** Sigh ** The Race Addicts Just Keep Coming

*** WARNING – Some rough language is contained in a post from which we quote below ***

The race addicts are desperate to keep racism alive. Race addicts consist of three groups of people:

  1. The leadership of the race grievance industry
  2. Their white liberal enablers
  3. The pawns whose self-worth revolves around their imaginary victimhood.

Needless to say, there are millions more pawns than there are leaders in the leadership.

The leadership and the enablers are race pushers who obtain vast power and fortunes by preying on the pawns.

As it has always been throughout history, the pawns do the heavy lifting for the leaders. The pawns do all the demonstrating and the protesting and the rioting, so that the leadership can come in afterward, do a march or two, then return to the talk show circuit and their cushy lives of fabulous wealth and prestige.

As you know, I’ve been following the blogs of a couple of race addicts — two pawns — for some time, and I’ve been showing you their posts so that I can point out their tortured “rationales.”

Their bottom line, fairly easy to summarize, is: “racism is so prevalent that we can’t see it anymore. It’s the very basis of our country, so even though there’s almost no evidence of it anywhere, it’s really all around you. You see, white people can’t see this structure because they themselves made it. White people need blacks to point out to them the error of their ways.”(1)

Of course, if this is true, then it’s perfectly valid for white people to point out to black people the error of their ways. Just try to  imagine the reaction of black people if white people were to start to say, “Here’s where you got it wrong. Let me tell you all about yourself and how you think and what you feel and want.” Well, we have seen it. Anytime a white commentator says anything remotely critical of any black person, the reaction from black people is instantaneous and devastating: “You disgusting racist! How dare you talk about us! You can’t possibly know what it is to be black, to have the black experience! Shut up! Shut up now!” And, typically, white people then shut up. Immediately.

Unfortunately, a knowledge of the “black experience” is perfectly irrelevant to anyone’s ability to comment on human relations. All that counts is an understanding of the human experience, and any human can have that. Any human at all.

This is the error of the “all white people are racists” assertion. If black people can make that assertion, then white people are perfectly justified to say things like, for example: “All blacks are lazy.” Or, “Black men are all sexual predators.” Or “Black women are shiftless.” Of course, none of these stupid generalizations — telling others who and how they are, what they think, want or feel — are true, and all were long ago banished from discussion as the racist, demeaning, untrue, ugly slanders of an entire people that they were. Why? White people simply outgrew these bad things.

All white people are racists” is just as ugly a slander of an entire people. Here’s a potentially controversial assertion: Blacks are at the same stage in their cultural maturity as whites were in the ’50’s and ’60’s when whites were learning that they needed to ditch the racist monkey from their backs.

I don’t even remember the last time I heard a white person make a generalization about black people. I don’t remember ever not hearing black people make generalizations about white people.

In light of all this, consider Abagond’s most recent post, re-produced below. I’ve added inline commentary in square brackets and red font.

Abagond is ostensibly a man who either lives or grew up or came from a British Commonwealth country, and writes a blog on WordPress. He’s one of the pawns whose blog I’ve been following. Between you ‘n me and the lamppost, I think he’s really a woman, but wants to write in a man’s identity. The style and “feel” of his/her writing are simply a woman’s. However, let’s grant the premise that “Julian Abagond” is a man.

— BEGINNING of ABAGOND’s POST (Again: inappropriate language warning)

The race baiter argument

Tue 30 Jul 2013 by abagond

Founding Members Race Baiters and Haters Club

The race baiting argument says that racism is pretty much dead but that people like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson keep it alive by talking about race, by getting blacks angry about imagined cases of racism. They are “race hustlers”who “inflame racial passions”. [Nope. This is not the “race baiting argument.” This is simply true. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton — and many other wildly wealthy black people, know this well, and have made millions and millions of dollars beating the dead “race” horse. Dupes and pawns like Abagond are the sheep that keep the banquet tables at the Sharpton and Jackson estates, in the Sharpton and Jackson mansions, groaning with expensive viands and other delicacies.]


  • In the Zimmerman case, some whites used this argument to make sense of (and dismiss) black opinion.
  • Rush Limbaugh speaks of a “race industry”. [Uhhh…two words (sort of): “Jay Z.” I could have used other “words” as well: Beyoncé Knowles, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Touré, Melissa Harris-Perry, Denzel Washington, Barack Obama, Halle Berry, and many more. All are fabulously wealthy or powerful black people who have made tens, hundreds,of millions of dollars, or have obtained fabulous power in a country that Abagond alleges is awash in barely concealed resentment and bitterness toward them. Some in that list have made fortunes simply by being black, and complaining operatically about it. That is, indeed, an industry. Furthermore, if this is how white people treat people they ostensibly hate, then I guess that explains why non-white people are streaming across the border to get in here, risking life and limb to come in and live with these “racists.”]
  • Booker T. Washington in 1911:

    Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs. [Uhhh…ok. Does anyone deny that if everyone were to admit that this country has largely vanquished white — at least of the “blacks are inferior” strain — racism, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would have to do something different? Duh!]

The terminology goes back Jim Crow times:

  • 1921:inflame racial passions [So do the terms “work” and “fly” and “swim” and “walk” and “and.” “Inflame racial passions” is a simple verb-object construction. It would be odd indeed for this not to have appeared anytime there is racial strife in the country.] 
  • 1925:race industry  
  • 1935:race baiters
  • 1949:race hustlers [Again, so what. These terms are so mundane that it would be odd if they weren’t in at least some usage  throughout American history. Hello! Knock knock! Anyone home?!? America actually has several races. Sometimes these races actually interact! When that happens, then frictions and disagreements and conflicts are inevitable. An industry focusing on these interactions is therefore inevitable. A rather obvious label for such an industry just might be “race industry.” It’s inevitable that such an inevitable industry inevitably would contain race baiters and race hustlers. And it does. Duh!]

The argument:

  1. Racism is dead. [No one ever makes this argument in the sense that racism is completely eradicated. The argument is, really: “white racism is no longer a big problem. The tiny bit that remains is a problem; just not a big problem.” White racism is “dead” in the same sense that polio and smallpox are “dead.” The occasional case pops up here and there, and is extremely newsworthy when it does…because of its extreme rarity. The intense focus on and coverage of the Zimmerman-Martin episode merely confirms that white racism is in the same barely there condition.]
  2. Race baiters know this but keep Negro Grievances alive for personal gain – money, votes, even blog hits! [Ummmm… let’s see…how wealthy is Jay Z? How about his lovely wife Beyoncé? Is she doin’ ok? How wealthy is Jesse Jackson? How prosperous is Al Sharpton? How powerful is Barack Obama? In a country supposedly seething with resentment against these people because of the mere color of their skin? How on earth can that be?!?]
  3. Most blacks are overgrown children: they cannot think for themselves and must be told what to think. [This is, indeed, the position of the American Democrat Party. This is why the Race Grievance Industry even exists. There is white racism in America today, and this is it, and it lives exclusively on America’s political left, and predominantly in the political arm of the left, the Democrat Party. This is the germ of truth in the otherwise ludicrous swamp of Abagond’s thinking.]

Yet another racist argument that assumes racism is dead! [Again, nobody “assumes” racism is dead. First of all, black racism is alive and well and, really, governing the relationship between blacks and whites today. Second of all, whites have utterly eradicated the “blacks are inferior” belief from their thinking — except for in the Democrat Party where, as Abagond says, they think “Most blacks are overgrown children: they cannot think for themselves and must be told what to think.” It should be noted that today’s black racism is of  the “whites are inferior” variety; the very worst kind of racism.]

As an accused race baiter, I can offer some insight: 

  1. The personal gain thing: I make no money from this blog. [Abagond wouldn’t make money from his blog. He’s a pawn. He does the heavy lifting keeping race resentment alive at the street level, so that the real parasites like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson can make a fortune from his efforts.] And even in terms of blog hits, it is far easier to get hits by doing posts on, say, swimsuit models. And then there is the white demographic. It is at least five times bigger than the black demographic. If hits were what mattered to me, I would do nothing to turn off whites. I would at least make what I say acceptable to them. Or, better/worse yet, like a Rented Negro, I would tell them what they want to hear. [This is a very strange rant. I’m unaware of any accusation that the race addicts are keeping race resentment alive in order to obtain blog hits. Deep end, this is Abagond; Abogond meet Deep end.]
  2. I know that racism is dead, right? No. The rank racist inequality in New York is burned into my brain forever. And the older I get the clearer it becomes how deeply ingrained racism is in white people, more than I ever expected or “imagined”. [Inadvertently, Abagond has made my point perfectly for me with this.  First of all, the only thing that should be “burned into anyone’s brain forever” is an understanding that conditions are always changing. Imagine if you will, a black person in the ’60’s saying, “White racism is burned into my brain forever.” Well, then, I guess whether or not there is any appreciable white racism later, then our hypothetical black person will still see it. Whether it’s there or not. Here’s how I might have written Abagond’s paragraph above in order to express Abagond’s inability to see reality: “The rank racist inequality in New York is burned into his brain forever. And the older he gets the clearer it becomes to him how deeply ingrained racism is in white people, more than he ever expected or imagined.” All I did was to change the first person to the third person, add the phrase, “to him” for greater clarity, and remove the scare quotes around the word “imagined.” Other than that, Abagond’s phrase is an eloquent admission of exactly my point. Sorry, Abagond, New York is not the same city it was 50 years ago, or 40 years ago, or 30, 20, 10, 5, even 1 year ago. Heck New York’s not the same city it was yesterday. The only thing that should be ingrained in your silly noggin is an understanding that you need constantly to re-evaluate your assumptions, your conclusions, your beliefs, your thinking.]

Al Sharpton. He has held protests for Trayvon Martin. But he has held tons of protests for plenty of people over the years. Only on occasion do they catch fire or go anywhere. [Like the protests for Tawana Brawley, for example?] If he had the kind of power over 40 million black people that some seem to think he has, he would not be freely drawing breath on American soil. [I have no idea, nor would I care to guess, what Abagond means by this. Presumably Barack Obama — another black man — does have some power over those 40 million black people? And, I gather, he’s doing pretty well for himself.]

Trayvon Martin. Look at the timeline:

  • February 26th 2012: Trayvon Martin shot dead.
  • March 9th 2012: first comment on Trayvon Martin on this blog, by lifelearner, who called it “walking while Black” (racial profiling).
  • March 12th 2012: first post on Trayvon Martin on this blog.
  • March 21st 2012: Million Hoodie March
  • March 22nd 2012: First Sharpton protest

Sharpton was hardly leading on this issue. [Again, this is my point. I’m not sure how Abagond thinks he’s making his points, by effectively making my points for me. Here’s the point: The leadership of the race grievance industry depend on the pawns to go in, make the terrain ready for them with some riots or protests or what have you, so the leaders can saunter in, lead a few marches, make a few speeches and return to their posh 56th-floor penthouses in New York.]

This whole race baiter thing is made up to discredit black claims of racism. It is a way to account for black anger about racism while preserving the idea that racism is dead. [Again, no one ever said that racism is dead. First of all black racism — slanders and ugly generalizations directed at white people — is alive and well and vigorous and living in posh penthouses in New York. Second of all, white racism is, in fact, no longer a problem. In the same sense that slow drivers on the interstate are not a problem. They actually are a problem when you encounter the odd one, but they’re not a big problem, and they’re always a temporary one.]

The far simpler way to account for events is to say that racism is far from dead [“Racism is not dead.” This is, of course, a point we’ve made clear in these pages for some time now. White racism is not a big problem anymore, but it’s not entirely dead. Not that we’d expect Abagond to be aware of that…after all, it is a dissenting point of view, hence, it’s racist in his mind.] – hardly surprising given American history – and that black claims about racism are more or less right. Just as they were in 1911, 1921, 1925, 1935 and 1949. [And 1949 is the year in which Abagond lives. However, that works just fine for the race pushers, who need to keep the Abagonds of the world living in 1949, so the pushers can continue to live their posh, affluent lifestyles, jetting to this vacation spot and that; hangin’ with this Hollywood star or that at his mansion in Beverly Hills; or, for example, running the most powerful country in the history of the earth … 🙂 ]


It is heartening to see that Bill O’Reilly and others (Juan Williams, David Webb, Charles Payne, Jason Riley, for example) are finally fed up and are speaking out. They’re saying now exactly the same things that we have been saying all along. And O’Reilly’s ticked off…with real justification. Let’s hope that O’Reilly presses the point and opens this up so that all people can talk about it. It is, after all, a human rights discussion. Not a black rights discussion. It’s entirely possible that an honest discussion of black people can come only from the Conservative right, the only political wing that has been in blacks’ corner all along.

— xPraetorius

(1) This is of course a basic violation of one of xPraetorius’ Fundamental Laws of Human Interaction: “You’re just never as big on other people’s radar screens as you think you are.” You really have to figure that when you’re reduced to making arguments that center on the premise that “you can’t see it because it’s all around you,” then maybe, just maybe, you’re imagining it.

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