Out Come The Nut Jobs (We Knew They Would)

Perfectly predictable, of course. In this post, I said, “How many more black people has the deeply corrupt, profoundly evil grievance industry poisoned as a result of the fabricated racism angle in the Zimmerman trial?”

Well, it’s started; rather, it continues…the poisoning of young black minds, that is. It started long, long ago, when someone realized there is a lot of money, fame and power in pretending that white racism — nearly non-existent now — is alive and well, and lurking around every corner, and in every disagreement between a black person and a non-black person.

Don’t think so? What was one of the basic premises of the 2008 Presidential candidacy of one Barack Obama? Do you remember: “Is America ready to elect a black President?”  Do you remember: “If we don’t elect Barack Obama, what will that say about us as a nation?” I do. Seriously: how on earth does a “white racist” country elect a black man to the most powerful office in the world? Twice.

Black person after black person after black person after black person after black person is killed by still another black person in hellholes called “American Cities,” and these blithering idiots can say things like the below-reproduced essay. The essay comes from a black dude who calls himselfAbagond.” Abagond is a fairly articulate, but full-fledged, member of the race-grievance industry. Also, with some strategically placed asterisks, I cleaned up some rough language a bit. Do these morons really think that by throwing the f-bomb around they sound edgy? They just sound stupid and uneducated…as if, in reading their output, you might be justified in saying, “Yep. I can see why this idiot isn’t doing well in life.” Anyway, below is an excerpt from “Abagond’s” post, linked above. I’ve added in-line comments in red:

“Geraldo Rivera on Fox News said the case should have never been tried, [Well, Duh! The prosecution’s win/loss percentage in the American justice system is somewhere around 97%. You can’t get that kind of conviction rate in third-world, tinpot banana republics! That the prosecution lost this one, when nearly all the media and the freakin’ President of the United States of America were hoping to see a lynch…errr, sorry … a “conviction,” just ought to give you the hint that the freakin’ case might have been pathetically weak.] that Zimmerman was right to be suspicious of Martin, who was going home from 7-Eleven at seven at night armed with a bag of Skittles and Arizona Iced Tea. Oh, right, and the sidewalk. [Well, that and a 17-year young man’s body. I have a 13-year old son, who is ferociously strong. In a violent struggle between my son and Zimmerman, it must might be about 50-50. In fairness, I’m 6’4″ and 280 pounds, and a former professional baseball player, so my son comes by his size and strength honestly. One more comment, in a different hypothetical: George Zimmerman wouldn’t have had a prayer against my 17-year old self. He wouldn’t have had a prayer against my 15-year old self! Frankly it might have been even money against my 13-year old self.]

Meanwhile Melissa Harris-Perry on MSNBC looked ashen. All the regular cheer had drained from her face. Her words followed each other like bits of glass. [I’m sorry, I just can’t grant a whole lot of credibility to Melissa Harris-Perry. First she’s a blithering idiot. Second: she’s an extremely prosperous black person who has made a fortune whining about how tough America is on black people. Does she not see the irony of her very own situation? Oh yeah, I forgot, she’s a blithering idiot. In an on-line debate on a related topic, that a colleague of mine had with another whining race-monger, my colleague got the moron to admit that if any black person (1) obtains an education, (2) works hard, (3) speaks well and (4) interacts well with others, he will succeed in America. Every time. My colleague’s interlocutor, race-obsessed idiot that he is, then continued to insist on how racist America is and how hostile America is toward black people. Just out of curiosity, what more does anyone of any race want from any country? Read this well: whether or not George Zimmerman was guilty, the Melissa Harris-Perrys of the world be satisfied only with Zimmerman’s conviction. After all, they had invested so freakin’ much in fabricating a racial profiling narrative around the Zimmerman-Martin altercation. Even worse, they went so far as to fabricate an entire white person out of the Hispanic George Zimmerman! Everyone did the old — “well, if Zimmerman had been black” thing, but no one has (except us, of course! 🙂 ) done the correct hypothetical: if Zimmerman had been the victim, and the shooter had been an actual white person, then presto-changeo! Zimmerman’s would have been a POC.* Just like that!]

On Twitter was anger and sadness and bitterness, at least among those I follow. [Why? Seriously. Why? How on earth did anyone “on Twitter” presume they knew more than did the Defense, or the now-vindicated Sanford Police Department, or the FBI, or the Special Prosecutor, of the Prosecution team, or the jury? With the nearly 97% conviction rate that American Prosecutors have, it seems more than possible that the Prosecution team came to this with a really weak case. By all accounts the defense eviscerated the Prosecution’s case. Well, not to state the obvious or anything, but you simply cannot eviscerate a strong case. It just ain’t possible. Again, not to state the obvious, but the American system is heavily weighted toward forcing the Prosecution to prove “beyond a reasonable doubt” their case. No one on earth believes that the Prosecution proved their case even remotely close to “beyond a reasonable doubt.” Let’s face it the Prosecution brought their weak, pathetic, emotion-laden pig of a case to court along with a crate of lipstick, hoping that the more lipstick they slathered on the pig, the more they  could convince everyone it wasn’t a pig. It just looked like an ever increasingly lipstick-slathered pig.]

It seemed like every white person was saying, “Race had nothing to do with it!” and “The jury has decided!” [First: I love how this black dude has decided that he can speak for all white people. Imagine some white dude starting any sentence with: “Black people think…” Race did have absolutely nothing at all whatsoever under the sun to do with it…until, that is, the race-grievance industry got involved — headed up by the freakin’ President of the United States of America.]

And it seemed like every black person was turning his clock back to 1955. Post-racial was dead for good – if it was ever alive. [Remember when I said black people’s minds were being poisoned? The minds that “turned the clock back to 1955” were poisoned by the race mongers in the race grievance industry.]

I have warned my sons long ago about the police. But what do I tell them (and myself) now about white men? [This is the crime that this “Abagond” chap is committing. First: the poisoning of young black minds. He’s admitted to it in his brainless rant here. Second: he’s trying to raise little whiny racists who won’t do the only four things that any black person needs to do in order to succeed in America: (1) get an education, (2) work hard, (3) speak well, (4) interact well with others. Then, of course, these kids will grow up — not having done the four things — and join the chorus whining about the injustice of it all.]

Black people in America are alone. Completely. All. Alone.  [No. You. Are. A. Moron. A. Complete. Moron.] The term “Black American” or “African American” is no longer a description but a cruel joke. Not “American” but, at best, “historically American”, meaning that America has been where they have lived for the past 395 years, but not home. Like how Trayvon was not home. Home free. [I’ll repeat what my friend once said to me: “The best thing that ever happened to black Americans is that their ancestors were brought to America against their will.” Opportunity is not something that will simply dump prosperity and success over your inert noggin. You have to seize it. This dude is teaching his kids to avoid opportunity, and then to whine about not succeeding in life. There are significant reasons why these people whine and whine and whine and whine about just how horrible it is in America, and they never leave.  The reason? Simple. Stipulate to all the horribleness they claim, and the U.S. is still the best place to live in the world — black, white, yellow, green, purple or indeterminate. There are reasons people aren’t streaming out of here in droves. Yet another reason: the racism racket still pays pretty well here. A black man, a member in good standing of the grievance industry, once decided to put his money where his mouth was, and move back to Africa. He did. He came back shortly thereafter, wrote an eye-opening book, and was no longer a member in good standing of the grievance industry.**]

I thought Zimmerman would get off. [We’re even. I was convinced that the jury was going to be bullied into a “compromise” conviction on “manslaughter,” as if somehow that was ok. To repeat something I said here,** if Zimmerman feared for his life — and there’s a darned good chance he did — then there wouldn’t have been even the slightest justification whatsoever for any conviction.] I am on record on this blog saying that. So it came as no shock, no surprise. [Nope. I sure wasn’t surprised. The race-mongers are nothing if not completely predictable. What I said was more relevant: These people are positively addicted to  racism, to racists and race, without which, they’d have no purpose in life, no direction, no emotional, intellectual or spiritual anchor. If someone ever were to tell them just to stop their whining and learn some real, marketable skills, they wouldn’t know what to do.] But still my bitterness got a little bit deeper. [Of course! He’s completely addicted to his bitterness. It’s a comfy, cozy old sweatshirt that they just can’t get rid of. Read it well: if Zimmerman had been convicted, this moron’s “bitterness” somehow would have gotten “a little bit deeper.”] Just as it did after Troy Davis, after Katrina [“Katrina” is more fabricated nitwittery. There was no “racist angle” in Katrina and that was proven over and over and over and over and over and over again. That this idiot still believes that Katrina was somehow a racism-based disaster speaks poorly of this doofus’ education level.] – and on and on all the way back to Eleanor Bumpurs, an old, unarmed black woman shot dead by the police in Harlem nearly 30 years ago. Each one a little knife in my heart, twisting, twisting, twisting. By twisted people. [And yet, the hundreds, the thousands of black people murdered by other black people…that’s just ok with this moron.]

I know, I know, this is supposed to be a Teaching Moment About Race. F**k teaching moments. F**k that. [I’ll repeat what I said just a bit above: “What do these morons think: that by throwing the f-bomb around they sound edgy?They just sound stupid and uneducated…as if, in reading their output, you might be justified in saying, ‘Yep. I can see why this idiot isn’t doing well in life.'” Oh, if it was a Teachable Moment About Race, all it taught was that the corrupt media can fabricate a “race” issue truly out of nothing. There was, and is, no evidence whatsoever that George Zimmerman is or was a racist, or that he racially profiled Trayvon Martin. Furthermore, someone else did posit one of the more reasonable hypotheticals: all indications are that if Trayvon Martin had been white, then Zimmerman would have acted exactly as he did with the  black Martin.]

Face it — it’s a simple, undeniable truth: white people have done nothing, for more than five decades, but reach out, apologize, bend over, beg forgiveness, admit wrongdoing, give in, give up, give out, give, give, give — not to mention giving money, power, food, housing,  loans, jobs, free or heavily subsidized educations, cars… The only response has ever been: “It’s not enough – you need to do more…it’s not enough – it’s not enough – it’s not enough – it’s not enough – it’s not enough…”

It’ll simply never be enough for the race-mongers. Never, ever, not ever.

It’s long past time to stop treating the race-mongers as petulant children whose favor we hope desperately to buy with contrition and money. It’s decades past time to treat them like adults and to expect adult behavior from them. Are they, or are they not, people? If they are, then treat them like people in full…not like spoiled brats before whom America is cowed and intimidated.

— xPraetorius

* – “Person of Color” in the parlance of the race-obsessed grievance mongers.

** – Here’s Amazon’s description of the book:

Nothing in Keith Richburg’s long and respected journalistic career at the Washington Post prepared him for what he would encounter as the paper’s correspondent in Africa. He found a continent where brutal murder had become routine, where dictators and warlords silenced dissent with machine guns and machetes, and where starvation had become depressingly common. With a great deal of personal anguish, Richburg faced a difficult question: If this is Africa, what does it mean to be an African American?

In this provocative and unvarnished account of his three years on the continent of his ancestors, Richburg takes us on a extraordinary journey that sweeps from Somalia to South Africa, showing how he confronted the divide between his African racial heritage and his American cultural identity.

*** – My quotes:

  • I thought the verdict would be “Manslaughter.” How corrupt, how thoroughly, disgustingly, revoltingly, depressingly, heart-rendingly corrupt would such an outcome have been?
  • How sad that “manslaughter” was even a possiblity!
  • It bears repeating: If Zimmerman acted justifiably, then there’d have been no justification for a conviction for jay-walking! [red highlight added]

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