This ALSO Sums it Up…The Adamas 1681 Guitar, Race, Racism and Life

Please Note: Some rugged language forces us to rate this post: PG-13 — rugged language is not by us; we never use any language that would make our posts anything but G-rated. 

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If you follow our small, but increasingly influential blog, you saw the publication of this post.

In the post, we sang the praises of an Adamas 1681 guitar.

We have preoccupations, here at The Praetorian Writers’ Group — they include current events, politics and world events. However, we’re also very much interested in recent and other history, language, music, sports (golf, baseball, football, ping pong [posts coming soon] in particular), culture, cats, faith, family, the whimsicalall else.

Yes, there’s frequently a sub-text corresponding to one or more of our primary interests, but it doesn’t change the fact that we write about a whole bunch of stuff.

Why? Because, while we’re interested primarily in the fate of this country, we also have lives, interests, passions, fascinations, hobbies, activities outside of those primary preoccupations.

We write about them all.

Unlike the grievance mongers in the grievance industry.

Here’s one — “Brotha Wolf” — who seems to be obsessed with only one thing: the extent to which white people are racist, and Brotha Wolf can pummel and browbeat and upbraid and berate and glower in righteous indignation at them — instead of just getting to work. This silly guy says he’s “Howling for Change,” but all indications are that the last thing he wants is good change. Besides, anyone can bring about changeHitler brought about “change.” Stalin brought about “change.” Mao and Charlie Manson brought about “change.” “Brotha Wolf” seems perfectly content to continue to bleat about how those wascally whites are victimizing him and his fellow downtroddens. Oh, he wants change, alright … he wants to bring us back 50 years or so, to the glory days of the ’60’s…that’d be change alright…50 years of regressive change he could believe in.

And, here’s another one. His name is Abagond. He writes about only race(*1), and admits that is the very premise of his blog…however, the sheer paucity of black writers who write about anything other than race indicates that he just might be making a virtue of necessity.

Same idea for Abagond, though —  if everyone were to admit what’s patently obvious: the problem of white racism was solved more than two generations ago, this guy, Abagond, would be lost, completely bereft. His purpose for living, for writing would be gone.

Abagond’s not actually a brainless race monger. He’s kind of a brainy race monger. He writes well, and he seems to balance off his inevitable conclusion — that whites are either racists or “recovering racists,” as he calls them — with criticisms of black people’s racism and of black people’s behavior.

The difference?

Even black people’s character flaws — according to Abagond and Brotha Wolf — are not their fault. If black people are racist, it’s because they grew up in a racist society, set up and organized by white people, whose principal characteristic is white privilege. This simply forces black people to be racist. In Abagond’s — and Brotha Wolf’s — world, we’re all nothing more than leaves in the current, forever doomed to go where the current brings us.

A rather obvious — and likely correct, in fact a forehead-slappingly obvious! — counter-argument is that we’re all responsible for our own character, regardless of the environment or society in which we grew up and live(2). In point of fact, we all bring up our kids with that very same state of mind. We do that, hoping against hope that they’ll find someone to marry(3) who’s not like us. Someone who’s better than we are.

— xPraetorius


(*1) – Here’s a partial list of “Abagond’s” most recent posts (I’ve left his links intact in case you wish to explore them.):

Here’re the “top rated” WordPress posts from “Brotha Wolf:”

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Just peruse them…what do you think? I highlighted in red the ones that are — on the surface, without even investigating — about race. Does this dude live for race, racists, racism, racism and racism or what?!?

(*2) – Except in cases like this: this is the guy from “Escape From Camp 14.” In extreme cases like this … all bets are off. I keep praying there is a special place in Heaven for the author of this memoir.

(*3) – Yes: marry.

2 thoughts on “This ALSO Sums it Up…The Adamas 1681 Guitar, Race, Racism and Life

  1. I saw the documentary ‘Escape from Camp 14’ last night on Aussie TV. I was waiting for someone to throw babies out of incubators onto a maternity ward floor. I didn’t reckon with the fact that some countries are portrayed to be so backward that the presence of an incubator anywhere but in a despot’s palace wouldn’t fit in with the current plot line so no babies froze to death on any cold cruel floors. I didn’t believe much of what was said at all. Sure, there may have been a kernel or glimmer of it in there somewhere. Truth definitely wasn’t there during the secret camera footage of a North Korean police interrogation and the mannerisms of some of the interviewed left a lot to be desired.

  2. Thanks for the post, Luddite. I have a bunch of questions for you.

    First, a comment, though: I’ve long since come to the conclusion that the “uninformed” part of your pen name is inaccurate…my question: do you have more about North Korea? You frequently seem to locate sources that are off the beaten track, but that seem credible.

    I have lots of sources, but mine are well ensconced deep WITHIN the beaten track, so I tend to have inside information that adds color and perspective to larger themes that are already known.

    So, for example, I’m well aware of the global understanding that many (who care about such things) have about North Korea: tiny ruling oligarchy, with the Kim family atop; crushing poverty and starvation outside the potemkinville cities; animalistic cruelty of the regime toward anyone seen as even slightly non-conforming…things like that.

    What I heard about “Camp 14” was the, I think well-known, anecdote of the author’s having informed on his parents for something, then standing dispassionately by as prison camp authorities killed them.

    North Korea has fascinated me since I can remember, so if you have other information, I’d love to read it. It seems as though you’re saying the documentary itself lacked credibility, so you came out of it no more informed than you went in? In other words, you tend to suspect that the situation on the ground in North Korea is probably not as awful as portrayed here in the states. I don’t remember the “babies tossed from incubators” story, so can’t speak of that.


    — x

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