The IRS Scandal Metastasized Long Ago!

This morning we heard from a Republican guy — Al Salvi — who ran for the U.S. Senate more than 15 years ago. He encountered the now infamous Lois Lerner — then at the FEC — who falsely accused him of misusing campaign funds.

He was cleared of all counts, but the clearing took years, and cost him lots and lots and lots of dollars. During the election campaign, the false charges generated gigantic headlines in the local media. The apparently trumped-up charges probably cost Salvi the election.

Phony, fraudulent accusations designed to tie people up in court for years; designed to sideline people seen as a threat to the march to power by the Democrats. Designed to win elections for the Democrats.

Someone’s talking about the role of Congress in actually asking the thugs at the IRS to oppress Americans selectively. Turns out that several — the number being used now is 10 — Senators actually asked the IRS to investigate organizations deemed to be Conservative.

Who overtly asked the IRS to commit this crime? The names we’re hearing now are Carl Levin (Democrat, Mich.), Jeanne Shaheen (Democrat, N.H.), Al Franken (Democrat, Minn.), Tom Udall (Democrat, N.M.), Max Baucus (Democrat, Montana). Apparently, the Democrats in the House of Representatives made a similar request in 2012. All these “requests” to the IRS went out in crucial election years, 2010 and 2012.

However, Lois Lerner was harassing American citizens up to 15 years ago.

I heard a media figure say something on the order of: “Part of the investigation will need to uncover why only Conservative groups were targeted.” The answer to that is easy: these agencies — the IRS, the FCC, the FEC, OSHA, the FAA, the FDA, The EPA — are structured to be pro-taxes, pro-regulation, pro-big government … pro-the Democrats.

When a movement or a political party or a candidate comes along vowing to reduce the size and scope of the government, to cut taxes, to reduce regulation, what do you think these agencies, whose people are  in charge of regulation, of running government, of collecting taxes are going to do? Do you think they’re going to try to make it easy for these organizations and these candidates to do their work? Nope. Of course not. More, when highly-placed Democrats in the Senate asked them to do it, it was like asking a hungry man to eat.

At this point it is impossible to avoid the conclusion that the harassment, the intimidation, the actual oppression of Republicans and Conservatives has been official American policy for more than a decade.

These are not the old days when the American left was foursquare against paying taxes, because those taxes financed the American war machinery. Remember “The Taxman,” by The Beatles? Very Conservative song, by the way, only they probably didn’t know it at the time. They were telling of the depredations of the taxman who would tax your cold, your heat, if you take a walk, he’d tax your feet…he’d even tax the air you breathe.

Democrats like taxes now, because they finance the welfare state that is a Democrat-voter spawning machine. Taxes also finance the IRS, FEC, FAA, FDA, EPA, OSHA, and all the rest of the regulatory/coercive/punishment arm of the federal government.

Prominent Democrats have been using the canard that Douglas Shulman — former head of the IRS — was a Bush appointee. Though Shulman himself was and is a Democrat, it wouldn’t have mattered if he had been Ronald Reagan himself. He was atop an agency whose very raison d’être is pro-Democrat. The head of the FEC is atop a similar agency with a similar pro-Democrat raison d’être. So’s the head of OSHA, and the EPA — it goes triple for the head of EPA — and the FAA, etc., etc.

Two things are worth repeating:

  • At this point it is impossible to avoid the conclusion that the harassment, the intimidation, the actual oppression of Republicans and Conservatives has been official American policy for more than a decade.
  • If you were to dig into the other non-IRS regulatory agencies of the American government, you will find more of the same third-world, tinpot dictator, banana republic crimes.

Oh, with all this extra “special” scrutiny on Republican and Conservative groups, did anyone ever actually uncover something? Surely someone of the tens of thousands of people represented by these Conservative groups who went under the microscope did something wrong, right? Nope. Not a hint of it anywhere.

There are absolutely no — zero, zilch, nada, bupkus, not  a whiff, hint or thought of anything, under the sun, moon or earth whatsoever — traces of anything right-wing in any of this.

This scandal is all 100%, completely, absolutely, a scandal sitting, fully enclosed, on the left side of the political spectrum…waaaaayyy over on the left. It has all the hallmarks: heavy-handed, oppressive, bureaucracy-laden, vindictive, petty mini-tyrants use the coercive apparatus at their disposal to oppress fellow citizens. This is the modus operandi of the left.

— xPraetorius

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