Conservatives: Let’s NOT Waste Gingrich! (Please, please, please!)


How delightful was it to hear Newt Gingrich call out the American Media on their kid-glove treatement of Barack Obama?

To set the stage, in the Republicans’ 1,385th debate (Ok, ok, ok 14th debate or so…), George Stephanopoulos repeatedly posed to Mitt Romney an absurd hypothetical question about Romney’s views on whether states should be allowed to outlaw contraception. Romney adroitly  knocked the absurd question down for the inanity that it was.

At the end of a bracing exchange in which Romney put Stephanopoulos smartly in his place, Newt Gingrich interjected the rhetorical question: why does nobody challenge Barack Obama on his adminstration’s profoundly anti-Catholic bigotry?

In other words: Stephanopoulos, perfectly irrelevantly, tried to challenge Romney on a hypothetical that no one thinks actually could ever happen. Then Gingrich, bringing it back to the actually relevant, wondered why no one challenges the  Obama administration when it engages in actual discriminatory policies that actually harm people.

Bingo! The real question!

Does anyone else, like me, harbor the fantasy of: Newt Gingrich, Press Secretary?

I know, I know, I know…he’d never take it, and even if he did take it, he’d have to restrain himself to be sure to express his administration’s point of view.

Ok…”Communications Csar?” Especially since the current administration has appointed over seven million csars.

The United States of America — the greatest country that’s ever been — faces a number of existential threats. You know the obvious ones: militant Islam, Nuclear Iran, Nuclear North Korea, Chinese demographics, residual Great Russian expansionism, EMP, cultural blight, etc. However, there’s one that kind of ties all these together, and one whose cure would go a long way toward fixing all the others.

Media bias.

Yes, yes, I know…First Amendment and all that. I’m not suggesting that we regulate the media at all. Only that we enforce existing law.

It’s well known that U.S. media actively discriminate against personnel of conservative states of mind. No one pretends that’s not the case. In this way, the American press actively violate the sacred Freedom of the Press they so operatically laud.

Can it possibly be legal to discriminate against someone for what they think? Is this not, by far, the worst discrimination of all?

Worse, that discrimination prevents you and me from getting the complete picture of any issue at all. Over time this inexorably shoves, prods, pushes, nudges, forces every issue, and, much more importantly, the discussion of every issue, to the left.

This represents an existential threat to every free land.


If you were to meet and counter media bias, you would then have an opportunity to surface all points of view, rather than simply those that the leftists in charge of most of the media deem worthy of surfacing.

In this way, you would be able to question, and where necessary refute,  the basic premises of, for example: feminism, the “Great Society,” high taxes, big government, foreign policy defeatism, affirmative action, racial spoils, income redistribution, capital punishment, progressive taxation, gun control, abortion, and much, much more.

Heck, if we actually had media balance in place, maybe we could have challenged all the sillinesses of the New Deal when they were being hatched, rather than now that it’s too late and they’ve encrusted themselves into the very timbers of the ship of state.

Who better to do this, and, therefore, who better to spearhead the necessary rollback of statist bloat and intrusion in all our lives, than Newt Gingrich?

We all know it: every time Newt goes on stage he delivers a devastating critique of big government overreach. And he does it by throwing into question the very foundational basis, whether logical or constitutional, of the overreach itself. 

We must not waste Newt Gingrich. He is one of the most important assets this country has. If, that is, we take advantage of him.

So, let’s see:

Vice President? That might work. Then, give him some serious authority, and send him out on the talk show circuit.

Secretary of State? I like that also! Then, just give him direction and let him express himself! I’d love to hear him carry out our policy regarding Iran and Ahmadinejad! Can you imagine being Dufi Ali bin Dufus, Minister of Foreign Affairs for Tinpotland, entering into negotiations with Gingrich? First thing: Minister bin Dufus would be aware that across from him would be someone with a clear idea of America’s interests, and who could articulate and defend them in devastatingly articulate fashion.

How ’bout Secretary of Education? I like that a lot! I fantasize that he’d set about to abolish the department; then we’d have to find another cabinet position for him! Secretary of State? See above.

Then there’s head of the Environmental Protection Agency. Yep. Delicious too! Can you imagine the destructive, job-squashing, inhuman, economy-squelching, excessive regulation that he could roll back? Does anyone really doubt that he would? And, in a near fell swoop, he’d cure the economy. Oh, and after that, he’d abolish the EPA.

I dream of Newt Gingrich as Secretary of the Interior. We have a quiet crisis in the U.S.: land ownership by the central government. Not sure what the actual amount is, but the “taxpayers” own an obscene quantity of square miles in the U.S. The problem with this, of course, is the only ones with access to this land to do anything at all with it are…the “not-taxpayers.” It’s Soviet-style land ownership. The Soviets were ever so fond of saying that “the people,” that is “everyone” owned everything. The end result of those pretty words was, of course, that no one owned, or could use, anything. As Secretary of the Interior, Gingrich would, I predict, announce a HUGE land privatization initiative, and, in a near fell swoop, cure the economy.

How about Secretary of Labor? Labor Secretary Gingrich would immediately announce enforcement of Beck. And, just like that, “right to work” would actually happen, and, in a near fell swoop, he’d cure the economy.

Are you catching a theme here?

Secretary of Defense? Sure. You and I both know that he could figure out a way to cut 25% from the defense budget, and leave us better defended than before he did it.

Ok, ok, ok…maybe I’m being a tad deferential here. But, let’s face it, Gingrich absolutely routs anyone he faces in a debate. He hits them with clear, clean, cool, calm logic, buttressed by numerous historical examples. What fun it would be to watch him tear Obama’s vacuousness to shreds in debate!

One more thing: Thomas Sowell — one of the finest, clearest, punchiest, most intelligent commentators on the scene today, has endorsed Gingrich. That’s huge.

Let’s face it…we conservatives have long been pining for Ronald Reagan Redux. Gingrich is the only one in the field who is simply an extraordinary man of staggering accomplishment and towering intellect. What else are we looking for?

If we don’t nominate Gingrich for President, then we must not waste him. More: we must use him extensively.

— xPraetorius


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