Love for an Ovation Guitar — in Haiku


Carbon-top guitar
Sounds deep, throaty, resonant
Others are jealous.


I have an Adamas 2080 guitar. Adamas is Ovation’s high-end product.

It’s a beautiful guitar. The guitar snobs “out there” will tell me: “It’s not a Martin!” Or, “It’s not a Taylor!”

That’s just silly.

It’s a fantastic guitar, with a sound that still constricts my heart when in the still of the dawning day, I stroke the pick across the strings. I feel the guitar’s reaction throughout. Across the full spectrum of sound. The basses are rumbling yet glossy; the mids are powerful and silky; trebles are clear and bell-like, but robust and solid. Malleable, but not fragile. Almost liquid.

The Adamas 2080 is a masterpiece of a musical instrument.

Note: I don’t work for Ovation, Kaman or Fender. Never have. I just really, really like the Adamas 2080. It’s just a gorgeous guitar.

—  xPraetorius

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