Super Bowl Half-time Notes

Super Bowl half-time show observations.

This half-time show seems most notable for well-choreographed spasmodic twitching, and hyper-sexual leg and thigh spreading during things that, I guess, were supposed to pass for musical numbers, but that were really mostly growling in tones. Beyoncé surely growls well.

With the outfits they were wearing this was a half-time show to watch, not to listen to.

Destiny’s Child plainly consisted of three beautiful women…not sure if there was any musical talent in there.

Constant admonitions to put our hands together. Why? To pray for deliverance from what is really a mostly moronic show?

Beyoncé Knowles is certainly a beautiful woman. She obviously wants the crowd to desire her physically. I suspect she has achieved that.

Nothing very musical in all this. Lots of flash; not much there there.

“Put your hands together,” “Show some love for”…when did we start to talk like this? Not sure I like or dislike it. But it is different. Does anyone just ask for applause anymore?

I’ve long thought that you probably can assess the quality of music, and the confidence the artist has both in the music’s quality and in his ability to perform it, by how much other non-music “stuff” is in it.

Otherwise stated: if a musician is confident in performing before a blind person, then he (1) is probably pretty good, and (2) probably has pretty good music to perform, and (3) he knows it.

The more you think you need recourse to lasers, fire, intricate “dance” moves, scantily-clad men and women, etc, the more you confess that the music’s just not that great.

All the non-musical stuff is pop’s, rock’s, rap’s, disco’s, soul’s, etc. tribute to classical music. No one can imagine a symphony orchestra requiring anything other than good acoustics.

I get it…it’s “entertainment.” It’s just so often that these extravaganzas are billed as great music performed by great and talented musicians. It just ain’t. It might be entertaining, but it ain’t great music. Heck, it’s rarely even good music!

— xPraetorius


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