses to conform to his preconceived notions, with a different, more compliant reality that does.

A typical Abagond essay will be filled with the following: “Whites think that [fill in unknowable thought here].” and “White people want [fill in unknowable desire here] in order to bring about [fill in unknowable goal here].” Or, “White people are afraid that [fill in unknowable fear here] because then they might lose [fill in unknowable fear here].” Or “White people have concluded that [fill in unknowable conclusion here].”

To understand how ridiculous this is, imagine the following written by a white person: “Blacks think that [fill in unknowable thought here].” and “Black people want [fill in unknowable desire here] in order to bring about [fill in unknowable goal here].” Or, “Black people are afraid that [fill in unknowable fear here] because then they might lose [fill in unknowable fear here].” Or “Black people have concluded that [fill in unknowable conclusion here].”

Try to imagine the derision, the — perfectly justified — scorn, the sheer sneering contempt  that would greet these assertions.(1)

The Abagonds of the world, however, first decide what an entire people — whites in this case — think, feel and want. Then these race addicts try to push, shove, shoehorn, cram, fold, spindle and mutilate everything these people say and do to fit into their silly preconceived notions. This is what causes them to invent the convoluted, tormented rationales that pepper their thinking. Things like: “The way you know racism is all around you is that there’s no evidence of it.” Think of similar long-rejected moronic, rationales whites used to justify their own racism in the past.

In so doing, the race addict — really just another type of racist — forecloses any argument or discussion of the possibility of his own failings, or of flaws in his own thinking. You see, if your interlocutor is simply a racist, then his racism taints everything he thinks, feels, does or says. Therefore, in the race addict’s mind, even if a white person makes good, valid points in a discussion on race, well, the white guy’s a racist, so he simply can’t understand, and therefore can’t possibly be right. It’s the logical extension of the old joke regarding the dim-bulb boss’s only two rules: “Rule #1: the boss is always right. Rule #2: if the boss is wrong, see Rule #1.”

The race addict’s rules: “Rule #1: Due to his victim status, the race addict is always right. Rule #2: If the race addict is wrong, see Rule #1.”

Who can possibly doubt that this exactly sums up the entire body of work of, say, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. It exactly sums up the work today of people like Michael Eric Dyson, Melissa Harris-Perry, Touré and other race-addicted dim bulbs.

In other words, the race addict has become what he most vociferously and publicly condemns: someone who has given himself permission to “know” all about another person based on the color of his skin.  The race addict rationalizes doing exactly what he condemns, on the grounds that it was all done to him. Even worse, today’s race addict grants to himself the right to steal the victimhood of others to whom it actually, rightly belongs: the long ago victims of real injustice, of real violence, of real racism. In so doing, today’s race addict diminishes and belittles the suffering of those who truly suffered.  After all, if this is supposed to be “suffering” — this life filled with big-screen televisions and free cell phones and food stamps and state and federal government benefits and free money and education and a car and subsidized housing — then what does “suffering” even mean?

This race addiction also allows black race addicts simply to ignore criticism coming from certain people, not because of the merits or demerits of the criticism (see eg, how Michael Eric Dyson greeted Bill O’Reilly’s remarks), but because of the color of their skin. Race addiction has, for example, allowed blacks to look the other way for years as other blacks slaughter still other blacks in American inner-cities. Why? Because the people finally pointing out the carnage, are white.  What is the accusation leveled by blacks against white people who are horrified at the epidemic of black-on-black violence? You guessed it: “Racism!”

Black race addicts ignore a 70% unwed mother birthrate for black babies. Why?  Because the people pointing it out are white. Again, the accusation is: “Racism!”

Black race addicts say the most transparently vile and racist things about others, all while wrapping themselves in the unassailable cloak of the “noble victim.” What is the response if someone objects? “How dare you object! You can’t possibly know what my people have been through!” 

These race addicts are everywhere, and they come in every size, shape and color, and they depend on keeping as many black people as possible seething with resentment and bitterness against white people, and, of course, voting for Democrats. So, yes, the home of white racism, and of white race addicts is: the Democrat Party. All that these race addicts do, all that they say, all their whining, their bleating serves one goal: the election or appointment of white liberals to positions of power in America.

Now, despite all that, it appears that, at long last, white people, who are, after all, the majority (if shrinking) in this country, are finally paying serious attention to the real problems of our black brothers and sisters.  White people are finally becoming fed up with simply taking abuse for the infractions of people they never knew, against people they never met, long ago in the past.

It also appears that, at long last, people of all colors are becoming fed up with the self-obsessed, navel-gazing, self-righteousness of the race addicts. Look at O’Reilly; look at the rapidly-growing number of black Conservatives who are simply embarrassed at the nitwittery coming from black race addicts; look at the fast growing number of all Americans who are finally paying attention to the mind-numbing tragedy of black-on-black violence in America’s inner-cities.

All this long overdue pushback has the potential to be a really good thing, with vast and far-reaching positive consequences. It’s long past time to call the race addicts on their irresponsible and disgusting accusations against people who bear no guilt whatsoever for things done in the distant past. Furthermore, this time could very well be — if it’s not hijacked by the left who have caused today’s woes in the first place(1) — the best thing that has happened for black people in decades.

Now, after all that, a correspondent sent me another of Abagond’s posts, and I think that it contains just about all that I mentioned above. I’ve reproduced the post below, with inline comments in square brackets and red font.









What surprised me most about the George Zimmerman case

Mon 1 Jul 2013 by abagond


George Zimmerman as Christ. Artist Unknown

What surprised me most about the George Zimmerman case was how White Americans did not distance themselves from a man who killed an unarmed 17-year-old boy, Trayvon Martin. [Again, Abagond just says things. There’s no basis for what he says, but that doesn’t stop him. Of course, as all know who were paying attention, all white people ever quoted in the media(3) spoke only of the terrible tragedy of a young man losing his life. Many reacted with horror directed at George Zimmerman. None reacted with anything but support for Martin’s family. None reacted with support for Zimmerman initially. And, of course, all intelligent people —  of any color — said, “Let’s wait and see what facts come out before drawing any conclusions.” When the actual circumstances concerning the episode came out, then, and only then, white people and others began to question the initial narrative. Then, and only then, white people began to express support for Zimmerman.] I expected them to write him off as a vigilante nutcase. Instead they took him into their bosom and excused his actions. [Again, this is wildly inaccurate. And again, every white person quoted bemoaned the role that Zimmerman played in the tragic outcome of the encounter. None of them said that Zimmerman was without blame for what happened, only that, and read this well, he didn’t do what the state accused him of. No one “took him into their bosom.” Even in these pages, where we expressed sympathy for Zimmerman due to what most now agree was a case of false prosecution, we made sure to address the larger issues brought out by the case. At no time did we, or any other white people, try to make Zimmerman out to be a sympathetic character in the episode. With that said, it’s entirely possible that Zimmermawas and is a wonderful, good and positive character — his record in his community was exemplary — but this episode didn’t show that, and no one ever said it did.]

Not all whites, of course, but plenty of them. Enough to make it the most racially charged court case in America since the O.J. Simpson murder trial 18 years ago. [The “racially charged” nature of the case was a media fabrication. The media desperately wanted to trumpet a white-kills-unarmed-black-kid narrative, and thought they had it with a guy named Zimmerman. Unfortunately there were no actual white people involved in any part of the episode! Hence, the New York Times invented the brand shiny new ethnicity: “white hispanic.” After the media had made their bed, they had to follow through on it, and race parasites like Al Sharpton joined in and poured as much gasoline on the fire as possible.]

When it came out that Zimmerman was Hispanic I thought, all right, now they will distance themselves from him. [So Abagond thinks that white people should have abandoned Zimmerman because of the color of his skin? Not because of the facts of the case? Does he even read what he writes? He’s upset with white people precisely because they did not live down to his expectations that they were racists, and, according to him, hung in there with Zimmerman. In reality, they overwhelmingly reacted to the sequence of events. (1) the fatal encounter happened, and whites either condemned Zimmerman or took a wait-and-see attitude, (2) It turned out that Zimmerman is not white and white people started to wonder, “What else is incorrect in the media narrative? (3) Media and prosecutorial malfeasance began to make the trial look a whole lot like a lynching, and whites overwhelmingly began to question everything about the case. It was at that point, as it became clear that the case was largely fabricated, that whites began to think that Zimmerman actually did act in self-defense. For anyone approaching this case with an open mind, it was inevitable that they come around to thinking that the prosecution of Zimmerman was itself an injustice.] Well, they did somewhat, but still they defended him. And wondered why blacks were so upset: “Blacks kill each other all the time! What’s the big deal?” [This is a disgusting slander. No white person ever said “What’s the big deal?” about Trayvon Martin’s having lost his life. Worse, this just might be projection. It’s entirely possible that Abagond, and others like him, are openly or secretly overjoyed at those times where black people kill white people and get away with it.]

When it came out that Zimmerman had a police record and Martin did not, I thought, great, now they will wise up. Well, no. Instead they painted Martin as the thug! [Again, look at what Abagond is suggesting that white people should have done. They were, according to Abagond, supposed to ignore the facts of the case, and abandon Zimmerman both because of his race and his alleged police record. It’s a particularly sick system of “justice” that the Abagond’s of the world would set up.]

The police, the jury and tons of white people seemed to have this need to believe Zimmerman’s story, the words of a killer! The police did not even give him a drug test. [Now, Abagond is telling white people what they need! Want to know what all people really need? It’s pretty simple: a system of justice that acts according to the rule of law, not the color of the skin of those who find themselves involved with it. Abagond would ask the justice system to punish non-black people whether they are guilty or not, if they offend or injure a black person. That is, of course, no just system at all, but rather a system of petty tyranny. As to the drug test, who knows what the procedures are for administering this? Surely the herd of government investigators and the FBI would have seen to it that heads rolled if a drug test was supposed to be done. If it wasn’t supposed to be done, however, then the police did nothing wrong.]

What it most reminds me of is how whites talk about slavery. You would think they would roundly condemn it, full stop. [As they all do. No exceptions. There is not a white person in the last 50 years who hasn’t condemned slavery, full stop.] Instead they make excuses and play it down: “Africans sold their own into slavery”, “Arabs traded slaves”, “Slavery is universal”, “Whites did not benefit from slavery”, “My family did not own slaves”, “Get over it!” and so on. [These things are true, but no one uses them to “excuse slavery,” or to “play it down.” No white person ever excuses or plays down slavery. The facts that Abagond refers to above do, however, paint a fuller picture of the slave trade. It is true that whites didn’t go “hunting” for slaves in Africa, they bought them from black Africans who were selling them. It’s also true that “Arabs traded slaves.” Arabs are not white people. As much as black race addicts insist that whites are trying to gloss over their involvement in slavery, read this well: black race addicts ignore or dismiss historical facts that point to a more complex picture, because they take away from their anger at whites. Want more? Black Africans continue to engage in slavery in Sudan. White people, Arabs and other blacks are slaves of blacks there today. It’s worse than disgraceful.]

I can kind of make sense of that: whites base part of their self-worth on being white [This coming from a black race addict, if it weren’t so sad, would be simply hilarious.] and so feel this (misguided) need to defend their history, crimes and all. [Again, Abagond is telling white people what they think and feel. If he were ever to experience an epiphany and realize he simply can’t do this, he’d have to stop writing. He’d have nothing to say.] But why defend Zimmerman? He is not even white. [Ahhhh…could it possibly be that such a defense might, just might, be based on the facts of the case? Naaaaawwww…can’t be that! After all, those wascally whites are so racist, they should have abandoned Zimmerman as soon as they found out he was a brown dude!  What the heck happened?!? Again, the actual reality stubbornly refuses to conform to Abagond’s preconceived notions, so it can’t be that he’s wrong… it just has to be that reality’s wrong.]

I do not fully understand this. Maybe commenters can help me out here. All I can do is think out loud: [It’s difficult to characterize what Abagond has been doing here as “thinking.”]

  1. They are not defending Zimmerman so much as the police and the courts. Their defence of Zimmerman was strongest when the police would not arrest him and after the verdict. According to this line of thinking, whites know, deep down, that they are standing on top of a morally questionable justice system and feel the need to defend its mistakes. Just like how they excuse the crimes of their history. [More of what whites think and know and feel and want. Man! If this guy can read minds, why doesn’t he read Bill Gates’ mind and find out what he’s going to do with Microsoft and make a fortune? Or read someone else’s mind that might actually do him some good? Why doesn’t he teach other blacks how to read minds so they can know when those mayhem-minded white hispanics like Zimmerman have violence on their mind and they can run away instead of attacking? I’m really glad that other people are getting sick and tired of this slander from deeply racist race addicts like Abagond too.]
  2. They do not see Trayvon Martin as fully human. [More mind reading. No one ever so much as hinted at seeing Trayvon Martin as less than human.] Or blacks in general. [Still more mind reading.] So slavery or Martin’s shooting death do not seem that terrible to them. [The mind reading just keeps coming.] Thus they feel no need to distance themselves from Zimmerman, [But, but, but, I thought those whites were racists! If so, why on earth would they defend the brown-skinned Zimmerman?!? Oh, yeah…those pesky facts of the case.] like they do from those who kill defenceless whites (the Batman shooter, Adam Lanza, the Boston Marathon bombers, etc). [Still more mind reading. Could it possibly be that the more obvious is true? In other words: Whites were deeply saddened at the loss of Trayvon Martin’s life; whites were initially angry at Zimmerman — they simply couldn’t imagine a scenario in which it might be justified for an unarmed teenager to end up dead — until the facts of the case started to come out; whites finally mostly figured that, according to the law, Zimmerman acted in self-defense, and should be acquitted. The “Batman shooter,” Adam Lanza and the the Tsarnaev brothers were and are psychotics]
  3. They see Trayvon Martin through the Black Brute stereotype.Seen that way, the actions of Zimmerman, the police and the jury make sense. It also makes sense of the need to paint Martin as a thug, even – or especially – when he was not. With that, everything else chillingly follows like the gears of a gargoyle clock. [Let’s stipulate that there is a “black brute” stereotype for a moment. There’s not — it’s really a “Brute Stereotype” — in which anyone who seems to be a brute is, typically, considered a brute at first impression. A good pop culture example of this is the kids’ movie: “Home Alone” in which an elderly, sinister-appearing white man, the subject of ugly rumors about his past, terrifies Kevin, until the old man proves himself to be a nice guy. However, again, let’s stipulate to Abagond’s “Black Brute stereotype.” Obviously, black people all labor under the “Noble Victim Stereotype.” This is the stereotype that allows blacks to excuse all manner of vile behavior, ascribing the behavior’s cause to the abuse the race suffered in the past. As a race addict reads that last passage, you can just hear the anger rising in him as he prepares himself to hit me with, “How dare you?!?” And now I’ll tell you that the “Noble Victim Stereotype” is not true of all blacks. Of Abagond and others, it is true, but not of all blacks. It’s just as ridiculous to ascribe the “Noble Victim Stereotype” to all blacks as it is to condemn all whites as prey to some “Black Brute Stereotype.” The great thing about stereotypes is that you can’t measure them. So, I can run about accusing blacks of overwhelmingly in thrall to the “Noble Victim Stereotype,” and nobody can prove me wrong. But, again, it doesn’t allow individuals to be themselves rather than just a member of some category.]

Summary: Abagond’s post, above, is a hash of disjointed, irrational, emotion-laden fatuousness. However, again, it is a microcosm of the thinking of all race addicts everywhere. If you read Abagond’s post, you can get an idea of what is going on in the minds of race addicts everywhere. Lest you accuse me of “telling you what others think,” see my first footnote, below.

— xPraetorius


(1) It should be noted, there is a way to talk about others’ thoughts legitimately. I do it myself. First, I coined a term — “race addict” — to label a certain type of person that I had observed; then I  documented the characteristics that a race addict possesses. Only then did I try to identify individuals who might fit into the category of race addict. At that point, I am, “telling others what they think and feel and want…” exactly the offense I condemn from leftists like Abagond. However — and here’s the big difference — I’m doing so by reading their stated thoughts in their blog posts and in other publications. In other words, I’m going about it in the  correct way.

(2) Yes, there is white guilt — contemporary white guilt — in the plight of black people: White liberals established the legal and policy infrastructure that tempted blacks away from the rapid financial and social progress they were making in the 1950’s, and to the stagnation, decay, family and cultural rot, dependency and violence so rampant in the black community of today.

(3) Of course, Abagond and I had other sources, throughout the trial, than just white people quoted in the media. However, we had in common only sources in the media, so I’m using only those for the purposes of this essay. If either Abagond or I were to start telling you about what we heard from friends, acquaintances or others, these assertions would have no credibility without some sort of audio, video or other corroboration. I will tell you that I spoke with many, many other white, black and brown people covering all sorts of points of view regarding the case.

One very interesting such conversation bears re-telling. I was speaking with a young Hispanic woman — I’ll call her “Selena” (not her real name). Selena had no idea until after the verdict that Zimmerman was Hispanic!

The entire time of the trial she thought that Zimmerman was just a white guy who had killed a black unarmed kid. Her greater understanding came about halfway through a 30-minute or so conversation that I had with her after the verdict.

Before she knew Zimmerman was Hispanic, she was convinced that he had murdered Martin in cold blood. The moment she learned that Zimmerman was Hispanic, she said, “Hmmmm…maybe he did act in self-defense.”

Talk about a disheartening conversation! Here was one of Abagond’s beloved “POC’s” (“Persons of Color”) exhibiting obvious, unsubtle, in-your-face, something that looked lot like racism. Really, though, she was simply applying a formula to a case for which she plainly had very little information.

This is not racism, but rather inclinations and biases that serve to color first impressions before they are replaced by greater understanding and information.

Of course — and read this well — every race on earth thinks — either secretly like whites, or openly like blacks and browns — that they are simply the best on earth. Where actual racism comes in, is when a person doesn’t allow greater understanding or information to replace a first impression with a more accurate, less superficial understanding.

I know Selena well. She’s not a racist. She is, however, very much a Hispanic chauvinist, making frequent references to how great this and that are, simply because they’re hispanic. However, I can tell you absolutely certainly that Abagond would say that Selena’s a racist. Interestingly, the only ethnicity that simply never says something is great, simply because it came from its “culture,” are whites.

Nota Bene: It’s entirely possible that whites are really the least racist people in the world. The Japanese are overtly and enthusiastically racist. The Chinese detest the Vietnamese; the French look down their noses at the Belgians; Russians are notoriously anti-semitic, Arabs are a seething mess of biases and prejudices, and don’t even talk about black Africans… and on and on and on and on and on.

American whites, by contrast, have spent more than fifty years aggressively purging racism from its lexicon of acceptable behavior, speech or even thought. As far as I know, American whites are the only race in history to have undergone this thoroughgoing, unsparing, internal examination into their own behavior. Abagond has said that there is no shortage of white people saying just how great white people are. Yet, my writing of it is the first time I’ve ever heard — and probably the first time you’ve ever read or heard — that last observation. Furthermore, I’m not aware of a single person — except in these last few posts here — singing any praises of white people. (All this might be worthwhile pursuing in a future blog post.)…and I’m not a white guy!

To continue this digression just a teentsy bit, this is all very reminiscent of that very strange phenomenon of ’60’s protesters shouting at the top of their lungs about how they were being oppressed in horrible ol’ racist, capitalist America. Surely, some of us thought, if it were all that bad here, these people would be in prison, no? But they weren’t; they just kept on shouting. And shouting and shouting and shouting, until they stopped for a moment, looked up, and realized they had become the power in America.

This all led to the phenomenon today of wildly wealthy black entertainers, athletes, actors, singers, rappers, etc. waxing operatic about how horrifically racist America is. One asks oneself the question? Why do they do this? The answer: because they can. In other countries, they’d be in prison or dead. And in a truly racist country, surely they wouldn’t be living a life of fabulous opulence! And, surely a black man wouldn’t be the freakin’ President of the country! The most powerful man in the world fer cryin’ out loud!

Bottom line: those who whine the loudest in the world about being oppressed are here, in the freest country in the world. Those who whine the loudest in the world about being victims of racism are here, in the least racist country in the world.

Note about this essay: The author of this essay is xPraetorius. The “x” pseudonym is the one our writers’ group use when writing on behalf of the entire group. Each essay that appears under the “x” name might be from any one of our group, but undergoes review and approval of the entire group before appearing in these pages. In this case: “x” represents the collaboration and opinions of two authors:

  • A middle-aged, petite black woman, who sometimes submits writings under a different pseudonym.
  • A middle-aged, very large white man, who sometimes submits writings under a different pseudonym.

Both pundits wrote the entire essay together, collaborating on each sentence. The idea behind this methodology was to be sure that — despite their many obvious superficial differences — they truly were on the same page, so to speak, and truly did share the perspectives recorded in this post.

6 thoughts on “Once More Unto The Breach (Part 2)

  1. I would have to say you are guilty of the exact things you claim Abagond to be.. “No white person ever excuses or plays down slavery”—You know this how? See just as he does not know all white people or even black people you don’t either. The biggest excuse I have heard from whites in regards to slavery has been “blacks enslaved their own” and “every race was slaves at one time.”

    It is what it is and he is entitled to his opinion as you are to yours.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Sharina… Abagond IS entitled to his own opinion, but he is NOT entitled to slander hundreds of millions of white people by calling them all racists as he does. He may have that opinion, but he darned well shouldn’t mind when the slandered call him on it!

    When you say I’m doing the same thing as he is, I disagree. I defined a character type — the race addict — and defined the characteristics of that character type. I then identified INDIVIDUALS — like Abagond — who belong to the type. Abagond arrogated to himself the right to paint an entire people — white people — as racists. If he thinks THAT will go unchallenged, then he REALLY hasn’t been paying attention to anything since 1949.

    Let’s stipulate to your assertion that whites have said “blacks enslaved their own,” but I’ve heard it maybe three or four times in my entire half-century of life, and never seen it printed other than discussions. (except, of course, for news stories of current-day Sudan where slavery is alive and well and blacks enslave many ethnicities. It’s just a fact.) I’d venture to say that you’ve heard it only a few times from white people as well (no matter what color YOUR skin is!). It hardly qualifies as a “biggest excuse.” It’s a rarely stated fact that does indeed add to one’s understanding of slavery as an institution.

    You’re right to say that Abagond doesn’t know all white people, but he absolutely DOES take the liberty of saying that all white people are racists. Sorry…he’s slandering a BUNCH of my friends who are ABSOLUTELY NOT racists in any way shape or form, and who are some of the finest men on earth.

    Nor does he get to say that the ONE country on earth that has dealt relentlessly, exhaustively and openly with slavery, with human rights abuses, with discrimination of any type and in any context, and has TWICE elected a black President, is a racist country. Not without a challenge from obviously more informed corners.

    And, I’ll further stipulate to your assertion that I don’t know that “No white person ever excuses or downplays slavery.” I can, however, tell you as fact, as surely as I know that the sun will rise in the morning, that any white person who EVER TRIED to excuse or downplay slavery publicly would do it only once. Because he’d encounter such a wall of scorn and derision and contempt, that he’d quickly learn never to do it again. I can tell you further as a fact that I’ve never heard one white person EVER even come CLOSE to excusing or downplaying slavery. Ever. And, as you’ve probably guessed, I’ve been paying very close attention to current events for a long time. I’m guessing also — if you’re a black person — that YOU’VE never heard a white person come even close to excusing or downplaying slavery. White people are a LOT more guarded around black people. About everything…not just topics dealing with race relations. That’s not racism, that’s common sense. With people like Abagond running around, seeing racism around every corner and under every rock, white people are aware that they need to be pretty careful around blacks.

    Look…play a simple thought game with me. If we live in such a racist country now, then surely it was AT LEAST just AS racist, if not much more so, in the 1950’s and 1960’s when the Civil Rights movement was getting going, right? Right. If that were the case, then it would have been REALLY easy for white people simply to reject the Civil Rights Movement and keep the racist structures that were already in place.

    Whites were, back then, a much larger majority ethnicity than they are today. Yet, this revolution of introspection, legislation, and progress happened with barely a shot being fired. Yes, yes, I know…there were the assassinations of the ’60’s, when the Republican Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Democrat Robert F. Kennedy were murdered, and there were other murders between private citizens, but there was no generalized bloodshed. For a bunch of virulent racists, white people sure rolled over tamely for civil rights and everything that accompanied that movement…with barely a shrug of the shoulders. And they got in the way of precisely NONE of all subsequent legislation supposedly crafted to address race-based grievances.

    There’s only one possible explanation for whites’ docile acceptance of civil rights and equal rights for all races: they had long been good and ready. They had long since outgrown racism.

    No, we haven’t had a racist country for many decades now. And white racism hasn’t been present in more than tiny amounts for the same amount of time.


    — x

  3. @ xPraetorius

    The real question is is he saying all white people or are you seeing all white people? This is where a lot of what you say gets clouded. He quite often writes many in his post.

    “but I’ve heard it maybe three or four times in my entire half-century of life,”—You are asserting this has not been said. Thus I quoted your own words on this. You stated they don’t but now you are stating to me based on what you have experienced. I respect your experience but your experience like Abagond does not encompass all people.

    In your anger towards his types I think you fail to see that. I think you fail to see that you are doing the same things he does but in vice versa. You have good white friends and so do I, but I am not naive enough to convince myself and others that my situation is the norm and others who experience bad situations are liars. Honestly that is delusional thinking at best.

    I know people yell racism for just about everything but when actual racism happens you are telling them it is not true or not the norm. So they become a people who accept racism and allows themselves to be seen and treated as less.

    In all this are you challenging him or are you just on a blog talking behind his back. You have done nothing more than take quotes from his site, bring it to yours to debunk, or other peoples comments to debunk, but you fail to challenge them. There is no challenge in doing that. You are just posting and sitting and waiting for people to come here and agree with you.

    I will respectfully agree to disagree.

    1. Sharina: Let’s examine your reply a bit…my comments will be inline in square brackets and asterisks, like this: [*** comment ***]

      YOUR POST: The real question is is he saying all white people or are you seeing all white people? [*** Peppered throughout his posts — and I’ve read a lot of ’em — are phrases like “Whites think that…” and “White people need …” and “Whites are …” One of his basic premises is: the country is racist, therefore all whites are racist whether they even know it or not, and at the least they all profit from their race’s past sins. ***] This is where a lot of what you say gets clouded. He quite often writes many in his post. [*** For every time he says “many” he USES a LOT more constructs that MEAN “all.” See my previous comment. If HE means “many,” then he needs to use WORDS that mean “many.” ***]

      “but I’ve heard it maybe three or four times in my entire half-century of life,”—You are asserting this has not been said. [*** I didn’t assert that this has not been said. I made it quite plain that it’s been said, but that it’s exceedingly rare. Remember, Sharina, I never said that white racism is dead either. In fact, it is alive and well in America’s Democrat Party. However, white racism in individual interactions between whites and blacks is just not a big problem anymore…not nearly as big, for example, as BLACK intra-race relations which are in crisis, and about which the race hucksters like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton permit no discussion. ***] Thus I quoted your own words on this. You stated they don’t but now you are stating to me based on what you have experienced. I respect your experience but your experience like Abagond does not encompass all people. [*** No, but it’s all I have and it’s all Abagond has…therefore we draw all our thoughts, beliefs and conclusions from it. That’s how all pundits and commentators do it. By definition. I was at least honest enough to TELL of my experience, before I drew larger conclusions. By the way, if I’m drawing from my experience and studies, you can be sure that (1) they are comprehensive, and (2) they are plugged in to what’s going on and to what has gone on. They are the product of long and careful observation and of aggressive seeking of ALL points of view pertaining to any issue. Abagond IS a one-note Nellie…he doesn’t change his tune, despite vast quantities of evidence contradicting him. Look at his latest where, again, he is telling us all about how and what white people are thinking. His flaw is that if the actual thinking at the root of his “models” is incorrect, as it likely is, then his entire premise falls apart completely. ***]

      In your anger towards his types I think you fail to see that. [*** I’m not angry at him or at “his types,” but, again, I will not allow him to slander dear friends of mine who are completely innocent of his accusations. His accusations are grotesque, hysterical and false. Also, Sharina, I will NOT allow YOU to tell me what I’m thinking or feeling. I’LL tell YOU what I’m thinking or feeling — and whether I’m angry or not. Got it? Good. I’m not angry at Abagond. There. THAT ought to be the last word on my so-called “anger.” ***] I think you fail to see that you are doing the same things he does but in vice versa. [*** Sharina, it is often true that the bully — Abagond — is the first to accuse others of bullying when those whom he attacks, hit back. Again, if Abagond (and his various friends — Brotha Wolf, etc.) hit ME and MINE and MY FRIENDS, they should expect that they might hear something back that indicates that they are both wrong and that they are doing a REALLY BAD thing. If they can’t take it, then maybe they should stop the bullying behavior.

      I don’t see why YOU’RE getting all defensive on ABAGOND’s behalf…after all did HE not wade into the commentary waters with his blog? Did he TRULY expect that NO ONE would EVER disagree with him? His language regarding white people is incendiary, offensive, vitriolic, strong, provocative. Did he TRULY think that NONE of his readers just MIGHT respond back with equally tough language? If so, then he’s either hopelessly naive and ignorant… or not all that bright. Since, I like to read what he writes, I’m going to go with “hopelessly naive and ignorant.” ***] You have good white friends and so do I, but I am not naive enough to convince myself and others that my situation is the norm and others who experience bad situations are liars. Honestly that is delusional thinking at best. [*** No one said that either your experience or mine was “the norm.” That’s why I ALWAYS seek out NUMEROUS viewpoints that are NOT my own. How do you think that I ended up on Abagond’s and Brotha Wolf’s blogs? I could VERY easily insulate myself from others’ opinions if I so chose. I don’t ever choose to. ***]

      I know people yell racism for just about everything [*** Sharina: I’m glad you have observed that too. The GIGANTIC problem with that is the classic “Boy Who Cried Wolf” problem. When racism is fabricated — as it was in the Zimmerman-Martin case — then people start to ask themselves, when ELSE is it being fabricated? In all cases where the racism accusation is used fraudulently, REAL people get hurt. REAL evil is done to REAL people. When Abagond slanders ALL white people — as he does often — then he is trying to inflict hurt and harm on ALL white people. He should NOT be surprised if some of them eventually object. ***] but when actual racism happens you are telling them it is not true or not the norm. [*** Yep. Racism is ABSOLUTELY not the norm. It’s rare and there are many, many avenues of redress for those who feel they have been victimized by it. White racism is just NOT a big problem anymore. BLACK racism, of the kind exhibited by Abagond and the other race addicts — IS a serious problem, and prevents honest, open and positive relations between races. ***] So they become a people who accept racism and allows themselves to be seen and treated as less. [*** Except that no one is treating black people as “less.” If that were the case the color of the President of the United States’ skin, the color of numerous congressmen — federal and local — mayors, fabulously wealthy entertainers, athletes, executives and so many others would be much lighter. Sorry, the USA is NOT a racist country, and whites are NOT a racist race. In fact, it’s likely that white Americans are the LEAST racist ethnic group in the world (see my footnotes for the original post.) ***]

      In all this are you challenging him or are you just on a blog talking behind his back. You have done nothing more than take quotes from his site, bring it to yours to debunk, or other peoples comments to debunk, but you fail to challenge them. There is no challenge in doing that. You are just posting and sitting and waiting for people to come here and agree with you. [*** I’m REALLY glad you asked that question! I have tried to reply to posts of his, but he censors my replies. I’ve tried several times, and I’ve since given up. Brotha Wolf censors my replies too. Neither, apparently, has the courage to allow challenging voices on their blog pages. This appears to be the only way I can challenge him. He DOES get a notification when I link to his blog, so he knows when I’m addressing an entry of his. I’d be all ABOUT challenging him in his blog, but he doesn’t let me in. Maybe YOU can tell him that not allowing challenges on his own blog really undermines his credibility. By the way, excluding dissenting or challenging voices is CLASSIC abusive behavior of the political left in America. Absolutely TEXTBOOK leftist behavior. And, of course, the leftists who censor and eliminate free speech the most, are the very LOUDEST ones whining at the slightest perceived threat to free speech.***]

      I will respectfully agree to disagree. [*** You would be wrong to, but it’s a free country — has been for DECADES! 🙂 Why don’t you see whether you can get Abagond and Bortha Wolf to stop censoring my replies, and I’ll be very happy to challenge them there… and even to agree with them when I identify common ground. If you DO ask them to stop censoring me, don’t stand for any pushback from them about “my language…” or demeanor… when Brotha Wolf WAS allowing my posts, he called me every vile name in the book, and questioned my integrity, honesty, knowledge, sources and origins, while I, on the other hand, challenged only his ideas. ***]


      — x

  4. Here is a quote directly from the same post you are going on about.

    “Not all whites, of course, but plenty of them. Enough to make it the most racially charged court case in America since the O.J. Simpson murder trial 18 years ago.”

    So stop lying to those that view your blog so they can accumulate a hate for a man that has done nothing wrong than express an opinion different from yours. It is not right no matter who does it.

  5. Hi, Sharina! Response inline, and in brackets and asterisks, as above:

    Here is a quote directly from the same post you are going on about. [*** Ok. ***]

    “Not all whites, of course, but plenty of them. Enough to make it the most racially charged court case in America since the O.J. Simpson murder trial 18 years ago.” [*** Yep. That’s the quote. ***]

    So stop lying to those that view your blog so they can accumulate a hate for a man that has done nothing wrong than express an opinion different from yours. [*** Sharina: his opinion is that all white people are racists and that this is a racist country. If MY opinion were that Abagond is a pervert and a child molester, do I have the right “just to express my opinion?” Without expecting any response back? Of course not. By the way, that’s not my opinion. If Abagond’s going to state a slanderous opinion in public, then he might expect to get some back from those whom he has slandered. ***] It is not right no matter who does it. [*** Now: about the “lying.” Actually, your quote from Abagond came from AFTER I began to call him on his tarring of all white people with the same racism brush. So, if I’ve modified his bullying, caustic, incendiary behavior, then I’m pleased. However, the bigger issue in YOUR reply is your use of the word: “lying.” Another stock-in-trade of the left is the inability to see anyone else’s disagreement with them as anything but lying. It can’t POSSIBLY be that someone ACTUALLY disagrees, it couldn’t possibly be EVEN that the other has made a simple mistake… it simply HAS to be that they’re lying. Look it up, Sharina. If I’m lying, it would be because I INTEND to tell an untruth. I can tell you right here and now, that I believe EVERYTHING I’ve written — therefore I’m not lying. You, and Abagond, (if you’re not the same person) would do well to hold off on BOTH the accusation of “racism” and the accusation of “lying” until you have some REAL indication of their veracity. ***]

    [*** So, Sharina: Now that you KNOW, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I’m NOT lying, that I’m telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth — because, let’s face it, I’M the only one on EARTH who can POSSIBLY know what I’m thinking or saying or doing — you should re-read everything I’ve written in that light. 🙂 ***]


    — x

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