No Words To Describe This Horror

Words can’t describe it because this kind of completely incomprehensible, people-acting-worse-than-animals scenario is more and more common.

It has everything. Chicago — Man and woman are “married.(1)” — Man “discovers” he’s gay! — Man decides he’s no longer in love with wife — Man and wife begin divorce proceedings — Man and his brother cook up scheme to kill wife for insurance money; Why? Because  following the divorce, the insurance goes away! — Man’s brother goes to house to kill brother’s wife. Can’t bring himself to do it. Has sex with her instead — Wife subsequently claims to husband that his brother raped her —  Husband and brother finally pull it together to kill wife; two bullets to the head and dumped in a car trunk — Murder scene is captured by security camera and man and brother are arrested — Man says: it was all my brother, not me — Brother says: it was all my brother, not me.

That’s where it stands.

What processes are going on in the heads of these three people as they dance their elaborate, inexorable, completely brainless dance of death?

Man’s name is Darron Brewer. His brother’s name is DeJuan Powe. The now deceased wife’s name was Kenyatae Collier-Brewer. I’m not sure exactly how to pronounce any of those first names! I’m guessing it’s “DAR-ren,” but it could be “duh-RON.” And I’m guessing it’s “KENyuh-tay,” but it could, I guess, be “kenyuh-TAY.” And is it “duh-WAN,” or “duh-JWAN,” or “DAY-wan,” or “DAY-jwan,” or “day-JWAN?” Or something else altogether.

See if you can guess what other elements are in the story.

Well, let’s see: City, welfare, no hint of an intact family anywhere in sight, single-mother families for all of them, no fathers anywhere to be seen, fathers’ names even known? gangs, drugs, prison, violence, brothers with different names, so really half-brothers, same mother — different fathers, mother paid to have kids by welfare system, gangs, violence, no education…all the usual in a typical city owned for decades by the Democrat Party.

Ah, yes: the single constant hanging over all this horrific mess: These ravening, animal-like people live in a city that the Democrat Party has owned for more than 60 years…like most cities in America, where this kind of horror story is becoming more and more common. Remember, in the Depression, when black people were a lot poorer than they are today? This kind of nightmarish scene was perfectly unknown.

Then came single-party, Democrat-Party rule in America’s cities for the past 50-60 years. Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago, Los Angeles, and on and on and on and on … where these scenes of brutal, bestial violence occur, you can find Democrats holding all the top Executive and Administrative positions in the city, and you’ll find that they’ve been there for a long time. Every time.

They should parade poor Kenyatae’s body right past the steps of city hall, because the Democrat politicians who have owned city hall for decades installed the systems and policies and laws and structures that led, as surely as day leads to night — to Kenyatae’s short, desperate life, and her brutal, savage death. Chicago’s Daley mob owns poor Kenyatae’s barbaric, miserable life and her savage demise. Chicago’s Daley mob owns Darron’s and DeJuan’s casual psychosis, their matter-of-fact psychopathy.

Who owns Detroit, and Baltimore, and Los Angeles? Who owns these festering, bubbling cesspools of slums, and murder, and drugs and gangs, and disintegrated families, of casual violence, rape, theft, brutality, mayhem and despair? Why the party of hope, of course! The Democrat Party.

Black people: before you had a fatherlessness problem, or a drugs problem, or a broken-families problem or a violence, poverty and hopelessness problem, you had a Democrat Party problem. You voted for them, and they offered you all those other problems, calling them solutions.

Yes, your choices are the reasons for all the violence and single-mother “families,” and drugs and gangs and the rest…but the Democrats put in place all the structure that bribed your women to replace fathers with a welfare check. The Democrats have been presiding for decades over the dismantling of the once iron-strong black family. The disintegration of the family means the disintegration of the race.

It’s funny…whenever in America you encounter a phrase like: “No words to describe this horror,” the Democrat Party is deeply involved.

The Democrat Party is death for blacks.

Read the deeply disheartening story here.

— xPraetorius

(1) Scare quotes because no married man could ever even contemplate all the psychotic stuff this beast did. Wonder what the vows were at the wedding. Did this guy vow “to have and to hold, for richer, for poorer, in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, ’til death do us part?” Or did these two “vow” to “Respect each other and not dis each other and be cool to each other?”


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