Finally Found the Comparison I Was Looking For

I’d been looking for a long time for a comparison to make with abortion today and something else in history. Something, that is, that’s not Nazi Germany. While the comparison is apt, everyone uses the Nazis for horrific comparisons. As bad as the Nazis were, the comparison is lazily glib, tired, overused…trite. Probably the last thing Hitler ever wanted to be: trite.

Anyway, I found the comparison I was looking for. Well, David Catron found it in the American Spectator, fine magazine of trenchant political commentary that it is. Here’s the article.

Catron makes the comparison between late-term abortion and the practices of ancient Sparta. Just as in Hitler’s Germany, the Spartans didn’t want to allow “impurity” into their own particular gene pool. So if a baby was deemed defective for whatever reason, they used to order the baby’s mother to “desert the baby in the wild, where thirst, hunger, extreme temperatures or predators would kill the unacceptable infant.”

Here’s a key passage from Catron’s piece:

[Wendy] Davis would, of course, reject my conflation of Sparta’s gruesome tradition of infanticide and late-term abortion, but the parallels are inescapable. The only significant difference involves the breathtaking hypocrisy of the pro-abortion zealots and the Democrats who pander to them. In Sparta, neither the parents nor the elders were cowardly enough to pretend, as do our progressives and politicians, that they were somehow doing the child a favor by exposing it. Nor did they resort to semantics to maintain the fiction that their victims weren’t human beings. They killed babies and didn’t delude themselves about it.

Yep: They killed babies and didn’t delude themselves about it.

Catron continues:

If you are tempted to rebut this by claiming that the Spartans killed live infants while an abortion is performed on an unborn “fetus,” I would refer you to Alisa LaPolt Snow. She argued last March for post-birth abortion rights, saying that the fate of a child born alive during a botched abortion “should be left up to the woman, her family, and the physician.” You should also listen to this exchange between a Planned Parenthood ghoul and a young pro-life activist posing as an abortion customer, in which the former explains that late-term abortions are frequently handled by inducing delivery and allowing the baby to die on the table.

And, make no mistake, it is this sort of atrocity that Wendy Davis is really defending. She, however, claims to be protecting women from Republican bullies like the evil Rick Perry. Yesterday morning, demonstrating something of a genius for projection, she made the following assertion on Face the Nation: “I think really what’s happening here… is politicians are using this issue to boost their own political aspirations, their own political positions.” Davis went on to insinuate that the bill she filibustered flouts the will of the people and that the Texas GOP will reap the political whirlwind if they succeed in passing it. [emphasis added]

I was moved to include the above passage because of the passage I highlighted in bold text.

This is the Democrats’ stock in trade. They are relentless with this. Before they do something they know as shady or disreputable — like defending late-term abortion for the purpose of grabbing headlines and raising her name recognition — they accuse Republicans or Conservatives of trying to use an issue “to boost their own political aspirations, their own political positions.”

Your guess as to what Wendy Davis’ political aspirations are? I’m pretty sure we can say it’s a sure bet that she’s aiming for some higher office than the one she currently occupies. And she doesn’t mind running over the bodies of dead babies to get there.

Who says we’ve evolved as a species since Spartan days? Just look at today’s ghoulish Democrat Party.

— xPraetorius

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