Leftists Aren’t Idiots — They’re Developmentally Retarded

Remember, most of them are humorless, gray, furrowed-brow, taciturn, dim creatures. They’re herd animals who await only the talking points to fill their brains. While we Conservatives fill our brains with points and counterpoints and arguments for and against and alternatives, leftists fill their heads with 12-16 ways of saying the same talking point.

When you argue with a leftist, about, say, abortion, it can go like this:

Conservative: Well, what if the “fetus” is really a baby? Scientists still can’t determine whether “it’s” a human being in full or not.

Liberal: But it’s the woman’s body. She should have control over her own body.

Conservative: You didn’t answer the question. What if the “fetus” is a human being in full?

Liberal: But, why would you legislate what a woman can and cannot do with her own body?

Conservative: You still haven’t answered the question: “What if the “fetus” is a real, live human baby? That trumps all other considerations.

Liberal: No. How can you take away a woman’s freedom to control her own body? (Note: this represents the liberal’s sly attempt to co-opt Conservative language to win. Of course, the liberal forgets that the concept of freedom in the Conservative mind consists of equal parts freedom and personal responsibility. Of course, in using this weak dodge, the liberal still hasn’t answered the question.)

Conservative: *sigh* You still haven’t answered the question. If the “fetus” is actually a real, live, growing baby, then how on earth can you consider killing “it?”

Liberal: How can you consider telling a woman what to do with her own body?

At this point, the liberal starts to get angry, and begins to demonstrate what always happens: the liberal begins to frame his arguments in “Conservative” terms…he appeals increasingly emotionally to what he thinks is the Conservatives’ focus on individual rights and freedoms — the woman’s — entirely ignoring whether or not “it” is a baby.

From this point on, the argument will proceed only as follows: The Conservative will frame and re-frame and re-frame again a given question, and the Liberal will get hotter and hotter under the collar, as he refuses ever more tenaciously ever to answer the original question.

You have to understand an important point: The liberal simply doesn’t have the answer to that question, because he’s never allowed himself even to consider it. He was convinced — once and for all — at: “It’s a woman’s right to control her own body.”

All arguments with liberals follow this path. Taxes, Size of government, Gay marriage, Race…all arguments. Eventually you get to the point, where the liberal insults you either directly or indirectly. In his mind, he’s trying to shame you into conceding his points but, really, he’s out of ammo, and the Conservative’s not.

It’s important to note that the liberal isn’t stupid, he’s simply developmentally retarded. It’s because he chooses to be, but it doesn’t change the fact that he is. Don’t forget: everyone — Liberals, Conservatives, Democrats, Republicans, whoever — wants to win an argument with the sparkling brilliance of his arguments and his logic.

After a very brief while, the liberal realizes that he doesn’t have anything to back up the various variations of the same core talking points that constitute his understanding of any given issue or topic. So he goes to Plan B — insult, invective, questioning the character and decency of his opponent.

Note: This is precisely why so many have a perception of leftists as “fiery idealists,” and “impassioned,” and “committed.” No…they’re just out of gas, so they throw tantrums.

To see an in-depth analysis of this, read this.

— xPraetorius

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