I Always Wondered About This

Did you, like me, always wonder why there seemed to be two Democrat Parties in the U.S.?

First, of course, there’s the deeply segregationist, racist Democrats of Robert Byrd, Al Gore Sr. and Strom Thurmond fame…then the “Civil Rights Democrats” of Lyndon Johnson fame.

We’ve discussed this at some length in these pages. The reason for that dichotomy focuses on one thing: the Democrats believed they could buy millions of votes in one fell swoop if they embraced Civil Rights. It was a cynical move, and the Dems — and the immediate throttling of the black man’s then-rapid(*) socio-economic ascent — proved abundantly later that their hearts simply weren’t in Civil Rights…but their heads sure were in the idea of automatic black votes in the ensuing decades!

Then, most especially curiously, there were those gallant Cold Warrior Democrats. These are the Democrats of the Truman(1), Kennedy(2), Johnson(*3) type. They appeared to be, and history still remembers them as such, the staunchest of Cold Warriors — steadfast in front of Khrushchev’s Cuban missiles, and rock-solid in favor of containing the Soviet Union and even China. These are the Democrats who initiated our involvement in Vietnam, and then escalated that involvement to put American boys right smack dab in the middle of a shooting war between non-Communist and Communist forces. Putting American lives on the line to protect non-Communists remains, to this day, something no ostensibly hard-core, anti-Communist Republican President has ever done. Including Ronald Reagan.

Then, at home, this selfsame Democrat Party was doing everything they possibly could to sabotage the war effort (John Kerry, George McGovern, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Robert Kennedy(!) to name a few prominent ones) launched by their Democrat colleagues!

Furthermore, going all the way back to Roosevelt, the Democrats allowed open Communist sympathizers, spies and Soviet agents to slip easily through into the highest reaches of the American government, with access to the most secret of top-secret information.(*4)

In addition, though, the Democrat Party was, and remained until the Soviet Unions’s demise, the party of Soviet appeasement(5), and the reason behind things like Détente(6). They were, and remain, unapologetic huge Government fanatics. See, eg, “Obamacare.” Barack Obama is merely the logical extension of such leftist nutjobs as Kerry, the Clintons, Ron “Red” Dellums, and most of the Democrat Party members in the American House of Representatives and the Senate.

Why, we on the always anti-Communist side, always wondered, were there these two Democrat Parties?

This might be a clue. Here’s a key excerpt:

I’m reading “American Hubris” by Peter Beinart, in which he tells new (to me) details of the familiar story in which Kennedy and Johnson got the U.S.  into the Vietnam War in spite of their strong reservations, out of fear that the Right would blame them for “losing Vietnam.” (Turns out they even feared impeachment.) One of the points was that a major obstacle was ignorance among American officials of the culture and history of Vietnam (again a familiar story, but interesting new details).  Of course, the result was catastrophic. [red highlight added]

This rings true to me. Even though it comes indirectly from Peter Beinart. It always seemed as if the Democrats’ heart was never really in it. In anti-Communism, that is. Could Beinart’s revelations represent a rare moment of candor from an American leftist?  If so, it tells bluntly of a deep-seated cynicism at the heart of the Democrat Party leadership. No idealists who go to Washington to do the right thing, are they! Just whatever it takes to obtain power, and then keep power.

This, really, doesn’t come as any surprise to those of us who have studied such things for years. The contrast between the rock-ribbed patriotic Democrat Party of Truman and Kennedy, with the party of Hiss, Clinton, Wallace, Byrd, Gore, Sr., Gore, Jr., and all the others, is just too stark to believe. One can’t possibly coexist with the other in the same party. Turns out they never did.

Democrats were always the left-wing party of appeasement of foreign goons, and ever-increasing government control of the citizenry at home.

— xPraetorius

(*) – At the time of Lyndon Johnson’s ascendancy to the Presidency, the fastest growing socio-economic demographic in the country was blacks. The arrival of massive “aid” in the form of government handouts, stopped this growth in its tracks, leading to a now more than 50-year stagnation.

(*1) – Harry S Truman

(*2) – John F. Kennedy

(*3) – Lyndon B. Johnson

(*4) – Item: FDR’s last Vice-President (Vice-freakin’-President!) had well-known pro-Communist sympathies. Here’s a puff piece on him at Wikipedia. A key excerpt:

More damage was done to Wallace’s campaign when journalists H.L. Mencken and Dorothy Thompson, both longtime and vocal New Deal opponents, charged that Wallace and the Progressives were under the covert control of Communists.

Wallace’s refusal to publicly disavow the endorsement of his candidacy by the Communist Party (USA) cost him the backing of many anti-Communist liberals and of independent socialist Norman Thomas. In 1999, University of Cambridge historian Christopher Andrew, author of The Defence of the Realm, who worked with evidence in the Mitrokhin Archive and wrote the authorized history of the British Secret Service MI5, has stated publicly that he believed Wallace was a KGB agent, though he provided no evidence for this assertion.

Item: Alger Hiss, and others came up through the ranks of the Democrat Party to positions of power, influence, access and responsibility. These were people who, if offered the opportunity, would have happily implemented a Soviet-style government in the United States.

Item: The “Manhattan Project” was known to be riddled with Communist sympathizers and suspected Communist spies! Chief among these was Robert Oppenheimer himself! Here’s an excerpt from Wikipedia’s entry on Oppenheimer’s extremely colorful life:

Their first child Peter was born in May 1941, and their second child, Katherine (“Toni”), was born in Los Alamos, New Mexico, on December 7, 1944. During his marriage, Oppenheimer continued his affair with Jean Tatlock. Later their continued contact became an issue in his security clearance hearings because of Tatlock’s Communist associations. Many of Oppenheimer’s closest associates were active in the Communist Party in the 1930s or 1940s. They included his brother Frank, Frank’s wife Jackie,[72] Kitty,[73] Jean Tatlock, his landlady Mary Ellen Washburn, and several of his graduate students at Berkeley.

When he joined the Manhattan Project in 1942, Oppenheimer wrote on his personal security questionnaire that he [Oppenheimer] had been “a member of just about every Communist Front organization on the West Coast”. Years later he claimed that he did not remember saying this, that it was not true, and that if he had said anything along those lines, it was “a half-jocular overstatement”.

He was a subscriber to the People’s World, a Communist Party organ, and he testified in 1954, “I was associated with the Communist movement.” From 1937 to 1942, in the midst of the Great Purge and Hitler-Stalin pact, Oppenheimer was a member at Berkeley of what he called a “discussion group”, which was later identified by fellow members, Haakon Chevalier and Gordon Griffiths, as a “closed” (secret) unit of the Communist Party for Berkeley faculty.

(*5) – As soon as the Soviet Union was dead, buried and unlamented, the Democrats — who had done everything in their power to appease the bloodthirsty, corrupt old régime — tried desperately to claim credit for its downfall!

(*6) – Yes, I know it was Nixon’s policy, but appeasement and coexistence with the Soviet Union was a Democrat idea. Nixon, though known as the great Red baiter, wasn’t remotely the staunch anti-Communist that, say, Reagan was.


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