The Left’s Modus Operandi

The left and their mouthpiece in America, the Democrat Party, understand and act on one basic fact: If you say to people: “We will keep you at a subsistence level in life — no lower, but no higher —  and you won’t ever have to work, if you’ll vote for us from now on,” some people will take you up on it.

If you constantly offer that “bargain,” over time more and more people will take you up on it. Even productive people. A certain number of those at the lower levels of the income spectrum will say simply, “What the heck…why am I working when my neighbor lives just as well as I do and doesn’t bust his hump?!?”

In this way, the non-productive will poach constantly into the productive, steadily increasing the numbers of the non-productive.

At what point does that number become the magic number, that represents the point of no return for this country? Because, let’s face it, there are very few who take the return trip out of government-sponsored and purchased poverty.

The really big question: Have we already passed that number?

— xPraetorius

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