Don’t You Wish…

Don’t you wish you lived in a country whose judicial system was organized by this guy?

In the George Zimmerman trial, he has pronounced that Zimmerman is guilty. Before even the defense has presented its case! On the basis of the prosecution’s case alone!

First some background: Abagond is a writer, presumably from a British Commonwealth country (“neighbourhood,” “colour” vs. “neighborhood,” “color”), whose postings focus nearly exclusively on race. His tagline is: “500 words a day on whatever I want.” Whatever he wants is: race, racism, racists, racialism, race this, race that, race the other thing.

Abagond’s initial post bore the headline: “George Zimmerman is Guilty.” Apparently embarrased (deservedly so!) by the fact that the defense had not yet even presented its case, he changed the headline to read: “Is George Zimmerman Guilty?“(*1) However, in changing the headline, Abagond gave away what he thinks ought to be the prevailing system of justice: ie one in which — at least in this case — there is no defense, because a non-black man killed a black man.

Heck, we’ve never seen systems of justice like that in the past, have we? You know…systems where the government doles out guilt or innocence based solely on considerations that have nothing to do with actual guilt or innocence? Systems like that. Surely nothing as barbaric as that could exist in human history!?!?

Oh, yeah! I forgot: Nazi Germany, The Soviet Union, Communist China, Apartheid South Africa, North Korea, Vietnam, Cuba … almost all countries of the past before things like “The Renaissance,” “The Enlightenment,” “The Glorious Revolution,” “The American Revolution,” “The American Constitution” etc… Almost all countries, in other words, before western civilization came along and slowly but surely eradicated that kind of barbarism.

I have reproduced his post below because Abagond edited his original post, so who knows how long it will remain as I found it now. This is as of: 7/8/2013 at 14:07 ET:

<< Beginning of Abagond Post >>

July 8th 2013: In America we are now in the last week of the George Zimmerman murder trial. The prosecution has already made its case. Barring a bombshell dropped by the defence, I think Zimmerman is guilty of murder when he, as the neighbourhood watchman, shot dead Trayvon Martin, a 17-year-old unarmed black boy.

I do not believe Zimmerman’s story. Why should I? He is up for murder. Besides, what he says sounds made up:


The Black Brute stereotype: here is what I said about it in 2008, four years before the shooting:

It is why whites are afraid to walk alone in black neighbourhoods: some black man might jump out of nowhere and rape or kill them. They especially like to rape and kill complete strangers at night.

What Zimmerman says: That Martin “jumped out of the bushes” and said, “You are going to die tonight” – to a complete stranger. And it was night. Pure Black Brute stereotype all the way down to the lack of motive. There were not even any bushes – they were made up too!

Not that the Black Brute stereotype is never true. But coming from someone who has reason to lie – about someone with no history of violence or insanity – it should be doubted unless there is something else to back it up.

But that is not the only thing that sounds made up:

  • He has Martin saying, “Alright, you got me, you got me,” after he was shot – like it was a Hollywood film, like they were playing cops and robbers. Or something.
  • He has Martin say “homie”. I have not heard a black person say that in real life in over 20 years. Another apparent Hollywoodism.

Throwing out Zimmerman’s story, we are left with:

  • the physical evidence,
  • Rachel Jeantel’s testimony (she spoke to Martin on the phone just minutes before he died), and
  • the 911 tapes.

Rachel Jeantel has Martin being watched and then followed and then challenged by Zimmerman – and then an apparent struggle on the ground. Her Trayvon Martin does not say “homie”, even though she heard that part of the exchamge and even though she hardly cleaned up what Martin said.

Physical evidence: Zimmerman got a bloody nose. The back of his head was banged against the paved walkway. Yet there was no blood on Martin’s hands and none of Zimmerman’s DNA under his fingernails. It could not have been much of a fight on Martin’s part, certainly not one that threatened Zimmerman’s life.

The 911 tape: The next thing we know, from the 911 tape, are screams for help cut short by a gun shot. That means it was Martin who was screaming since he was the one who was shot.

Even real policemen, ones with training and years of experience, kill unarmed blacks. So it is not surprising that Zimmerman would do the same, with his wannabe-cop self who seems to think he is in a Hollywood film – the kind where the hero cop kills the bad guy in the end.

<< End of Abagond Post >>

— xPraetorius


(*1) – How do we know this? Well, I follow the dude on WordPress. When he first published the post, I received an e-mail telling me that he had. The e-mail said:

New post on Abagond

George Zimmerman is guilty

by abagond

The headline in my e-mail read as you see it above. Of course, I then went out and checked out the post. However, WordPress does something else that allows you to know whether or not the blogger has changed the initial headline. WordPress makes its link to the post from the headline. If the original headline had been “Is George Zimmerman Guilty?” then the WordPress link would have been: “”.

However, the link is (at least for now): “” Hence, the post started life as “George Zimmerman is Guilty,” as I first encountered it early this morning.

Note: it’s relatively easy to replace the blog post with another new one that will reflect a less ummm… toxic headline. I don’t doubt that Abagond is considering that. He is, after all, trying to cover up the original post. So you still might find yet another post with yet another headline. I’m simply reporting what I found and observed this morning and later in the afternoon.

2 thoughts on “Don’t You Wish…

  1. I followed the WP link and it is as you say. I suspect it may change in the near future. Now you can ask me about it(just in case you suspect later that you may have been hallucinating).

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