Martin Luther King, Jr. Niece: ‘Moral Bankruptcy’ Ruling Washington D.C. Under Obama

Martin Luther King, Jr. Niece: ‘Moral Bankruptcy’ Ruling Washington D.C. Under Obama.



A compelling and jaw-dropping piece of news. Long, long, long time in coming.

Here are a couple of important passages that will give you the impression that the real revolution — the one with continuity back to the other real revolution — that one in 1776 in America — is finally giving signs that it could be coming back.

Long thought dead, or at least comatose, buried under a tsunami of whining and sniveling and gimme, gimme selfishness, the real revolution of the people is the one that begins to dismantle governments, not build them up. A real revolution, one worthy of the name, de-centralizes power, influence, money and … freedom.

Is it possible that Alveda King is a harbinger of that authentic revolution? It’s entirely possible.

Lost to history is the likelihood that Martin Luther King, Jr. would have developed into one of the great Conservative leaders of American History. It’s a sure thing that King’s message of assimilation and of the brotherhood of all mankind was hijacked, stolen, by the left.

Martin Luther King, Jr. demanded freedom; his successors demanded free stuff. King demanded equality and respect. He was the equal of any man, and he was worthy, so worthy of respect. His successors were and are small, petty, racist, overstuffed wretches, thoroughly imprisoned in a pinched, crabbed vision of life and of America that reflects nothing like reality… but that has made them rich.

One listens to the speeches of Martin Luther King, Jr. and after wiping the tears, realizes that he was one of us. An American in full. A man in full. A visionary truly questing after freedom, who would have crawled through the desert on hands and knees to obtain that freedom for his children… and for you and me.

It seems that some of that courageous blood courses through the blood of Alveda King as well.

Here are some passages from this extremely important piece:

There is a “moral bankruptcy” that’s settled into leadership of America in the White House and throughout Washington, D.C., Dr. Alveda King—the niece of Martin Luther King, Jr.—said in an interview Friday morning.
“All of our leaders—or many of our leaders—are just morally bankrupt right now,” King said when asked if President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder have helped or hurt the black community in America. “They’re not calling on God. We still stay ‘In God We Trust’ and ‘One Nation Under God’ but we’re not practicing that. We need to call on God. There’s a moral bankruptcy in this country and we really need to come back to God.”

I love that Dr. King (Alveda) is saying this, but it would be good if all people would join her. We white folks are afraid, let’s face it, to say that plainspoken truth. We know we’d be called racists. Still, it is the country at stake here.

Here’s some more:

Dr. King is part of an effort that will be announced publicly early next week by various conservative black, Hispanic and Tea Party leaders to reach out to the black community and get them engaged in an effort to help urban centers reject big government in favor of smaller, limited government. The project, called “Restore The Dream 2014,” includes other black leaders like’s Niger Innis, FreedomWorks’ the Rev. C.L. Bryant, radio host Wayne Dupree, Conservative Campaign Committee chairman Lloyd Marcus, Conservative Review president Deneen Borelli, columnist Star Parker, former U.N. Commission on Civil Rights ambassador Ken Blackwell, and others.
In an interview, Innis—whose father Roy Innis has led the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE), one of the major organizations behind the Civil Rights movement, since 1968—said that progressive and big government policies have created a “welfare state that has largely not only destroyed the black and increasingly so Latino—and American family generally—they have killed the types of incentives that had led people to achieve and build a better life for themselves.
You can have opportunity right in front of your door but you’re terrified to open it because you’re a victim,” Innis said. “So those two realities that you have now since a leviathan of the federal government that is trying to fashion itself as a cradle-to-grave big daddy government—going to take care of you from cradle to grave and give you all sorts of disincentives to climbing that economic ladder, and by the way if you do climb that economic ladder they’re going to punish you punitively with taxes that are going to undermine you.”
“If you dare want to open up a business, they’re going to cripple you with regulations and taxes and they’re going to make it easier for you to be a rational human being and just get government benefits rather than being a liberated individual who can climb that economic ladder,” he continued. “So you have that real but not concrete phenomenon of big government mentality crippling you and then you have on a parallel track victimization syndrome overriding it that says—you pick the minority—‘you are a victim and you are the underdog so you can never achieve.’ That is a dangerous recipe and it is a recipe that has dominated urban centers for more than 50 years and what we’re trying to do is liberate them.[Editor's Note: emphasis added]

Wow, wow, wow! Can you even fathom the courage it takes for these black men and women to say these things?

Still more:

King said that economic indicators show that during Obama’s presidency, things have gotten dramatically worse for black Americans.
“The data is going to indicate black people lost out in every single leading economic category during the Obama years,” King told Breitbart News, noting that liberal commentator Tavis Smiley agrees with her and that they’re not trying to “demonize” or “cast aspersions” on Obama, but the truth needs to be told. “That’s terrible. There’s nothing that’s been done to enhance our lives but there’s all sorts of things that were done to [give us stuff] like free access to abortion, free birth control in a healthcare clinic. But that’s nothing that’s going to help us economically, intellectually, physically health-wise and otherwise—there’s nothing being done for us. Black home ownership is 31 percent less than the rest of the country. Poverty rates have increased from 12 percent to 16.1 percent. Income for blacks is $20,000 less than the national average. Thirty-five percent of young blacks are out of work.”
That’s just the beginning of the black community’s woes under Obama, she said. Education, immigration, and health concerns are abound too.
“I’m not so locked into a political party—Republican, Democrat, independent—it doesn’t matter to me what your party affiliation happens to be,” King said. “We just need to vote and have common sense and good morals when we elect our people. We need hope. We need for the lights to come back on. We need to shine the light of the Lord and the love of the Lord back onto the country. We need a restoration, and that’s how we can restore the dream.” [Editor's Note: Emphasis added]

Republicans: you had better heed these voices. They’re powerful. And they will sweep the country if you help them. It’s a sure thing the Democrat Party will do everything they can to stop them. If, however, Republicans give constant, unflagging, steadfast support to them, nothing can stand before them. Nothing can stop them. Theirs is a voice of genuine hope. Educated, informed, honest, real, authentic, clear-eyed, unblinkered hope. Hope that would give way, as real hope must, to success, prosperity, to real, genuine participation in the greatest socio-political idea that history has ever seen: America.

– xPraetorius

NPR Watch (Update) (10/21/14)

Update to the previous NPR Watch of yesterday.

Yesterday, I told of a feature on our local affiliate National Public Radio station. The station had invited Connecticut’s incumbent Democrat governor, Dannel Malloy, for an hour-long interview. I said that the announcement of Malloy’s appearance was unaccompanied by a similar announcement about such an appearance by Malloy’s Republican rival, Tom Foley. I also allowed as how there would be no point, since Malloy would receive kid-glove treatment, while Foley would find an adversarial climate pervading his session there.

In one respect I was wrong.

Foley will appear on the radio station, tomorrow I believe.

In the other aspects of my piece, I suspect, I was right on the nose.

I heard a very brief snippet of Democrat Malloy’s appearance, and the host asked Malloy a softball question about the so-called “negativity in the campaign.”

Connecticut’s is said to be the most negative gubernatorial campaign in the country.

Good! It should be negative. There’s nearly nothing positive to say about Connecticut under Malloy and the Democrats.

We’ve been a one-party state forever, and we’ve been declining forever. It’s getting really bad now, so that we’re hemorrhaging people and businesses. What is there to be positive about?

When things are circling the drain, it’s not negative to say they’re circling the drain, it’s accurate.

However, the softball question allowed Malloy to appear gracious and magnanimous, which he then did. Of course! He’s the incumbent! He has to speak of the negative in a “more in sorrow than in anger” sense, because if he gets too defensive or combative, people will start to look at all that is negative in the state.

Now, let’s wait and see what treatment Foley gets. Again, I’ll predict it: the tenor of the exchange between Republican Foley and the very leftist host of the station, John Dankosky, will be argumentative. Dankosky will try to prove Foley wrong, and will try as always to show that he is, of course, ever so much smarter than Neanderthal Republican Foley. Dankosky will try to “teach” Foley, to take on a professorial tone in order to make Foley seem unlearned, ignorant, unaware, out of touch with the wide range of issues in the state. Dankosky will also heavily lard his contributions to the session with attempted “gotcha’s.” This is the lefty way. They can’t help themselves.

However, back to the top… I was wrong about one thing. Foley was invited on the station — as was the petitioning candidate, Joe Visconti, or this year’s Democrat dirty trick for Connecticut — for an hour-long appearance.

I still simply don’t see the point of Foley’s doing it.

– xPraetorius

Say It Again; Say It Every Day between Now And January 20, 2017 (Part III)

Nothing is better anywhere in the world for Obama’s having been President of the United States.



– xPraetorius

HD Leona Lewis Run Live Amazing Performance 11-11-11 – YouTube

HD Leona Lewis Run Live Amazing Performance 11-11-11 – YouTube.

Know what’s sweet about this video? The very last two seconds where Leona Lewis gives a shy, little smile that seems to say, “Was that ok? Did you like it?”

Talented, but modest, performers are in short supply in the world of industrial music today. With that said, I really like the melodic trajectory, as well as the swell-to-great choral dynamics of this song.

The video’s sweet too, with handsome dancing couples looking adoringly into their partners’ eyes.

Those are all musical cheap tricks, I know, but I’m not yet so jaded that I can’t still be occasionally captured by them. Thank goodness!

– xPraetorius

NPR Watch (10/20/14)

Kind of a rambling one today. National Public Radio’s (NPR) daily outrage was both national and local in scope, and I’m covering a bit of both.

As usual, I was listening to them this morning on the way to work. For lack of anything else news-oriented to listen to.

On the national broadcast, they did a piece on “money in elections.”

See if you can guess what point-of-view NPR took in this “news” story. Yep, you guessed it. All that lousy, rotten, corrupting, Republican money!

Yes, they spent nearly the entire feature on the Koch bothers, the billionaire Conservative philanthropists who fund a lot of Conservative things in America.

Not one single, solitary, teentsy-weentsy mention of the fact that there is far more left-wing money in elections than right-wing money. Not one single, solitary, teentsy-weentsy mention of Tom Steyer, hard-left billionaire who single-handedly puts as much lefty money into the elections as the Koch brothers.

NPR did mention that the Super PAC that spends the most money is a leftist one, and followed immediately with the fact that the #2 is a Conservative Super PAC. The impression, given the tenor of the story, was that absent that one leftist Super PAC at the top, there wouldn’t be any money supporting Democrat candidates anywhere.

Needless to say, NPR bemoaned the lack of disclosure of source money from some organizations, despite the fact that such non-disclosure is perfectly legal.

I kind of agree with them on this last. However, even where there is disclosure, the media don’t report honestly on it, so what would be the point?

The fact that there is much more election money (and much, much more in-kind free services in the form of coerced union activities) coming from the left is little-known in America. The fault, again, of the media refusing to report honestly.

An example of in-kind services: On the local part of this morning’s “news” broadcast, the local affiliate of NPR announced that they will host the incumbent Democrat governor of Connecticut in an hour-long discussion of his record, plans for the future if re-elected, etc. This will be nothing more than an hour-long infomercial in the guise of “informing the public.”

In the announcement of same, there was no mention of whether the Republican candidate for governor received the same invitation and had turned it down, or anything like that. Please note that this station is funded, at least in part, by your and my taxpayer dollars. You are paying for partisan political activity, whether you like it or not.

I don’t like it. Not one bit.

It’s absolutely outrageous that NPR gets one single dime of taxpayer money.

Furthermore, if NPR were to have the Republican candidate on, the treatment would be markedly different for the two candidates. For the Democrat, you’d hear questions like: “What do you plan to do to address blah?” And: “You say that your opponent is wrong on this issue, why is that?” The Republican would receive questions like: “You say this, but were you aware that the Daily Blah newspaper has refuted that argument?”

So, even if they were to extend an invitation to appear on their network, there’s really no point in doing so. Now, mind you, I have no problem whatsoever with that kind of approach. I have a very serious problem with being forced to pay for it with my tax dollars.

I don’t pay for the commercial radio stations whose personalities run opinion broadcasts. I don’t want my money going to fund the dishonesty of NPR. Locally or nationally.

– xPraetorius

Say It Again; Say It Every Day between Now And January 20, 2017 (Part II)

Nothing is better anywhere in the world for Obama’s having been President of the United States.



Hang that around the necks of all Democrat Party candidates in every election for the House of Representatives or the Senate everywhere.

– xPraetorius

Say It Again; Say It Every Day between Now And January 20, 2017

Nothing is better anywhere in the world for Obama’s having been President of the United States.



Hang that around the necks of all Democrat Party candidates in every election for the House of Representatives or the Senate everywhere.

– xPraetorius

Powerful, Influential People Read This Blog (Part 23)

Read this excellent post in the Post (The New York Post :) ).

Here are some key passages:

Chalk it up to karma, fate or bad luck. Whatever you call it, the Ebola scare is proof that Bad Things Happen to Bad Presidents.

“Bad Things Happen to Bad Presidents.” Well said! Of course, when bad things happen to bad Presidents, somehow they always land on the people’s shoulders. Tell me again… why was it so important to elect a black President, rather than a good one?

Then, there’s this:

The morphing of what is a single case into near panic is, according to medical experts, unwarranted. They point out that, so far, one person from Liberia died in a Texas hospital and two nurses who treated him got sick. Period, end of panic.

In rational and medical terms, they may be right. But their calculations omit another factor. It’s the X factor.

In this case, X stands for trust.

Can anyone doubt that the “X” really stands for “xPraetorius?”

Just kidding! But the coincidence is uncanny, you have to admit. Ok, so I’m just kidding there too.

Here’s another great passage from this wide-ranging essay by Michael Goodwin:

The irrational fear of an alien pathogen is fueled by rational suspicion of an incompetent and dishonest government. How did the so-called experts at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention give Nurse No. 2 permission to travel by air, even though she had a mild fever?

That’s a great question — if only the CDC would answer it. “I have not seen the transcript of the conversation,” was Director Thomas Frieden’s lame answer.

Meanwhile, the most obvious move, a travel ban from affected countries, is rejected with unpersuasive claims about the need to get aid workers to Africa. It looks and smells like political correctness searching for logic.

“Political correctness searching for logic.” Yep. That is a great summation of much of the American left’s state of mind in the past five decades.

Here’s more:

But it will take a miracle worker to restore Barack Obama’s credibility. While there are many things to say about his tenure, the one thing you cannot say is that the nation trusts him.

This is, of course, correct. However, I have one tiny, nuanced disagreement: you can’t “restore” the non-existent. Obama’s credibility is gone, gone, gone… never to return. He instituted the least transparent, most stubbornly stone-walling administration in anyone’s memory, after having promised to bring about the most transparent administration ever.

Absolutely everything on which he took an affirmative stand turned out to be a lie, wrong, fraudulent, or just never even close to as he said it would be. Absolutely everything. No one takes seriously anything Obama says anymore. Two more years are insufficient to restore that record of appalling dishonesty and corruption to anything better than, maybe, something less appallingly dishonest and less corrupt.

Another passage from Goodwin’s excellent essay:

 Poll after poll, on subject after subject, show a collapse. Consistently now, a majority of Americans say Obama is not trustworthy. Most think he’s a failure, many say he is incompetent and the vast bulk — 70 percent in some cases — says his key policies are wrong for America.

He is so unpopular that members of his own party don’t want to be seen with him, lest his failures spawn a political plague.
Against that backdrop, any emergency will cause the national yips. The rise of the Islamic State and its beheadings of two Americans did it, and now Ebola is doing it.

As “Ghostbusters” asked, who you gonna call? Certainly not this White House.

Credibility is like a reservoir or a bank account. You make deposits in good times so you can make withdrawals when you need them.
Obama never made the deposits. It’s been all downhill since Day One. He blames others for failures, and when cornered or ambitious, reaches for a lie. Routinely.

The claim that “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor” is a defining example, but hardly the only one. Don’t forget “shovel-ready jobs” to justify a trillion-dollar boondoggle. Or there’s “not a smidgen” of corruption at the IRS. And Benghazi was caused by an anti-Muslim video.

His lies are legion and now he’s like the boy who cried wolf. When he makes a national appeal on Ebola, the trust tank is empty

If there’s one encouraging sign, it’s that Obama may sense he’s walking on thin ice. When Ebola started to dominate the news, he canceled two fund-raising trips.

Talk about miracles.

Yep. All well said. Very well said.

Finally from Goodwin:

 John Kerry took another stupid pill. How else to explain our secretary of state’s idiotic comment that the failure of Israel and Palestinians to make peace “was a cause of recruitment” for the Islamic State? He makes murder and carnage sound like righteous anger.

Before he opens his yap again, Kerry should learn this Israeli refrain: If Palestinians laid down their arms, there would be no more war. If Israelis laid down their arms, there would be no more Israel.

That’s truth, and everything else is nonsense.

I guess that’s worth repeating: “If Palestinians laid down their arms, there would be no more war. If Israelis laid down their arms, there would be no more Israel.”

– xPraetorius

It’s Popping Up Again: Oh, Yeah?!? What’s the ALTERNATIVE to Obamacare?!? Huh? Huh? Huh?

It’s important to say it: a perfectly valid position to take is: no Obamacare.

When abolitionists woke up to the evil of slavery, they realized that at least the first step was: get rid of slavery.

When Nazism was in its last days, everyone realized: you have to get rid of Nazism. Yes, you had to put something better in its place, but that was easy too: anything but socialism.

When the wolf is at your door, it is valid to say let’s get rid of the wolf, then decide what to do next. 

It is a valid policy position to get rid of the disaster, then decide what to do.

In the case of Obamacare, and its vast spiderweb of regulation and interference in the market, by definition you would end up with a freer (if not yet free) market in its place. Its removal would leave a freer market, by default.

Obamacare represents a vast increase in regulation in the healthcare system. It’s okay just to get rid of the onerous regulation. Sure, you’ll still have a problem, but it won’t be as bad a problem as Obamacare is.

I have a great alternative to Obamacare: the free market.

The demand that there be an “alternative” to Obamacare is a tacit implication that we are simply not going to use the only thing that would cure all the current healthcare cost problems: a free market.

Note to naysayers: Tort reform — also necessary — is a remedy for a serious problem with the legal system not the healthcare system. Tort reform would cure a lot of ills in America, not the least of which is vast, widespread liability paranoia.

– xPraetorius

Drudge Headline: NYT SUNDAY: Confidential memo from Obama pollster predicts ‘crushing Dem losses’ if blacks not engaged in election…

NYT SUNDAY: Confidential memo from Obama pollster predicts ‘crushing Dem losses’ if blacks not engaged in election…

Look for massive race-baiting from all Democrat candidates across the land in the coming weeks.

One more note: Do you notice, as I often do, the numerous times when the media offer their coaching, in the guise of news stories, for how they think the Democrats can win elections?

Think someone in the White House and the DNC (Democratic National Committee) might see a headline in the Sunday New York Times?

One thing: If you kind of look at the headline, it’s a bit like: “Confidential memo from Obama pollster predicts sun will rise in morning.” Of course the Democrats will suffer crushing election losses if black voters wake up and realize they’ve been sold a bill of goods by the Democrats in past decades.

If black voters ever either stay home, or vote their own interests, the Democrats will cease to be competitive overnight in national elections for years to come.

– xPraetorius

Socialist Success Stories | makeaneffort

Socialist Success Stories | makeaneffort.

A brief, pithy, important read. Go to this page to see the comprehensive list of Socialist Success Stories.

Look, it’s important. There are right-wingers out there — some even in these very pages —  telling everyone that socialism has never had one single, solitary nationwide success story. That every country in which socialism has been the dominant ideology has done nothing but head downward in an accelerating economic, political and social death spiral.

Thank goodness Mike has done us all the invaluable service of exhaustively compiling all the success stories that socialism has on its account, so that the left can make reference to it in one place.

Thanks, Mike!

– xPraetorius

Abandoning Obama (Part II)

I’d almost feel sorry for President Obama. People are abandoning him in droves. Unfortunately for him the most important demographic turning their backs on him are called: “registered Democrats.” These were his friends, his buds, his comrades. These were the ones who would vote for him no matter what.. even if, as we said (here), he openly murdered someone on the White House lawn.

I’d feel sorry for him, except…

Except it’s Obama’s inflexible, unmoving adherence to a long-discredited, contradictory, reactionary, almost clownish ideology that has bludgeoned the country into an almost surreal condition in which commentators wonder whether the country can ever recover.

An optimistic note: people wondered the same at the end of the fumbling, bumbling, accidental Presidency of Jimmy Carter  — who also thought he deserved re-election(!) — but it required a Reagan to come along and steady the foundering ship of state.

Can anyone name a person in the Republican Party who might be like Reagan? (Actually, I know of a couple, but I won’t say who just now, because it’s off-topic. I’ll be researching these people in depth, because the elections of 2016 are fast-approaching, and I’ll report on what I find out.)

Good gosh! Obama’s had six years! There’s not even a hint of improvement of anything, anywhere in the world.

Catching a theme here? Obama’s not, as he said, on the ballot, but the Democrat Party sure is, and we should be repeating that mantra every day, on every television station, and every radio station, in every editorial, in every speech, every town hall meeting, every face-to-face greeting, every billboard, lawn sign, bumper sticker, placard and pamphlet in the land.

Not a single, solitary, blessed thing anywhere in the world is better off(1) for Obama’s having been President.

Say it with me now. Say it a hundred times. Say it again and again and again and again and again…then say it again.

And why should we be pounding that message home? Because, as we said in these pages, (here):  it’s seven billion people who will suffer for it, for who knows how many generations to come.

It won’t be easy. As a country we feel better about ourselves because we elected Obama. And, we’re right… Obama’s election proved conclusively that white racism is just not a big problem in America anymore. Good. It hasn’t been for a while. We can put that canard to rest now.

But we also forgot one vital truth: it has always been way, way, way more important to elect a good or great President, than to elect a black one. Or a female one, or a gay, or bi-sexual, or left-handed, or short, or tall, or fat, or green, yellow, dyslexic, atheist, Christian(2) or any other kind of President, except a good one.

Please … please. No more freakin’ bean-counting when it comes to electing a President. Please…

Obama’s election, then re-election, had to make me wonder whether the process of choosing a President is too important to be left to voters.

My impulse was right. We don’t need mere voters. We need real, authentic, genuine, no-foolin’, committed, strong, informed, intelligent, rational, caring, thoughtful, patriotic … citizens. Thank God — literally — when we find these great Americans within the ranks of voters as well.

– xPraetorius


(1) I forgot: multi-millionaires and billionaires and multi-billionaires — you know, the top one-thousandth of the one percent? — are a lot better off for Obama having been President. The Stock Market has shot up in the last few years. Low interest rates have pushed tractor-trailers-full of cash into the market, sending its value through the roof, benefiting the rich and the ultra-rich the most. Somehow I don’t think that Obama wants to be remembered as the President of the ultra-rich. Even though that’s exactly what he is.

(2) Between you and me, it’d likely be a good thing if a President is a committed Christian. But, and read this well: it’s not vital. Remember Christ’s admonition about rendering to Caesar (the government) that which is Caesar’s, etc. The things that make sense — ie everything in Christianity — make sense at all levels: the spiritual (of course), the secular, the political, social and economic as well. Simply: you can trust a committed Christian. You don’t have to agree with him, but you know you don’t have to deal with a bunch of dishonesty, chicanery, corruption and sleaze as you have to do with a … Democrat.

Abandoning Obama

Seriously? It took people six long years to realize the guy’s nothing but an empty suit? Nothing against him, mind you, it’s his enablers, sycophants and the slavishly devoted but brain-dead media enablers who are to blame.

We all knew it well before the 2008 election that foisted this charlatan on us.

Even Democrats. Surely they must have been saying to themselves, “We have to go along with this guy for the next, what, eight years possibly?!?” What apprehension they must have felt!

Remember the famous lines? “We are the change we’ve been waiting for!” And: “This was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.”

Didn’t anyone realize just how slack-jawed, drooling, hyuck-hyuck stooooooopid those things sound?

Way back when (Feb., 2012), we posed the question: “Can we even survive Obama?” (here) Democrats with any understanding of history whatsoever have to have realized that Obama represented an existential threat to their party. He’s a pretty guy with a big smile and dark skin. That’s all.

• He had accomplished, really, nothing that wasn’t spoon-fed him, or handed to him. • He’d said nothing important. • He’d written nothing important. • He’d taken no policy position that wasn’t yawningly typical of the hippy-dippy left. • He’d never done anything resembling real work. • He hung around with a racist, America-hating, fire-breathing, genuine dirtbag named Jeremiah Wright — for something like twenty years! • He hung around with a genuine, real terrorist dirtbag and acknowledged murderer — Bill Ayers and his equally murderous wife, Bernardine Dohrn. • He took no policy position that might force him to make a defense of his stance. • He was a cipher.

Heck, Obama wouldn’t even allow his undergrad university to document that he’d ever graduated from it! Still hasn’t. I posed the question a while back: If Obama had graduated with any distinction from Columbia — the kind of academic record that would have earned him admission to Harvard — don’t you think he’s have been sure to reveal that? Didn’t his failure to allow anyone to view his undergrad record kind of prove that there’s something illegitimate in his undergrad and graduate academic careers? Or worse: that there’s nothing remarkable there.

Didn’t anyone in the Democrat Party wonder whether this guy could actually do the job? And “doing the job” can mean — for Democrats at least — just showing up and not making a total jackass of yourself. After all, the dinosaur legacy media can be expected to cover completely for every Democrat who just shows up.

He’s not even managed to do that! He vacations in multi-million dollar resorts, passes vast country-upending legislation over the objections of the people, golfs while soldiers he sent into harm’s way die, misses, then mismanages crisis after crisis after crisis after crisis, loses every encounter he has with an adversary, and every action he tries to prevent by the leaders of other countries… happens. Nothing is better off anywhere in the world for his having been in office. Nothing. Anywhere.

Everywhere he bends his efforts people sicken, hunger, die or are hopelessly impoverished. The things he says will never happen… are the next day’s headlines. The things he assures us are about to come to fruition… never appear.

Even his loyal sycophants in the dinosaur media are reluctant to continue to cover for him.

It took six long years for so many people to understand this while we knew it before 2008. Didn’t it occur to people when simply nothing ever got better? Nothing.

The economy is in a condition of perpetual “recovery,” but it never actually recovers.  It continues to feel like the gloomiest of recessions. The press keep going on about the great recovery, as millions upon millions of Americans drop into the cauldron of the permanently unemployed… and unemployable. Still, magically, the “unemployment rate” drops! While fewer and fewer people work. Fewer people are in the work force now, than six freakin’ years ago, and there are more total people, yet the unemployment rate is down? And you thought Enron cooked the books! That’s the reality of Tipsy-topsy-turvy Obama-land. The more miserable you are, the happier the press report that you are. “Life is getting better, comrades. Life is becoming more gay.”

Well, it’s certainly becoming more gay.

But even Democrats know that the final indictment for Obama should read:  nothing is better anywhere in the world for his having been President of the United States. That the Democrat Party stood with him, through thin and more thin and still more thin, is a testament to the deep, deep corruption of that party. That they’re abandoning him now is testimony to the fact of their rats-jumping-from-the-sinking-ship, snake-in-the-grass, two-faced duplicity. How sad is it when abject treachery represents an improvement in the character of the people committing it?

Michael Walsh and Kevin Williamson are correct to call the Democrat Party a criminal organization masquerading as a political party. But, don’t worry, it’s only seven billion people who will suffer for it, for who knows how many generations to come.

– xPraetorius

Is THIS Kind of Presidential Corruption Out of the Question? | The Praetorian Writers Group

Is THIS Kind of Presidential Corruption Out of the Question? | The Praetorian Writers Group.

Still not sure what to make of this. The details seem well-understood, and I wouldn’t put it past various people. But, the President of the United States?

I haven’t heard of this since it came out (here) just after the 2012 election on January 17, 2013.

However, the Washington Times picked it up (here) on March 3rd of this year, so the story’s not dead.

I guess I don’t need to remind anyone that the Washington Times is no fly-by-night operation.

The story is of a plot which, if you or I were to do it, we’d be arrested on charges of kidnapping and murder. Only, in this case, the person doing the kidnapping and the murdering is the President of the United States.

The man doing the accusing: Retired four-star admiral James Lyons.

A four-star admiral is not “high up.” He’s high-high-high-high-up. He’s ultra-high up. When he calls the President the President answers the phone.

– xPraetorius

Drudge Headline: NYT: Enrollees slow to use Obamacare because of high out-of-pocket costs…

NYT: Enrollees slow to use Obamacare because of high out-of-pocket costs…

What we might have said just a few times. If you have insurance with which you (1) can’t find a doctor, and (2) you can’t use it for the high deductible and OOP (out-of-pocket) costs, then you have neither insurance, nor healthcare.

Did we possibly once say that Obamacare would be killed by the OOP’s? Yes we did. Here.

Tell me again how Obamacare is so much better than what we had before?

– xPraetorius

Drudge Headline: Anti-Clinton Art Defaces LA Ahead of Fundraiser…

Wrong verb.

Let’s do the headline writer for the Hollywood Reporter a favor and correct it: “Anti-Clinton Art Graces LA Ahead of Fundraiser…”

There. It even rhymes.

All I have to say in reaction, is “Hooray for SABO!” (The artist)

The article is a fun read, especially as you watch the writer sneer at how mean SABO is compared to his counterpart on the left: Shepard Fairey.

Here’s the funny quote from the piece:

The Louisiana native (Ed. Note: SABO), who moved to Los Angeles in 1987 to attend the prestigious Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, has become the conservatives’ answer to liberal artists like Shepard Fairey — but much meaner.

Oooooooooo… the liberal called the Conservative mean! Well! That’s a new one!

Here’s a sample of Fairey’s work:



Recognize it? Really, Shepard? Hope? Can’t we ever get past freakin’ hope into some good times?  You can’t eat, sleep in, work for, feed your kids, pets or sick grandmother … hope.

Here’s another work of Fairey’s:



It’s a picture of his daughter with the Communist star on her hat, as they used to wear in Red China when they were slaughtering innocent people wholesale.

What a “nice” man Shepard Fairey must be, to depict a blood-soaked ideology so adorably cutely!

SABO must be much meaner than a guy who openly approves of an ideology with the blood of 120 million murdered people on its account.


Now, here’s something by SABO:



Here’s another:


Well, that’s a bit plainspoken and stark, but well said! I guess a picture can be worth a thousand words!

One more from SABO:


Wow! Click the picture to see some other famous American leftists: Gore, Dukakis, J. Jackson, Obama, Ferraro, Kerry, Kennedy, Dukakis, Sharpton, Soros…

Can you even imagine a more comprehensive collection of mediocrities, frauds, shysters and scam artists in one place?



– xPraetorius

How Democrats Think

News Story: September 11, 2001 — worst terrorist attack in the history of the world.

Democrat Politician’s reaction: How can I use this to get power?

News Story:  Ebola virus causes vast and spreading humanitarian crisis that threatens to spill outside of Africa and around the world.

Democrat Politician’s reaction: How can I use this to get power?

News Story: Economy turns down. Could be the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.

Democrat Politician’s reaction: How can I use this to get power?

News Story: Hurricane Katrina barrels into New Orleans and Mississippi, spreading havoc and loss of life.

Democrat Politician’s reaction: How can I use this to get power?

News Story: Democrat politician’s wife gives birth to beautiful baby girl.

Democrat Politician’s reaction: How can I use this to get power?


– xPraetorius




Well, Well, Well… the WMD’s Were There All Along

National Public Radio, no irony in its report whatsoever, informed us a couple of days ago that American soldiers have stumbled across vast stores of poison gases, and other substances used in either chemical or biological weapons.

These things were hidden deep under the ground and we only stumbled on them after blowing up other munitions and dangerous stuff.

It turns out that some American soldiers were sickened and blistered and suffered lung damage by coming into contact with the now degraded stuff in leaky, cracked old containers.

Remember in the run-up to the second Iraq war, the Democrats insisted and insisted and insisted that we absolutely had to have the approval of the United Nations before we could do anything whatsoever about the monster Saddam Hussein? It took months! Way more than enough time to hide 100 times the amount of horrors Saddam had in his massive collection.

During those months, ample opportunity to hide stuff, Saddam apparently hid stuff. Close by and deep down. Where he could get it later, and where it would not soon be found by anyone else.

Remember, we found no evidence of a “WMD’s Program,” early in the way. The leftist morons pounced all over that. But — duh! — if he had the stuff — as we just discovered he did — and he had the scientists who knew how to put together such a program, then he had the program.

Saddam’s calculation was probably that once the U.S. huffed and puffed and blew itself out with some face-saving non-attack attack — as in the first Gulf War — he could go right back to producing the weapons.

He miscalculated.

And again the American left was wrong. And again, they allowed a bloodthirsty monster to skate for excruciatingly long months, to leave behind deadly sludge that someone else might get their hands on.


Great job, Democrats. As usual.

– xPraetorius

Want to End Abortion?

A very simple thought exercise.

Question: How can you end abortion practically overnight?

Answer: Easy: grant two votes to every pregnant woman during her pregnancy.

If you do that, overnight you will have two pro-life political parties in America.

– xPraetorius

NPR Watch – The Picture of Bias (Part II) (10/17/14)

You know the intro… I was listening to National Public Radio (NPR) on the ride in to work. Nothing else on that’s not intolerably laden with commercials (even though NPR ought to be forced to survive on commericals too! :) ), or just breezily insipid, as most morning radio shows are.

NPR did a feature on the FBI and its ability to access information on privately-owned cell phones and other devices. The FBI Director, one James Comey, bemoaned the inability of the FBI to get past new encryption techniques used by Apple, Google and others.

The NPR reporterette, one Carrie Johnson, “reported” as part of the story background, that: “The American people were justifiably surprised at the scope of the NSA surveillance” when the story of NSA snooping came out recently. That’s a rough quote, but the word “justifiably” was in the report.

Seriously? I mean, that’s just amateurish! There’s so much wrong with that it’s ridiculous!

Who is Carrie freakin’ Johnson, or anyone else at NPR for that matter, to tell me what level of surprise at a news story is justifiable? And which American people were surprised? I wasn’t. I have a bunch of friends who weren’t either.

The only honest(1) way to express the idea that she was trying to express would have been something like, “Many Americans expressed surprise at the scope of the NSA surveillance.”

Even that would have been useless without some context as to what “many” means.

My tax dollars pay for this flapdoodle. My tax dollars pay for some random NPR chippy to look me in the eye (figuratively speaking, of course) and say the patently indefensible thing she said above.

I don’t care where you come down on the topic of NSA surveillance of Americans — I have some pretty strong thoughts on that topic, as expressed in these pages — but what NPR gave us was not anything resembling the in-depth “news” NPR is always so tiresomely and falsely claiming they broadcast. It was opinion.

NPR provides neither depth, nor news, just propaganda. It’s an outrage that American taxpayers are forced to subsidize this parasitical organization, which is nothing more than the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party.

– xPraetorius


(1) Not “objective.” There is no such thing as objective journalism. However, biased reporters can do honest reporting and not be useless hacks. “News” reporters who call themselves “objective,” as do NPR’s “reporters,” and then produce the twaddle described above are one of this country’s principal problems.

In Liberia, one woman’s singular fight against Ebola – LA Times

In Liberia, one woman’s singular fight against Ebola – LA Times.

Terrible, beautiful story.

Yes, if we were in her circumstances, you and I would probably both do what this sweet, beautiful young woman, Fatu Kekula, did for her family.

However, we’re not in her circumstances… she was, and she came through with calm, courageous heroism.

It’s inspiring to listen to her loving, tender and resolute words, even as we are wrenched by the climate of death and despair she describes.

– xPraetorius

NPR Watch – The Picture of Bias (10/15/14)

I was listening to National Public Radio this morning on the way to work, as I’m frequently forced to do because of a lack of anything else on the air at that time of the morning.

They did a feature on embryonic stem cell research. The piece told of how the research was showing great promise in the field of restoring eyesight, and mentioned in passing that it was controversial.

As the story continued, we heard of a grandmother of 80 years who didn’t want her last name used because she “might be targeted by activists,” and that was the last we heard about anything “controversial.”

We then heard that there was a new, months old baby in this grandmother’s family, and she had the joyous possibility of actually seeing her!

Then we heard of an elderly rancher whose results with the embryonic stem cells were so dramatic that he was able to ride around on his ranch again. He went, the NPR “reporter” said, back to the doctor’s office and wept. And, said the NPR dude, the rancher said he never cries!

Then, in an odd segment of the piece, we heard of a 56-year old woman, blind since her teen years, from Santa Rosa, California. She had a pronounced South African accent, so that probably explains the rest of what became a strange segment. Now, the story continued, she could see that stick in front of her, as well as the giraffes ranging in the distance. I’m guessing that I missed the part where she had gone back to South Africa because I think there are very few giraffes ranging about in Santa Rose, California.

Anyway, what heartless dastard could possibly countenance the idea of denying the grandmother the chance to see her brand new baby granddaughter? Who could possibly consider not reducing a tough, old rancher to tears of joy? Who could even think of not allowing a woman — blind for 40 years — to see the giraffes off in the distance?

Well, you could. Or, I could.

What if someone said to you, “Yes, you’ve been blind for 40 years, but if we just kill Henry here, and take stuff from his body that will fix your eyes, you will see again. Are you okay with that?”

Of course you’d answer, “No way! Sure, I want to see again, but not at that price!”

The controversy that NPR alluded to only glancingly and only in the first few moments of the segment, resides in the fact that it’s possible that the above bargain is precisely what the 80-year old grandmother, the rancher and the South African woman accepted. No one’s ever offered compelling scientific — or any other kind, for that matter — evidence to the contrary.

No one’s ever argued convincingly that this isn’t morally exactly the same thing as the Nazi concentration camp guard bringing home the cool, new human leather lampshade and saying, “Wow! Our house is so much more attractive now!”

Until such evidence — scientific or otherwise — is offered, it can’t be ruled out that the sweet little old grandmother, the rancher and the South African lady are the moral equivalents of the concentration camp guard, while the embryonic stem cells are the same as the human leather lampshade, and the eye doctor is another Dr. Mengele.

Or, put more simply: Want to kill something for whatever reason? better be really sure you’re not doing something horrible. ‘Cause you can’t take it back.

Want another analogy? How about cloning people in order to “harvest” their organs for transplant? Prove to me that it’s any different to use embryonic stem cells. I’m willing to accept proof, but don’t give me just glib argumentation that wouldn’t remotely pass scientific muster anywhere.

Remember the couple who had a child with a terrible congenital disease? They conceived another child who, they hoped, would be a compatible organ donor for their first child and would cure her. Oh, the second child would live, but would be missing the organ… a kidney, I think. The point, however, of the second child’s existence was purely utilitarian. Nothing more. Are you really just perfectly okay with that? No reservations, or qualms at all?

These are all rather profound objections. NPR’s “reporting” would have you believe that there are only a few cranks out there who might “target” the sweet little old grandmother, but who are worth no more than just a passing mention. The style and wording of the “report” were chosen to leave the following impression: (1) Embryonic stem cells might cure the blind, and perform a whole host of other beneficial, medical things, and (2) those who oppose, or are unsure of the actual ethics of this, are sinister types who would be willing to harass sweet little old grandmothers, and deny her the vision of her baby granddaughter.

It’s not just bias on the part of NPR, it’s transparent, heavy, purposeful bias, and simply drives home –again — the plain fact that you come out of an NPR “news report” less informed, or worse informed, than you went in.

– xPraetorius

Funny Story (Rated PG)

At work yesterday, upper management called a meeting of all hands in our manufacturing company. Up stood a very pleasant, very attractive young lady who made an announcement. Here is a rough reproduction of her announcement:

Our company is taking part in a breast awareness effort for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is this October. We will be doing breast awareness activities and we are asking all employees to wear pink on Friday to raise breast awareness.

She continued in this vein for about five minutes, as the guys all stood stolidly by trying desperately not to allow their face muscles to twitch, or to allow their mouths to curl up even slightly in what might be construed as a smile that might lead to a belly laugh.

In fairness, English is the young lady’s second language. As it happens, she is also gifted with generous endowments related to the topic, that she has frequently displayed in extremely appealing, tight apparel. She had chosen just such a top — low-cut and pink of course — for this announcement.

I was struggling like all the guys to maintain dignified composure, when a friend leaned over to me and whispered, “What kind of ‘breast awareness activities’ are they planning, do you think?” My only defense was to shoot right back, “Do they really think that we guys are insufficiently aware of breasts?”

Both of us turned increasingly red as our composure broke down and we headed as subtly as we could to the back of the crowd, where we joined other similarly discomfited guys who were less than successful at maintaining their professional dignity.

There were no overt incidents, thank goodness, and the young lady completed her announcement.

When we all got back to our desks, the women in the office all gathered round, along with us guys, and they themselves were having trouble maintaining their composure.

We guys said practically nothing… this is corporate America after all, but the women were all over the “interesting” wording of the announcement.

Some said quite loudly that they were volunteering to be part of the “breast awareness activities,” while others did the inevitable “Eeeeeewwww…” thing, while still others just observed and laughed at it all.

There can be moments of levity in corporate America!

I will, however, be wearing pink on Friday… you don’t want, under any circumstances, to tick off the Breast Cancer Awareness people. It’ll be kind of funny: all 6’4″, 280 pounds worth of pink xPraetorius.

– xPraetorius

NPR Watch (10/14/14)

As usual, I was listening to National Public Radio this morning on the way to work. Yeeesh! These people couldn’t report their way out of a wet paper bag!

The topic this morning, among several, was ‘the plight of women in Egypt.” Needless to say, it’s bad. However, the report gave you nothing of any value whatsoever from which to draw any conclusions as to what to do about it.

They gave a bunch of stastistics: Women earn 14% less than men. Oh? Is that really true? Who knows? Why would I cast doubt on that? Because NPR is still reporting that in the United States women make only 77 cents for every dollar a man makes for the same work. That was debunked long ago and most tellingly by the very feminists who openly continue to use the fraudulent statistic because people still believe it if you use it!

By the way, NPR is still reporting on “Global Warming,” a phenomenon that hasn’t been seen in nearly a generation. NPR is the quintessential network of the flat-earther.

The NPR reporterette, one Leila Fadel, also “reported” that there are men who just sit around and insist that their wives work, while they, the men, stay at home and make all the decisions. This she called “Conservative” values.

Now, yes, I’m a Conservative, and no, that’s never been part of my value system, or that of any other Conservative who ever lived. I understand that Fadel was, in her own ignorant way, suggesting that this was something “Conservative” for Egypt, and not here, but think about it: in what society ever has it been expected of men that they sit around at home while the women went into the workplace and provided for the family?

And how could that even remotely make any sense if women make so much less than men? The left is absolutely chock full of obvious contradictions that effectively torpedo all their arguments.

Yes, there have been matriarchal societies, but those societies always exploited men’s significant size and strength superiority even more than other societies!

Men are the pack mules, the plow horses of society. The suggestion by the ignorant Fadel of the idea that anyone sitting around is somehow a “Conservative” value is not only ridiculous, it’s 180 degrees wrong. Let’s face it: being paid to sit around all day is an American liberal “value.”

There were two other things missing from Fadel’s “report.” The first thing: there was no mention whatsoever of the “I” word: islam. Oops!!! Again, this place where women have it really bad is an Islamic country. Oh, maybe its secular government is not officially Islamic, but the country is.

Fadel found a woman who said that Egypt has a problem with women going into the workplace because, the woman said, “then they’d have to give women rights?”


Are men just overburdened with “rights” in the Egyptian workforce? Again, NPR never gives any context that would allow someone to gain some real understanding of things.

The second thing that NPR failed to do — as they always do in their “women” stories — is to ask the question: “Do men have it worse?” If men do have it worse, then the entire NPR story was perfectly worthless. I’m not proposing an oppression Olympics, as the various whining leftist grievance groups constantly engage in, but someone, somewhere does need to make such comparative assessments. And to do it honestly.

If men have it worse, then NPR should be reporting on what people are doing to make their lot better. That simple question, is the one question that feminism itself, and of course, its critical thinking-deprived puppets — NPR, CBS, NBC, ABC, other broadcast media as well as most of the print media, Hollywood, pop culture and academia — failed to ask. It is, of course, the one question that should have been asked at the very founding of feminism.

This is the conundrum that all movements face. Meaningful context can sometimes make their goals either irrelevant, or simply less important than other, overarching goals.

Insular movements that focus on only one segment of society fail to recognize one single, vital truth: there are no women’s rights, no black, brown or white rights, no gay rights … there are only human rights.

Movements that focus on one group to the exclusion of the “other” group, and then use that “other” group as a propaganda tool to advance their cause, end up quickly becoming frauds.

Feminism today is nothing more than a fraud and a sham. Nothing more than transparent fabrications designed to advance a leftist agenda. The 77 cent myth; the fabrication of widespread campus violence; the lie and slander of one in five men being a “rapist” … all fabrications … all lies; and all the bedrock of contemporary feminism.

Without having addressed that one crucial question above, feminism had no choice but to degenerate into the jackassery we see today.

A quick analogy: Feminism is like morphine given to the patient with the badly broken arm — without splinting and casting the broken bone. When the broken arm (men-women relations in society) inevitably gets worse, the feminist response is: “more morphine” — more feminism. Inevitably the broken arm gets even worse and sets badly, and the problem becomes structural; baked into American society. The feminist response: ever more morphine, ever more feminism.

The same thing happened to the Civil Rights movement, when it stopped focusing on gaining basic rights for blacks — because it had won — and, in order to justify its continued existence, turned into a whiny grievance group demanding both revenge for long ago sins, and free stuff.

The Gay movement was never anything but a whiny grievance group demanding free stuff.

NPR is the willing mouthpiece for all these crapulent, parasitical grievance groups, who demand “reporting” that tells nothing of importance, gives no meaningful information, never provides necessary context, asks unimportant, meaningless questions, and leaves the listener less informed than before the feature. In other words: A perfectly typical American left-wing “news” organization! NPR is the MSNBC of the radio waves.

– xPraetorius

A Word About Same Sex “Marriage”

On another blog, I left a comment (here) suggesting that we have ignored common sense on this really not all that tough topic. In that blog response I said, “A man can no more marry another man than he can marry a brick, or a duck.”

I stand by that, and I stand by its obviousness. However, it might be easier to understand by saying it a slightly different way. Something like, “If a man can marry another man, then there is no logical reason to prevent him from marrying a brick, or a duck.”

You can say to me, well, what reason would he possibly have to do that? Answer: Don’t know. Don’t care. But surely you can’t prevent him, after you just said it’s okay for a man to marry another man.

The reasoning I’ve heard from the pro-same sex “marriage” people is that “love” is all that counts. Well, I love lots of creatures and things. I love my two cats. If I married the male cat, would that be same sex marriage?

I love, really love several of my guitars. When I hold them close to me, I get a warm, gratifying feeling. When I put their sleek, well-oiled bodies on my lap, and play with their long, slender necks, I feel even better. You get the picture. I love these guitars!

But, but, but, you’ll say… you can’t have a family with your cats, or a brick, or a duck, or your guitars. Oh? Who are you to tell me what my family has to look like, or what or who needs to belong to it. You gave up that particular argument when you said, “love makes a family.” Why is my guitar love, or cat love, or duck or brick love, a less worthy love than any other?

Are you telling me that my love for my guitar is somehow different from your love for your wife, husband or same sex partner? Who made you the arbiter of what love is? Or of what the proper love for a marriage is? There isn’t a scientist in the world who’s ever been able to define love, and the finest, most intelligent poets, artists, philosophers and thinkers in history have been able only to guess at it.

You guys — you pro-same sex marriage guys — are the ones who said that the possibility of biological reproduction had nothing to do with it — either with love or with the composition of a family — so you can just get your laws right the heck out of my music room!

There is a serious point to this. I stated that point above, but it’s well worth repeating: “If a man can marry another man, then there’s no logical reason to prevent him from marrying a brick, or a duck.” … Or a guitar. … And having the state bless it … and having you help pay for all the appurtenances that come with state blessing of my cat-duck-guitar love. ‘Cause I just might want to marry all three, and that’s coming next in this brave new world of marriage re-definition.

– xPraetorius

What Is Socialism (Part III)

You can’t understand the left and socialism, without some kind of understanding of the right. Below is an illustration of what the right looks like. I’ve added some personalities from the right, and placed them on the “Right –> Extreme Right”  scale, to show that “The Right” is not a monolithic belief system, but covers a lot of ground.



  • Note the left-direction arrows. There is a constant leftward tug that exerts itself on all Americans all the time. It’s the temptation to decide that you simply know better, and would be willing to impose your “solution” on the rest of the country. It’s also the temptation just to take a break, to let someone else work in your stead, to sit back for a few months and take, or for a few years. Or a few decades. Needless to say, these two tendencies work hand-in-hand to exert the aforementioned larboard pressure on society.
  • I put a number of RINO’s(1) on the illustration. This is the bubble with Lowell Weicker in it, on the far left of the diagram. This group should be on the right side of the “The Left” diagram in the previous post. However, the important thing these left-wing Republicans did was to caucus with the Republicans, helping to add to the GOP numbers in the Senate. This was not, however, a big deal, and one suspects that if the balance of power had been close, these three would have had no problem switching allegiance.
  • Note also the presence of Democrat Senator Joe Manchin of Virginia on the left side of “The Right.” Note also that he is not, despite belonging to the thoroughly corrupt Democrat Party, as far to the left as the RINO’s. This is to illustrate that the “RINO’s” are nearly always further to the left than the “Moderate” Democrats. These Democrats’ voting records are often not horrible, but their fatal flaw is the fact that they caucus with the Democrats, giving that party more votes for Senate leadership. In a way, this makes the Moderate Dems even worse than the left-wing Democrats, who are at least more honest about their ideology and ambitions.
  • Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher are considered icons of the hard right. They are not on the hard right. They are squarely in the center of the right. Their reputation as hard right-wingers is nothing more than a result of the propaganda of the left. These great leaders derive their greatness from their wise and effective foreign policy. However, domestically they were not able to roll back the burgeoning welfare state in America or in England nearly at all. Both had their moments of domestic greatness: Reagan routed the PATCO(2) union. Thatcher defeated the miners. Neither triumph, though seemingly important at the time, would prove all that significant against the relentlessly leftward drift of either country.
  • George W. Bush, that “extreme right-winger”  was decidedly to the left of Reagan-Thatcher. Again, the media and the left were unable to be honest about Bush. Domestically he was nearly as liberal as Bill Clinton.
  • George H. W. Bush was even to the left of his son, George W. Bush.
  • The most prominent true right-winger in American politics for the past few decades was William F. Buckley. However, even he was never as far to the right as the very few true libertarians.
  • There is no “Religious Right,” though that fictitious organization was a long-time bugaboo for the left. The left are masters at fabricating, then flogging relentlessly and obsessively, various strawmen. The “Religious Right” is one such strawman. No religious organization labeled “Conservative” even gets close to the Libertarian right. They tend to focus on single issues such as abortion or gay marriage or the like. When those issues diminish in prominence, so do the religious organizations.
  • It’s important to discuss a bit the asterisked note in the above diagram. There simply is no prominent extreme right-wing personality or movement. If “political gravity” is the measure, then we are doomed. It’s all tilted to the left. While Lady Thatcher was correct: the facts of life are Conservative, society’s white noise is leftist, and, more importantly, the world’s political gravity is leftist. This political gravity is a reflection of humanity’s desire (1) to control, to have power over, others and (2) to take from others what they did not earn themselves. In other words, the leftward pull that results in socialism is a reflection of man’s basest instincts; his greed, laziness and megalomania.

If, indeed, the theory of evolution is correct, and the “natural selection” process results in the eventual betterment of the species, then people will evolve into right-wingers, and will shed the selfishness, pettiness, intellectual and functional laziness, the violence, greed, heartlessness and soulless corruption of the left.

If the theory of evolution is not correct, then the only hope for better, more decent politics worldwide — for decent, civil societies — is for humans to go against their baser, left-wing, more animalistic instincts and embrace the seemingly more difficult, but ultimately vastly more rewarding, politics of the right.

– xPraetorius

(1) “Republicans In Name Only. However, this is probably more correctly: “Rightists In Name Only.”

(2) “PATCO:” The Professional Air Traffic Controllers union.


What Is Socialism? (Part II)

We gave a preliminary overview of socialism here.

It’s important to note that socialism is a spectrum disorder. If we use left and right to describe the various polities out there, then the picture below gives an indication of the spectrum of the global left, and what it looks like:


Note: no country’s political situation is static. Every country is always moving in a direction, either right or left. Countries with the disease of leftism tend to continue to move to the left.

Human nature itself is a leftist tug, operating constantly on humanity. We’re always tempted to covet another mans’ possessions, his money, his land, his wife, his automobile, his pool, yard, house… To avoid the disease of leftism, we are constantly required to go against our baser instincts. Many of us don’t. As a result, leftism is really the quest for power over others. Hence, leftism is always in search of ever more power, ever more leftism.

Islam is on the left. People often say that countries like Iran are extreme right-wing countries because they’re theocracies, but if you look at the characteristics of the left, you will see that Islam fits quite comfortably there, and not at all on the right.

There is overlap in the various leftist polities. Two of the “center-leftist” examples shown actually got there from the extreme left. Both Dubcek’s “Communism with a human face” and Hungary’s “Goulash Communism” were products of reforms posited against extreme leftist governments. Because the “center-left” reform movements represented challenges to the rule stated above — that leftism is really the quest for power — they couldn’t last. Neither Dubcek’s reform movement, nor “Goulash Communism” survived. Dubcek was overthrown in the Soviet invasion of 1968, and Goulash Communism fell with the fall of communism in Eastern Europe in the 1990’s.

The observation that the extreme left cannot accept the existence of a “center-left” is important, because all countries with the leftist disease tend to continue at least a leftward drift. What are the countries infected with the leftist disease? Western Europe. America. Much of South America, Canada, Australia. The reason this is important is that Western Europe is drifting closer and closer to the center-left from the rightmost-left. America is moving leftward as well. She took a gigantic leftward lurch with the arrival of Obamacare.

How will this conflict between the forces of the extreme left and the center left manifest itself in places like America? Simple: accelerated demands for re-distributive policies, for increasing regulation,  for the nationalization of industries, as opportunities to do so present themselves. Because the left’s principal modus operandi is to cause social dislocation through impoverishment, regulation and decreased social and economic mobility, then any infected country can expect crisis after crisis after crisis. Expect the left never “to let a good crisis go to waste,” using each episode of upheaval to move the country ever further left.

Interestingly, the leaders of the episodes of extreme leftism that we’ve seen in the 20th Century almost all insisted that they were only “socialists,” and that they were really working hard to move even further left: to full-blown communism. The only exception to this was Nazi Germany, where Hitler spent almost no effort on ideology in the last years of his life.

An easy test for whether something is of the left or of the right is: Will it increase, decrease or have no effect on the role of government in our lives? If whatever it is will increase the involvement of government in all our lives it is of the left.

The most important points about socialism and socialists:

  • They always want more power.
  • Leftism always tries to moves further left.
  • The extreme left can’t tolerate the center-left, which can’t tolerate the rightmost-left, which cannot tolerate the leftmost right… We will illustrate the right as well in the near future.
  • The left craves power, and every time it obtains power, it always strives to obtain more.

– xPraetorius

The Drudge Sampler (Edition VI – 10/11/14) (rated PG)

Drudge Headline(s): 

Quick Reaction: What, in the world, doesn’t indict Obama?

Drudge Headline(s): 

Quick Reaction: In one sense, ISIS/ISIL/IS might be doing us a favor. They are smoking out the psychotics and unbalanced loonies in our midst. Do we have the courage to deal with these scumbuckets? They are, after all, the equivalent of the “Fifth Columnists” before World War II.

Drudge Headline(s): 

Quick Reaction: How on earth is it that high? Democrats really do drooling, slack-jawed stooooopid better than anyone in America.

Drudge Headline(s): 

Quick Reaction: Duh! France was on the way down when Francois Hollande slogged his wearisome way into the Elysée Palace. The reason was that France was rapidly running out of, in Lady Thatcher’s picturesque phrase, “other people’s money,” and was getting ready to upgrade the status of the neighborhood dumpster to “local fast food joint.”  Fance’s problem was simple: socialism. Hollande’s answer? More socialism. That’s like shoveling more water into the sinking ship.

When the ship starts sinking, anyone who can, starts leaving. That all began a while ago. French film star Gérard Depardieu is already a citizen of what, Russia? After the rich leave, come the middle class. As always, the poorest take it on the chin in socialism. Without the means to leave, they’re forced to hunker down and survive the social dislocation, violence and death that socialism inevitably brings with it.

Drudge Headline(s): 

Quick Reaction: ** Sigh ** There’s danger in freakin’ breathing. After all, everyone who ever died, breathed.

Drudge Headline(s): 

Quick Reaction: Duh! They’re doing everything they possibly can to export their problems here to the U.S. It kinda makes sense that they’d do their level best to keep ‘em here.

Drudge Headline(s): 

Quick Reaction:

  • Not that it was an important name, though, just a U.S. Senate candidate’s name. Further indication of what we said a while back. The Obamas are not very bright. They’re kind of playing at being Chief Executive of the country, and really simply enjoying the country club life. Now that they’re lame ducks, they’re barely even playing at work… more like they’re working — hard — at play.
  • And, sometimes, rarely, Democrats do the right thing — by staying home on Election Day. It’s tragic that the best way Democrat supporters can serve this, the greatest country history has ever seen, is not to participate in one of the most important civic duties a citizen has: voting. ‘Course, if they were doing the rest of the civic duty every citizen has, they’d be informing themselves thoroughly on the world around them. If they did that, though, they’d all become conservative Republicans. Then again, if Democrat voters were to inform themselves on the world around them, they’d force Republicans to up their game in order to stay competitive in a country overflowing with an informed citizenry. At that point, they’d be doing the world a massive favor. Read this well: the worst danger the world faces is the ignorance of the Democrat voter, and the resulting irresponsibility of the Democrat Party.

Drudge Headline(s): 

Quick Reaction: This is Democrat Wendy Davis in a race for Texas governor with the favored Republican Greg Abbott, the wheelchair-bound state Attorney General.

Davis is an attractive, blonde-tressed, hard-core, pro-death, single mother who has a “complicated” relationship with the father of her daughter. She’s also a hard-left, pro-death candidate for the high office she hopes to obtain.

Is anyone surprised, therefore, that Davis would resort to the dirty tricks? Of course not. That’s what Democrats do…  especially women Democrats, who hide behind the prevailing zeitgeist that “women would never do something like that!” It’s a sham, but it’s out there and has figured prominently in every prominent American election. For decades.

However, what is different now is that Abbott shot back with immediate condemnation. Usually, we Republicans stay “above the fray,” and suggest that we are sorrowful that the Democrat went into the gutter like that. The bottom line with that approach is that the low-information voters see the accusation, but never the admission that it was just a fabrication.

I hope, hope, hope against hope, that we Republicans are pouncing on every slander, all calumnies, each and every last libel the Democrats invent and whacking them right back — times ten!

We suggested that here.

Drudge Headline(s): 

Quick Reaction: Great job, Obama! The one job, the one responsibility that everyone, without exception, agrees is yours, the one responsibility for which you could have expected unanimous, bi-partisan support in both houses of Congress – homeland security — and you mucked it up completely. How’s the golf game?

Drudge Headline(s): 

Quick Reaction: Three possibilities: (1) Gotta write the speeches so the media can understand them, or (2) that’s all the Obama speechwriters can pull off. Or (3) both.

Drudge Headline(s): 

Quick Reaction: I remember when this — the “dirt” Clinton aides peddles against Conservatives — was par for the course for the corrupt Clinton Administration and its sleazy first couple. Looking forward to more of that in the next Clinton Administration? What a nightmare.

Drudge Headline(s): 

Quick Reaction: Also not surprising. Recently, I’ve been having a back-and-forth with a certain “rautakky” from Finland, who is a very fine  representative of Europe’s ignorant, socialist, secular, pro-death, pro-government, feminist left. He loves all that — and I’m guessing — he’s a frequent recipient of other people’s money and goods.

Rautakky’s “argumentation” is simplistic and loaded chock-a-block with the twaddle that lards European leftist propaganda. This is plainly a person who reads, but does not think. Who listens, but does not reason. Who learns really well what others are thinking, but never stops to question it… and calls it “learning.” Needless to say, this is the entire modus operandi of the American left, especially of American academia.

Drudge Headline(s): 

Quick Reaction:

  • Duh! Anyone check interest rates lately? You can’t keep that going forever! Now, the only thing that is working in this Administration’s Sitz-recovery — the stock market — is heading south. Obama’s triumph will be complete at that point. At frst he had a “jobless recovery” — as if you could ever have anything resembling a recovery without real jobs — now we have a “recovery-less recovery.” I’vbe been listengin to the media as they call this jovially, “a necessary correction,” as the only ones who have prospered under Obama lose all they’ve gained.
  • We are reaching the end game in Europe...” See the above entry about Finland and rautakky, about Europe and socialism, and the many, many posts we’ve made about Europe in these pages.

Drudge Headline(s): 

Quick Reaction: Uhhh…  whuh? I understand that there are cameras everywhere, but just don’t let yourself get photographed nekkid! Duh! I expect nekkid photos from air-headed Hollywood starlets, but not from American teenagers! I expect greater maturity from them.

Drudge Headline(s): 

Quick Reaction: Oh, that happened in Africa? What a surprise! Interestingly, it wasn’t muslims who did the burning! Just another indication that Africa is afflicted by much more than just islam. Is anyone really surprised that this happened in Africa? Know what they need? Some good, ol’ fashioned American imperialism. Too bad there’s never been any real appetite for that in America.

– xPraetorius


Michel Sardou – American Patriot

Just one song: “Les Ricains.

Listen to this french man’s song, from way back in 1967 (lyrics below).

Les Ricains,” lyrics (my translation)

If the Americans weren’t there,

We’d all be in Germany

Talking about I don’t know what,

Saluting I don’t know  who

- * -

Of course the years have passed

The guns have changed hands,

Is that a reason to forget,

That once we needed them?

- * -

A guy who came from Georgia

Who didn’t know you at all

Came to die in Normandy

A morning when you weren’t there.

- * -

Of course the years have passed,

We’ve all become friends

Down at the veterans’ hall,

They say that they died for nothing.

- * -

If the Americans weren’t there,

We’d all be in Germany

Talking about who knows what?

Saluting who knows who?

- * -

Some of the greatest American patriots are not even American. Often, foreigners know really well what America has meant to the world. Back, that is, when America stood for something.

Nowadays, we see the overtly evil, the obviously disgusting and inhuman, the plainly, overtly, ridiculously horrific, and we say, “Oh, well. * Yawn * Not our business. Cultural differences and all, you know. “

Read this well: “If ISIL/ISIS/IS hadn’t started taunting American citizens on YouTube with the severed heads of other American citizens, Obama, and we, would have completely ignored the gibbering baboons of ISIS.

– xPraetorius

A Teacher for the Apple :: SteynOnline

A Teacher for the Apple :: SteynOnline.

Spectacular, vintage, classic Mark Steyn. The more liberal than liberal New York Times presumes to lecture Google, Facebook and Apple on the subject of “diversity” and “creativity.”

Needless to say, Mark Steyn has a few choice words to say about that.

You see, say the Timesmen, if you include all sorts of people who don’t look and/or think like you, then you open yourself up to a world of possibilities!

Of course, the New York Times — as rock-solid, granite-headedly, monolithically, unchangeably, reactionarily liberal as they are, and have unchangeably been for freakin’ decades, wouldn’t know genuine diversity if it came in and did a polka, while playing a didgeridoo in the reception area.

The New York Times spends all of its days reinforcing its gray fortress against the only diversity that counts: diversity of thought.

– xPraetorius

What Is Socialism?

Socialism is nothing more nor less than the failures and corruption of the Obama Administration writ large.

Imagine the wisdom, intelligence, foresight, the deep reasoning, the wide-ranging vision of Obamacare applied to every industry in America; to banking and finance, education, manufacturing, textiles, fashion, the arts, mining, transportation… food.

Just think we could have the glories of the Soviet Union here too!

Europe, good ol’ fashioned Socialist-lite Europe, is tumbling further and further into decrepitude. Remember when we were hearing about once-prosperous Greeks scrabbling for their next meal in the nearest dumpster? Well, that quaint scene is making its way across Europe, and all because they thought they could just “dip their toes into socialism,” without turning into the monstrosities that the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, Red China, North Korea and so many others became.

And recently they thought they could “cure” their horrific recession — really a depression — by infusing vast quantities of other people’s and other countries’ cash, without getting rid of what caused the problem in the first place: re-distributing other people’s cash — or: socialism. See the problem? You can’t cure the ills of socialism with more socialism. Duh! Europeans are none too bright nowadays, though, dulled as they have become by years of the narcotic: other people’s money.

The sad truth: once you dip your toes into it, it grabs you the people by the ankle, and starts dragging you slowly, then ever faster, into the La Brea Tar Pits of economic reality: You can’t start giving away stuff that others produce, and then expect that you can ever stop doing it. Or, worse, take it back.

The real cautionary message of socialism, and of Europe’s current agony: “How much of a really bad thing is too much?” Answer: Any at all.

Or: How much Nazism is too much? How many concentration camps are too many? How many gulags are too many? Can’t you have just a little of these things? Nope. In for a penny, in for a pound. Don’t expect, when you start giving other people’s money and stuff away, that the recipients won’t then demand more of it. And you’ll have to give them more of it, or expect riots in the streets.

Remember my tale of my uncle? (here) Here’s the passage from that linked essay:

A personal story: One day, when my dad finally stopped sending the monthly gift check he had been sending for years to his alcoholic brother, the brother, my uncle, called our house. I answered the phone. His first words: “Where’s my money?”

This guy had simply built the “free money” into his life’s finances, and when it stopped, he was really angry. It simply never really occurred to him that it might not ACTUALLY be HIS money, and that maybe he should have, long before that, worked his way OUT of depending on it.

Kind of  illustrates the whole welfare/food stamps/socialism thing in a nice, tidy nutshell…

When you have whole populations receiving “free stuff” — really just stuff that others have paid for or produced — then these people will build that “free stuff” into their budget forever. You can’t at some point take it away — when the economy turns down, or producers slow or stop producing for whatever reason, or the American nuclear umbrella goes away and you have to pay for your own defense — and not expect riots in the streets as the people demand to know, “Where’s my money?!?

Key phrase from above: “It simply never really occurred to him (them) that it might not actually be his (their) money.”

Watch it. Every time someone suggests backing up a bit from welfare, maybe suggesting that paying people not to work just might not be a good idea overall, what happens? Imagine in the future, when so many millions of people build into their lives and finances the myth that they’re getting “free healthcare” (see our series on that myth here.). Then, imagine when things turn down, and the already beleaguered producer class slows down a bit, and the “Independent Payment Advisory Board” has to start to decide how to pay for the “free” healthcare. Well, the answer to that is easy: Either force the producer class to produce more, or demand more money from them, or, if they’re tapped out as is inevitable — start denying healthcare to people.

How useful will that “free” healthcare be when you can’t get any? I discussed that a bit here. Here’s the relevant passage:

try a little exercise with me. Let’s just say that I own a car dealership, and one day as a marketing strategy, I decide to offer 1,000 “free” cars to the public. First: how long do you think that supply of cars will last, before there aren’t any left? Second: do you think that EVERYONE will get a free car? Third: Let’s just say that I start that “free” car giveaway at 10:00 am, and the cars are gone at noon. At 1:00pm how much are my “free” cars worth to those who want them, but didn’t get there when they were available? Fourth: were those cars REALLY free? They certainly were “at the point of delivery,” I’ll concede. But, were they really free? Of course, not…I paid for them! Even more importantly, and read this well, the people who didn’t get them paid for them! Yep. If each “free” car cost $10,000 on average, then I just gave away 10 million dollars worth of automobiles, right? Wrong. I built that 10 million dollars into the price of the OTHER cars I was selling! So, irony of ironies: not only did the latecomers NOT get a “free” car, they also PAID for the early birds’ FREE cars!

And, that is socialism too. What the poor and the middle class don’t understand is that there is nothing free under the sun. Everything requires both that someone work to produce it (the producer class) and pay to obtain it before you get it. That counts for goods and services both.

The bottom line is, and read this well: if you don’t give someone the value that he thinks he deserves for his goods or services, he will stop providing those goods or services.

Stop paying doctors, car dealers, grocers, shoe makers, tinkers, tailors, computer consultants, software developers, accountants, nurses, machine operators… what they think they’re worth, and people will stop becoming doctors, car dealers, grocers… And there will be no “free” healthcare, or subsidized cars or food…

It is to that condition of penury, famine and despair that socialism inexorably leads.

We’ve dipped our toes into it. We started with all the big government programs like Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, Welfare, Food Stamps, and we ramped it into high gear with Obamacare (should be called “Obamacareless,” or “Obama-Couldn’t-Care-Less”).

Socialism has us by the ankle now, and is dragging us into the tar pits.

– xPraetorius

Estas Tonne – The Song of the Golden Dragon – Stadtspektakel Landshut 2011 – YouTube

Estas Tonne – The Song of the Golden Dragon – Stadtspektakel Landshut 2011 – YouTube.

Another one like what I do. Again, I flat pick, and this guy finger picks. However, the mood and the pace are like what I do. You have to wait about a minute and a half for it to pick up a bit. Like me, this guitarist makes it up as he goes along, and, I guess, that’s the difference between him, me and most other guitarists.

We allow the music to take us where it will.

Now, that sounds all hi-falutin’ ‘n everthang, but it ain’t. It means only that the music takes shape and mood according to the frame of mind we’re in at the time.

When I say that I allow the music to take over at a certain point, that’s true. It’s because after I begin and get a bit into my playing, I’m in an entirely different place emotionally, intellectually and creatively. At that point, I’m really not sure who’s in charge, and I do get the feeling that I just might be only along for the ride.

It’s a great feeling, and I can’t recommend it enough.

The guy’s really good.

– xPraetorius

Thomas Eric Duncan Dies

Who, I wonder, called that?

All the way back on the 5th!

There was an interesting tidbit in the stories covering the demise of the unfortunate Mr. Duncan, known as “Eric” to his friends and neighbors in Liberia. One former aquaintance of “Eric’s” said something to the effect of, “How come all those Americans they brought back to the United States survived, with that superior American health care, but not Eric?”

Good question.

Well, it certainly would have been very inconvenient for the Department of Homeland Security and President Obama, if Mr. Duncan had survived and been able to answer questions about his rather “uneventful” trip from an Ebola hot zone to Dallas, Texas.

My well-hidden Conspiracy-Theorist Self speculated — all the way back on the 5th! — that Mr. Duncan might be the “beneficiary” of some “compassionate assistance” in shuffling off this mortal coil. That it would be much more convenient for President Obama if Eric would just go away … permanently … and not be ummmm… “available” to answer those questions.

Needless to say, that “compassionate assistance” would be a welcome “gift” to “Eric” from the deeply caring Obama Administration, and/or its sympathizers… to alleviate his suffering, of course! No other motivation than that.

– xPraetorius

“Saying Hello” Meditative Experience by Estas Tonne – YouTube

via “Saying Hello” Meditative Experience by Estas Tonne – YouTube.

Here’s another guy whose style on the guitar is very similar to mine. Only I flat-pick.

Interestingly, this dude is a dead ringer for my younger self, only I was a blonde, and didn’t wear a beard.

– xPraetorius

Clash of the Progressive Pieties | National Review Online

Clash of the Progressive Pieties | National Review Online.

Kevin Williamson writes another masterful column in National Review Online.

In this column, he points out what we have said a lot around here: leftism is full of contradictions that would be fatal to any other belief system if it weren’t artificially buttressed by the dishonesty, incompetence and IQ-deprivation of pop culture, academia and the media.

In this piece Williamson tells the tale of two lesbians who order up a baby from a sperm bank, and when the little girl arrives, the adoptive parents find out that she’s of mixed race, and not the lily-white baby they ordered.

So, of course they did what?

They sued, natch!

Needless to say, Williamson has several things to say about this. Here are some of the best:

Naturally, there is a lawsuit — for breach of warranty, among other things. The couple say that they are suffering stress from raising their mixed-race daughter in an overwhelmingly white community. I can picture the scene: A mob of angry Ohioans, torches and pitchforks at the ready, menacingly reads a declaration: “We, the town fathers of Obscurity, Ohio, were perfectly ready to be accepting, supportive, and welcoming of this lesbian couple’s test-tube baby. But when that lesbian couple’s test-tube baby turns out to be half black — well, that’s a bridge too far for the decent people of Ohio.” I suppose they might then burn half a cross — Ohio’s pretty weird.


Same-sex couples are riding a wave of cultural ascendency, but we should not kid ourselves: This is America, and race still trumps everything. You doubt me? In 2008, I reported in National Review about the case of an adoptive couple who had raised several children with severe disabilities but was denied the opportunity to adopt another disabled child because the authorities doubted their commitment to preserving the girl’s cultural authenticity — they’d said they intended to raise their children to be “colorblind” — and because their community in Alaska was judged to be too white, something that might damage the girl’s self-esteem. The girl in question suffered both from fetal-alcohol syndrome, which had left her mentally disabled, and from Russell-Silver Syndrome, a form of dwarfism that left her with an asymmetrical body, a triangular face, a malfunctioning digestive system, and other problems. It is unlikely that she would ever develop the mental capacity to feel racial alienation, much less that that would ever become a top-ten problem in her life. But race is the alpha and the omega to some people. If only we had a good word for people like that . . .

This next is particularly important and, let’s face it, we all know that the following is true:

The disassembly, now complete, of the triangular linkage of sex, marriage, and procreation is going to present us with even more awkward questions than whether you can sue for breach of warranty if your daughter turns out to be racially other than as originally specified. There is some evidence already of sex-selective abortion in the United States — the opening salvos in an actual war on women — particularly in subcultures that have a strong preference for sons, though data about that is scarce. The reason it is scarce is that we refuse to collect it, and the reason we refuse to collect it is, presumably, that we do not wish to know. If we ever develop a test for a hereditary inclination toward, say, homosexuality, we’ll probably have gay-selective abortions, too. Lawsuits involving byzantine claims and counterclaims by surrogates and those who contract them are common. It is probable that in the near future testing unborn children for such undesirable qualities as merely average IQ or height will be as common as home pregnancy tests. If the near-elimination of people with Down syndrome through abortion is any indication, things are going to get even bloodier than they are.

Finally, this is so depressingly on the nose, that it’s difficult to read:

A strange thing: Nothing in the modern world has contributed to the devaluation of women as pitilessly as has the reduction of motherhood to the status of a take-out order of ovum foo young, and yet nothing is held so sacred by feminists. I cannot imagine that when the early feminists wrote about the “commodification of women” that they ever imagined it would get so literal, with product warranties and all.

Please do yourself a favor and read Kevin Williamson whenever he publishes something anywhere.

– xPraetorius

Hillary Clinton: Dukakis in a Pantsuit? | National Review Online

Hillary Clinton: Dukakis in a Pantsuit? | National Review Online.

Lest you think that Hillary is anything more than an empty pantsuit, Jonah Goldberg will disabuse you of the notion in typically irreverent, funny and trenchant style.

It’s the “G-File,” the finest publication to end up in your e-mail inbox of all publications that end up in your e-mail inbox.

However, before he deflates the great zeppelin Hillary von Clinton, Goldberg starts with a sobering reflection on terrorism and ebola that will chill you to the core. Here’s some of that portion of his “G-File.”

If I were in charge of overseas contingency operations at the Islamic State or al-Qaeda, I would send as many suicide-bomber types back to America (and France and Britain) with a new weapon: Ebola. Airport scanners don’t pick it up. The incubation period is long enough to get the human biological weapons past screeners without detection. I’d tell them: Take as many connections as you can on the flight home. Help people with their luggage whenever possible. Leave a mess in the plane bathroom and a paper trail of your travels that will foment panic when ultimately revealed.
And, if you do get stopped by security officials en route, so be it. There’s lots of gloveless manhandling of suspected jihadis, which brings ample opportunities to infect interrogators, guards, FBI agents, etc. And every one of those infected Americans or Westerners furthers the cause.
But assuming you make it to Cleveland or Spokane or Washington, D.C., the only order of the day is: Have fun for as long as you can and maybe share your spit, sweat, and other stuff in as many creative ways as you can. See a show. Go to a water park and just hang out in the lazy river all day. Eat at a nice restaurant, leave a messy napkin. Don’t bother to wash your hands — and never flush (or if you do, make sure the toilet overflows!). Why, we’ll even give you all the fatwas and cash you need to hit the strip clubs and see a hooker or two. It’s all for the greater good. And when, alas, you start to feel really, really sick and you are at your most infectious, it’d be great if you could blow yourself up at a mall, or at least pass out at a McDonald’s or maybe in the middle of the F-train. If you opt for blowing yourself up, great. If not, try to tell the EMS team that you have something other than Ebola. The aim here is to keep the responders from treating you and the scene as a biohazard for as long as possible. And if you blow yourself up, don’t worry too much about killing a lot of bystanders, just make sure it’s really messy and there’s a lot of splatter.
Now, I don’t think this is a likely scenario, but I don’t think it’s an impossible one either. Regardless, that would be real terrorism, far more terrifying than blowing up a plane. Even one remotely successful effort along these lines would send America into a tailspin.

Where Goldberg and I disagree is that I think it is a likely scenario. And, I covered that very recently here.

I wrote that post Sunday morning, and Goldberg’s G-File arrived in my e-mail inbox Sunday evening. Am I Jonah Goldberg? Uhhhhhh…no. It is, however, great minds thinking alike.

After that cheerful introduction, Goldberg starts his dissection of Her Majesty.

This particular passage left me Biden-literally (<– means “not literally”) rolling on the floor laughing:

 According to the Journal story, Clinton says what America needs is “evidence-based optimism.” This line cost me 20 bucks — I bet that nobody could ever come up with a less stirring cri de coeur than Al Gore’s “practical idealism.”
Anyway, I have no doubt that Clinton likes data. When she was working on Hillarycare in the early 1990s she assembled hundreds of wonks collecting literally millions of pieces of data, filling filing cabinets like the warehouse in Indiana Jones. When a journalist asked her if she needed anything else, Clinton replied something like “just a little more data.” As if her entire Rube Goldberg machine would click into place and hum with perfection if she just got a few more columns of numbers on heart-bypass rates in Missoula.
But just because Clinton likes data doesn’t mean this isn’t a crock. Oh, it’s savvy. But if her husband taught us anything, it’s that bullsh*tters can be savvy. First, all of this data talk is a brilliant way to exploit the “Big Data” fad in elite circles these days and subtly play lip-service to the liberal conceit that “facts have a liberal bias.” If she were running in the late 19th century she’d be talking about canals on Mars. If she were running in the 1920s, she’d be saying “Engineering, Engineering, Engineering.” In the 1960s, she’d be saying “Plastics, Plastics, Plastics.” If she were running in 50,000 B.C. she’d be going around saying “Fire, Fire, Fire.”

I did laugh out loud, though. Does that count?

Goldberg then goes on to state some things that are obviously true, but still require the really, really knowledgeable to recognize it and say it. Here’s one such revelation:

But the more important point is that Clinton’s messaging gambit is an entirely obvious indictment of Barack Obama. The need for “evidence-based optimism” isn’t a shot at Republicans. It’s a shot at the guy who beat her out for the nomination in 2008 by running as the Pope of Hope. Back then, she and Obama had an argument about the nature of political progress — MLK vs. LBJ, inspiration vs. perspiration. Clinton lost that argument in 2008. But Obama went on to prove her right. It is only thanks to his failures that “evidence-based optimism” could be a winning slogan.
She is betting — rightly — that after eight years of ideologically driven incompetence, Democrats cannot win without assuring voters that we won’t get a replay if we reelect a Democrat. Like Roy Scheider in Jaws 2 telling the town council, “As God is my witness, I’m not going through that Hell again,” voters are already clear that they don’t want another eight years of this.

What Goldberg doesn’t say is that there’s a strong possibility that Obama is not incompetent. That he’s a perfectly fine executor of his whacked-out ideology. Let’s face it, Obama is a thorough-going leftist ideologue, obsessed with his “vision” that America has long needed to be brought down a peg or two.

Few could have brought America down a peg or two — or twelve — more effectively than Obama.

Call that my well-hidden Conspiracy-Theorist Self all you want, it’s hard to believe that there remain any morons who still believe in anything leftist anymore. Yet, there you have Barack Freakin’ Obama — the freakin’ President of these freakin’ United Freakin’ States of freakin’ America!!! —  preachin’ that ol’ race-baitin’, class- warfare-floggin’, hard-core-reactionary, leftist flapdoodle.

It’s entirely possible that Obama is not just any moron. It’s possible he believes his own twaddle… and wants to implement it, and has been good at it.

Look at America today — it is down. Way down. Way more than a peg or two. That just may not be “incompetence.”

Here’s more Goldberg:

My column today [Editor's note: really last Friday's column] is on this very point (“Funny how that happened” — The Couch). Obama wanted to be a transformative president who restored faith in government. But in his naïveté and hubris it never dawned on him that such an effort requires making government work better. [Editor's note: emphasis mine] Or maybe it dawned on him, but he lacked the courage or the skill to take on his own party. Or maybe he was so ideologically blinkered he believed that the only problems with government stem from a lack of funding. Or maybe, he thought if he gave just one more speech — just a little more cowbell — everyone would fall in line and march in step. Whatever the answer, he went another way.

Do you remember when we said that change is worthless — or worse — unless it’s good change? Well, we did (here). Goldberg just says it so freakin’ well; adding things like “more cowbell” and the like. He is one of the finest commentators there are, and always a great read.

Finally, this is one of the finest paragraphs ever written in the history of the American commentariat:

I understand how ridiculous it sounds to expect Barack Obama to streamline government and make it more effective. And that’s why I never expected it. But it is an interesting thing to ponder: If Mitt Romney had been elected in 2012, given his skillsets, he probably would have done vastly more to restore faith in government than Obama ever could. And that would have been a loss for the Democratic party but arguably a win for liberalism. And maybe — just maybe — vice versa for the Republican party and conservatism.
I’m not entirely sure I agree with that. But it’s worth noodling.

Note, how Goldberg distinguishes liberalism/leftism from the Democrat Party. Interesting insight on which he develops more here. That alone is fodder for many, many symposia, forums, research papers, books and the like. I won’t tackle it here for two reasons: 1: It’s too big a can of worms, and outside the scope of this post. 2: I’m not completely sure how I feel about it. Is the Democrat Party completely wedded to the whacked-out ideology of their extreme-leftist leadership? I don’t know.

No matter what, Jonah Goldberg is one of the finest commentators on the scene today. He’s positively Steynian. (Steynesque?)

– xPraetorius

News from The Associated Press

News from The Associated Press.

Ebola in Spain.

Just yesterday — here — we said that speculation that ebola might spread to Europe was silly and that it was already there.

This Associated Press story, to our chagrin, proves us right again.


– xPraetorius


The Drudge Sampler (Edition V – 10/6/14) (rated PG)

Just because I couldn’t resist.

Drudge Headline(s):

Quick Reaction (several):

  • Uhhhhh… whuh? What did they have in that spot before?
  • Or: Great news! Unless they were girl scientists, of course, then it’s just awkward. Or is it…?
  • Or: Do they have two now? Or, one of each? Or…whuh?
  • Or: Isn’t this a bit late? Weren’t they supposed to grow one waaaaaaayyyy before they became scientists?
  • Or: Is this story true or phallus?
  • Or: Who does that?!?
  • Or: Teacher: What did you grow, Sally? Sally: I grew a cucumber! Teacher: How ’bout you, John? John: I grew a tomato! Teacher: And you, Andrew?  Andrew: I grew a penis. Sally: Wanna trade?
  • Or: I haven’t read the story, and won’t until I’ve finished reacting, but the image for what, I’m sure, is the real story is that of someone planting a little bush (of course) watering it and waiting ’til it gets a bud, then it flowers, and bees come around and pollinate it, and it gets bigger, until it’s ready to be picked. Then what? What would they do with it?
  • Or: If it were a penis tree, would they be woodies?
  • Or: I don’t want to be cocky, but I’ve had one of those since I can remember!
  • Or: I don’t want to be hard on the headline writer, but couldn’t he have added some meat to it? To eliminate this very type of speculation, of course.
  • Or: I wonder what group the scientists belong to, because it’s sure that they have membership now.
  • Or: EMHO, this is a weird article. Hey! What were you thinking? That means “Eet’s My Humble Opinion.” (Sometimes I write with a Spanish accent.)
  • Or: If they grew these in the morning, would anyone hold it against them?

But, wait… there’s more!

Turns out that the organs in question were, to nobody’s surprise, grown in a lab and could be used on men “who have suffered a serious injury to the region, had surgery for cancer or are suffering from a congenital abnormality.” Ok, good! Great! Anytime science can alleviate suffering it’s a wonderful thing.

But, you see, these selfsame scientists had first grown vaginas in that selfsame laboratory.

I am a gentleman, and even though dozens and dozens of double-entendres presented themselves instantly, I will ignore this hanging curve.

However, apparently it is in science as it is, and should be, in society and everywhere: Ladies first.


– xPraetorius


ISTANBUL: Biden continues to apologize; first Turkey, now UAE | Middle East | McClatchy DC

ISTANBUL: Biden continues to apologize; first Turkey, now UAE | Middle East | McClatchy DC.

Why is Vice President Joe Biden allowed to open his mouth in public? The answer is simple, really. The more he emits blatant stupidity, the smarter Democrat voters think he is.

Right now, if you read the above-linked piece, you realize that Biden’s been busy lately, irritating actual allies (the UAE), allies by treaty (NATO’s Turkey) and anyone else he talks about.

Every time someone asks Biden about something important, someone else ought to interrupt with a quick question about Charlie Manson or the like. No one cares whether you tick Manson off.

The sad thing is that if Biden were to travel from a speech at Manson’s prison back to the White House, the average IQ of both places would rise.

– xPraetorius

Tommy Emmanuel and Martin Taylor – A Smooth One – Thu 28 March 2013 – The Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh – YouTube

Tommy Emmanuel and Martin Taylor – A Smooth One – Thu 28 March 2013 – The Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh – YouTube.

Here’s some more really sweet guitar playing.

– xPraetorius

Andreas Varady, Dave Grusin & Lee Ritenour – Stolen Moments – YouTube

Andreas Varady, Dave Grusin & Lee Ritenour – Stolen Moments – YouTube.

Here’s some really good guitar stuff.

– xPraetorius

Ahhhh, The Guitar!

Beethoven said, “The guitar is an orchestra in itself.” (quote here)

The great Italian violin virtuoso Nicolo Paganini said “The violin is my mistress, but the guitar is my master.” (found that quote here)

While, I don’t necessarily agree with Beethoven, I think I can see his point. I have heard tens of thousands of guitars, and each has its own sound. Likewise, each player has his own sound.

I’m a very good guitarist, because I can sometimes make the guitar make an absolutely enchanting sound. The vast majority of the time I play by and for myself. Others call this practice. I call it: more fun than I can describe.

The guitar is the only instrument I can imagine this about: I can sit down start to play, and instantly be transported to a better place. I can do this just about anywhere in the world. It’s one of the most portable instruments there are. By “portable,” I mean: you can bring it with you, and then play it where you are.

  • If you go on a business trip, you can play it in your hotel room, being sure to keep it quiet. No problem.
  • When you go camping, again using common sense about volume, you can probably play it all night around the campfire. When you go to the beach, you can bring it with you and play it as loud or softly as you wish. Try to imagine any other instrument about which that’s true.

Flute? Nope. Drums. Uhhh… No. Violin. Again, no. A violin is, I think, most useful as part of a larger ensemble. Maybe I’m wrong. Clarinet? Maybe, but not really. Not rugged enough. Oboe? Same as the clarinet. Bass anything? Nope. How about stringed instruments similar to a guitar, like an oud, or a lute? Sure, but generally these are expensive instruments, and you don’t want to expose them to weather. A synthesizer? Organ? Piano? Viola? Fyfe? Piccolo? Theremin?  No, no, uhhhh… heck no, nope, negatory and unh-unh.

Someone once asked the great classical guitarist Andres Segovia why he played so fast. His response: “Because I can.”

I play very fast, and it’s 1: because I can, and 2: because I love the sound. Shimmering sheets, and cascades of notes, like rain in a deluge, falling from a roof in scales and arpeggios that fit with the key bring me delight and quicken my pulse.

Here’s a song that is similar to what I do: Mediterranean Sundance. Here’s another one: Fast Guitar Solo (2005) Andreas Oberg. These are not me, but they’re like me.

That’s the kind of stuff that I just love. And I love to play it — whether I’m alone, or in a room full of people.

I have a number of guitars so that I can have one ready at all times in whatever room I find myself in.

What’s great about the guitar, is that anyone at any level of skill can just pick it up and play it and have fun. Another thing: the more you practice the more you improve. This is true of all instruments, of course, but with the guitar I find that getting better actually accelerates the more you play. I’m really good, but I’m getting better, and getting better faster. I like that a lot.

The guitar might not be the orchestra of instruments, but it certainly has to be a leading candidate for the most versatile, and the most just plain ol’ fun.

– xPraetorius

The Drudge Sampler (Edition IV – 10/5/14)

Drudge Headline(s):

Quick Reaction: Ahhh… that global warming! I know, I know… it’s only weather. But, someone forgot to tell people like National Public Radio and the rest of the dinosaur legacy media that there hasn’t been any global warming for nearly a generation. Hence while they’re still flogging the skeletal remains of “Global Warming,” the left has realized how ridiculous they look, and have adopted their current, equally ridiculous hysteria about “climate change.”

Since the climate does nothing but change, that means that the left’s complaint is with … climate. The left hates climate.

Drudge Headline(s): 

Quick Reaction:

  1. Why is there even an “EBOLA Path?” Why aren’t we stopping Ebola in its tracks, by shutting down the ability of those in affected countries to move around the world? ‘Cause our leadership is stupid, that’s why. Or, ’cause they don’t care if Americans die. Or both.
  2. Duh! They can never be sure they found ‘em all.
  3. One of the most interesting headlines of all. Of course, it’s stupid. The test of Rick Perry’s (Governor (R) of Texas) leadership came long ago. Texas is one of the best-run states in the union. Actually, this ebola thing is, potentially at least, a test of Perry’s ability to handle an unprecedented crisis that no American leader has ever had to face before. If he handles this well, then there is automatically a good case to be made for a Rick Perry Presidency.
  4. Coincidences don’t mean anything. They do represent an occasion to say, “Hmmmm…” That’s about it, though.
  5. Immigrants always worry about “backlash,” then a bunch of people jump to their defense, as they did right after 9/11. On 9/12/2001, it became a hanging offense to suggest that Islam just might have had something to do with terrorist attacks for which the terrorists themselves claimed Islam was the impetus. It’s a natural worry, and in this case, when that are scores of terrorists streaming across the border, it just might be a valid worry.
  6. Shouldn’t they be monitoring/studying/analyzing the doctor’s blood to see what kind of antibodies he has? I mean this dude survived ebola!
  7. Great. Freakin’ ebola is all over the freakin’ place now! That’s certainly something we want to dot all about the countryside! I guess we’re not really all worried about its “spread.” Oh, I get it. If we spread it all around, then that won’t mean that it spread all by itself! Get it? Me neither.
  8. Scare in Kansas City? See previous note.
  9. Treatment boot camp? Soooooo… let me get this straight. A bunch of doctors have no idea how to handle this thing, so we’re busy spreading it around the country? See comment #1.
  10. Could reach France and UK by end of month. This is incorrect. Here’s the correct headline: “Is likely in France and UK now.”
  11. Duh! Ya think?!?! Buy stock now in the companies that make and sell emergency supplies!
  12. What do they do when they find a kid with a temp? There are millions of such kids every day. Seriously… do we now degenerate into hyper-paranoid mode and send every kid to the ER?
  13. “CDC Director: Travel ban would make outbreak worse…” Oh? How? A “travel ban” is for potentially affected people, not for medical personnel… obviously. The CDC director is assuming that the travel ban pertains to all people. Welllllll…that’d be kinda stupid!
  14. See comment #1, and apply it to all countries… especially those with socialist/leftist leadership, who just don’t — read it well — care. Not one bit, not one iota, not one jot (but, I repeat myself?), not one ounce, not one rat’s gluteus maximus. Always remember, if a leader is of leftist or atheist bent, then he considers the people as nothing more than fuel or food for his state apparatus. If some of them die because of a delay in action, or ill-considered action, or out-and-out inaction, he doesn’t care. Oh, he has to make loud noises to the effect that he gives a darn, but that’s only to prevent the people from pouring into the streets and toppling him. Our “leader” in the United States is of a leftist or atheist bent.
  15. Marburg. Great. Cousin of ebola, only, apparently, worse. Coming soon to a hospital near you. Read more here.

Drudge Headline(s): 

Quick Reaction:

The Patriots lose big, and it appears as though we might be seeing the beginning of the end of a lengthy, productive, Hall-of-Fame but frequently frustrating quarterback career in the NFL.

Drudge Headline(s): 

  1. ‘Where’s the global warming?’
  2. Expert says public growing sceptical of ‘climate change’…

Quick Reaction:

  1. Where’s the “global warming?” Easy answer: there hasn’t been any in nearly a generation.
  2. Growing? The informed public was “sceptical” many years ago, at the very first mention of “settled science,” which as any scientist knows, is a nonsense concept.

Drudge Headline(s): 

Quick Reaction:

  • You’ll note they didn’t eat each other. Yes, that’s actually important, as there are American commentators who think that black people anyway are just a few lean days from descending into cannibalistic savages. You can read proof of that here.

Drudge Headline(s): 

Quick Reaction:

  • It starts. We covered a similar thing here. In summary, a boy with violent tendencies who “identifies” as a girl was trying to get into treatment facilities for girls. Because, you see, he “identifies” as a girl. National Public Radio picked up on the unsensational and largely stupid story, then sensationalized and serialized it. Except for a brief mention in the very first edition that this kid was really a boy, NPR always referred to him as “Jane Doe,” and as she or her. If you came into the series somewhere after the very, very beginning, you would have thought quite naturally that you were hearing about a girl, all while you were actually hearing about a boy. The young man — 16-years old at the time of the feature several months ago — ended up, quite logically in a treatment facility for boys. After all, the ones who actually had to deal with him knew that to put him in with girls was just asking for trouble… and putting them in danger.
  • Now we have to deal with boys who “identify” as girls wanting to play girls’ sports. I’m tempted to suggest that we simply allow this all to play out and then we can get rid of the nonsensical idea that girls can do everything that boys can do. However, a more positive way to approach this is to tell boys who “identify” as girls and vice-versa to cut the nonsense and get back into the proper locker rooms, bathrooms and other facilities devoted to the actual configuration of your chromosomes.
  • It’s a simple fact: if you cater to those who simply call themselves something else, then you will have many more such people, either mistakenly or fraudulently, calling themselves something they’re not, as it becomes convenient for them. See, for example: Manning, Bradley (Chelsea)
  • As I’ve said before, maybe I should simply “identify” as a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader and demand to be able to shower with them after work. After all, if you don’t let me do it, that’s “sexual orientation” discrimination, and that would be wrong.

Drudge Headline(s): 

Quick Reaction:

  • Whatever. The only thing worse, for one of these narcissistic celebrities is if no one wanted pictures of their naked selves. Look how quickly and solicitously Google acted on behalf of these bubble-headed, sex-obsessed celebrities. Want to know why? ‘Cause they’re still leftists in good standing. If you were, for example, to go out and google the sextape of a well-known ostensibly conservative person (no names, I don’t want to add to the dissemination of the thing) you can find it in numerous locations. I wonder why that is.
  • One quick question: how many pictures of your naked backside are out there, where hackers could obtain them?
  • It’s worth repeating: if any celebrities have pictures of their naked selves on the hard drives of ordinary Americans, it’s because they wanted pictures of their naked selves on the hard drives of ordinary Americans.

Drudge Headline(s): 

  1. CLAIM: Drones pinpoint Jihadi John…

  2. WARNING: U.S. veteran up next…


  4. Flag from 9/11 lost in Flight 93 Memorial fire…

Quick Reaction:

  1. Great. Let’s tell the scumbag about it, so he can go hide somewhere else.
  2. Anyone surprised? Again, to call ISIS or ISIL or IS rabid dogs is to be unfair to rabid dogs.
  3. Wellllllllll…that’s gotta be better than the Americans having control of it, eh? I mean, the Americans made Iraqi war prisoners walk on the floor on all fours in their skivvies. Much better to be decapitated, or crucified or raped, or all three… though not in that order, of course. Or, who knows? This is ISIS after all, maybe that is the order they prefer.
  4. Sad. If the investigation finds arson, then we will know that the terrorists are here in our midst. Between you and me, I believe they are. It makes sense. If you were a terrorist monitoring American media, and you saw nothing but headline after article, after broadcast news story, after radio feature, after magazine piece, after blogpost, after editorial telling of how open the border is with both Mexico and Canada, and that hordes were just pouring through, do you think you just might send a few scumbags over to cross into America, there to harm Americans? It’s not a trick question.

Drudge Headline(s): 

Quick Reaction:

  • That. particular ship sailed years ago.

Drudge Headline(s): 

  1. POLL: Americans worry…

  2. Can government protect us?

Quick Reaction:

  1. Uhhh… Duh!
  2. The correct question is: “Does the government even want to do the one thing that the Constitution absolutely mandates that it do: defend the shores of America?”

Drudge Headline(s): 

Quick Reaction:

  • Good. However, I have to believe that if we have drones flitting about on high, controlled only by a joystick and a geek in a basement in the CIA, this particular technology has to have been available long ago.
  • Also, I have to believe that the same thing exists for unmanned submarines.
  • Needless to say, all these things should contain highly effective and/or lethal self-destruct mechanisms in the eventuality that we lose control of one, or it fall into enemy hands.

Drudge Headline(s): 

  1. Israel police on alert to avert clashes as major Jewish and Muslim holidays coincide…
  2. 2 million Muslims stone ‘devil’ at hajj…

Quick Reaction:

  1. Did you ever notice that no one anywhere in the world ever goes on alert when Jewish and Christian holidays coincide? To the contrary, around Christmas/Hanukkah time, Christians wish a cheerful “Happy Hannukkah!” to Jews, while Jews say in return, “Merry Christmas!” Though, sadly, more and more in hyper-politically correct America, people are opting for the bland, safe “Happy Holidays.”
  2. Hmmm… Am I the only one to put together the fact that muslims have the same punishment for the devil as they have for women? I wonder what belief system could countenance such a monstrosity! Oh, yeah … islam.

Drudge Headline(s):

  1. Clashes Break Out at Hong Kong Protests…

  2. Deadline looms to clear streets…

  3. Women targeted in sex assaults…

Quick Reaction:

  1. Ummmm… Hello! The government in question is the communist government of China. You won’t win this by protesting in the streets, and the U.S. government will not help you. You and I have to understand that with Obama doing everything he can to dismantle American power, the rest of the world is poised to enter a great dark age. The only hope for all of us is that with the possibilities for the rapid dissemination of information, this dark age might be short-lived.
  2. Uhhhhh… Yep. That’s what totalitarians do. Then if the deadline passes, they deal with it as they did in Tiananmen Square.
  3. Well. What a surprise! A bunch of men and women get together in a situation fraught with tension and the potential for violence, and women are sexually assaulted. Oh, and in this situation, there’s no overarching moral structure resulting from Christianity — the only belief system that expressly forbids the assault of anyone — in place. It would be a surprise if there were no sexual assaults. Oh, and let’s pretend that women are every bit the physical equal of men and can shrug off these assaults as if they’re nothing, right? If that were the case, then you’d hear about an equal number of women sexually assaulting men! We don’t really hear that very often, do we…

As if in further illustration…

Drudge Headline(s): 

  1. UPDATE: 2 teachers accused of group sex with student free on bail…
  2. Male student was bragging…

Quick Reaction:

  1. The two women teachers are free on bail.
  2. The male student was bragging. These two Drudge headlines pretty neatly sum up the difference between men and women. Men are the aggressors, women are the beckoners. When either men or women break the many and long well-understood rules of that relationship, women suffer more.
  3. I’m guessing this story has played itself out many, many, many times — millions  of times — before in the past… long before it became a tsk tsk, shameful thing. I agree it’s a shameful thing, but it’s not out of the ordinary. See point #5.
  4. I’m guessing further that the idea of high school girls trading various intimate favors in exchange for grades has never been all that uncommon either. See point #5.
  5. Bottom line: both the teachers and the boy either had really bad upbringings, or they’re simply products of our increasingly amoral society.
  6. One more thing: just arresting people for things that the rest of society has been encouraging more and more enthusiastically will never solve the problem.

Drudge Headline(s):

Quick Reaction:

  • Look for a lot more of this as European economies accelerate their downward skid.

– xPraetorius

Are The Terrorists Here Already?

If you were a terrorist monitoring American media, and you saw nothing but headline after article, after broadcast news story, after radio feature, after magazine piece, after blogpost, after editorial telling of how open the border is with both Mexico and Canada, and that hordes were just pouring through, do you think you just might send a few scumbags over to cross into America, there to harm Americans?

It’s not a trick question.

– xPraetorius

Thomas Eric Duncan Fighting For His Life

He’s not going to make it.

Duncan’s the guy who brought Ebola into the United States, specifically into Dallas, Texas. His condition has deteriorated from “serious” to “critical,” and as the spokesperson said, “he’s fighting for his life.”

It’s at this point that my well-suppressed Conspiracy-Theorist Self comes out.

He’s likely going to die. Ebola is rough. However, if Duncan comes out of it, he’ll be able to answer questions, and that can’t be good for the Administration.

Short of “Who do you think will win the World Series?” can you think of one single question whose answer would be good for the Director of Homeland Security, James Clapper, or for President Obama? Nope. Me either.

And, all this happening as this important election approaches? Hmmmm… I wonder if Mr. Duncan might be a prime candidate soon for official Administration “compassionate assistance” … only to shorten his suffering, of course!

Get back inside, Conspiracy-Theorist Self! Back! Now!

– xPraetorius

Mark Steyn Does it Again

It is difficult to overstate the greatness of Mark Steyn. He is the best, most insightful writer on the scene today. He demolishes his targets with well-turned phrase, after well-turned phrase, after well-turned phrase.

In this post, Steyn takes on DHS — the Department of Homeland Security — and reveals some basic truths, one of which is:

If you’re wondering why the seizure of my kids’ chocolate eggs is in the same book as war and terrorism and all the big-boy stuff, the answer is it’s part of the same story. To function, institutions have to be able to prioritize – even big, bloated, money-no-object SWAT-teams-for-every-penpusher institutions like the US Government. You can’t crack down on Kinder eggs, bagpipes and Ebola: At a certain point, you have to choose. My line with the Homeland Security guys is a simple one: every 20 minutes you spend on me, or my kids’ chocolate eggs, or Cameron Webster’s bagpipe is 20 minutes you’re not spending on the guy with Ebola, or Tamerlan Tsarnaev. The price of bagpipe scrutiny is a big hole blown in the lives of American families attending the Boston Marathon, or a bunch of schoolkids in Dallas having to be quarantined for a vicious, ravaging disease with a high fatality rate. [Editor's Note: red emphasis added.]

Here’s another passage that says a lot about our idea of “border security” in the age of Obama:

The legendary Gord Sinclair, longtime news director of CJAD in Montreal, had a ski place near Jay in northern Vermont, and he invited his engineer on the show to come down and visit him. “What’s the purpose of your visit?” asked the agent at the small rural border post.

“Oh, just a relaxing weekend at my boss’ place,” said Gord’s colleague affably, and then chortled, “although I don’t know if it’ll be that relaxing. He’ll probably have me out in the yard chopping wood all day.”

So the immigration agent refused him entry on the grounds that he would be working illegally in the United States.

They all had a good laugh about that back on the air on Monday, but it took forever to straighten out. A single man with contacts in the United States: He says he’s coming for the weekend, but we all know any Montrealer would willingly trade a job at Quebec’s Number One anglo radio station for casual yard work in Vermont, right?

And yet the unemployed guy from an Ebola hot zone gets in.

Every day CBP [Canadian Border Patrol] agents pull stuff like that weekend-in-Vermont thing, screwing over perfectly obviously law-abiding persons – tourists, businessmen, legal residents and, indeed, citizens.

But the Ebola guy gets in.

That can sum up everything about Obama and his Presidency: The one thing that absolutely everyone agrees is squarely his responsibility, and no one else’s: The security of the country. But the Ebola guy gets in. (And the Tsarnaev bothers; and the ISIS sleeper cells; and millions upon millions of South American immigrants, here because the living is “free” and you can sign up as soon as you get in.)

But, Homeland Security and Obama must be thinking, what’s a few Americans dead from Ebola, or blown to bits by terrorists, compared with the possibility of letting in millions upon millions upon millions of nearly automatic Democrat voters? ‘Cause, let’s face it, if the Tsarnaev brothers hadn’t set off the Boston Marathon bomb, they’d be getting ready to pull the “D” lever in the voting booth this coming November, along with the immigrants and probably Ebola guy’s family.

Do yourself a favor and read Mark Steyn.

– xPraetorius

Commenter Tries to Defend Islam; Condemns Instead (Part IV)

As part of this thought process (read here, here and here) — comparing the characteristics of Islam and Christianity — it’s probably worth pointing out that no one, except people clearly identified as “enemies,”  that is, flees in terror at the idea that “the Americans are coming!” either.

It’s worth repeating:

  1. No one anywhere in the world flees in terror at the thought that “the Christians are coming.”
  2. No one, except people clearly identified as “enemies,” flees in terror at the thought that “The Americans are coming!”

In those two obvious truths reside a lot of other truths. Truths about civilization vs. barbarism; truths about religious belief focused on the divine vs. religion as an excuse for earthly power; truths about humans vs. savages, and more.

What’s most interesting about these truths, though, is that they have been true for such a long time.

  • Throughout history — even in the darkest times (cf, eg: the Inquisition, and the Crusades) — no one has had the slightest qualm about the Christians coming.
  • Near the end of World War II, people in France waited in joyous anticipation for the arrival of the Americans, while in Easter Europe, they waited in dread for the arrival of the Soviets.
  • Near the end of World War II, people in Central Europe prayed fervently that the Americans would beat the Soviets to them, to liberate them from the Nazis.
  • Throughout the world, the only ones greeted with flowers, open, joyful weeping and kisses, and delirious happiness have been the Americans.
  • All through history is the story of an oppressor being conquered by an equally oppressive conqueror, as the people did their best just to survive from day-to-day.
  • Until, that is, the 20th Century, and the arrival on the scene of America.
  • China, Vietnam, Europe, Korea, the Philippines, even vanquished Japan … everywhere the arrival of the Americans is greeted with cheers and ecstatic jubilation, and their departure with dread (justified in every case) and terror.
  • Conversely, no one, but no one, anywhere in the world, at any time, ever awaits with joyous anticipation the arrival of the Russians, of ISIS or other Sunnis or Shi’ites, of the North Koreans or the Chinese, of communists of any stripe, or of socialists or fascists, of the Iranians or even the Saudis… you can continue to add to the list, until there remains pretty much only America. (1)

What, I wonder, has been the motivating, dominant spirit behind American interaction with the rest of the world since its founding in 1776? Simple: Christianity. Or, you could call it: “Judeo-Christian values.” Whatever. Same thing.

The very rare times throughout history where Americans have failed to live up to their role as liberators and protectors — My Lai, Abu Ghraib — have driven home the point that you are almost always okay when the Americans take over; and you are never okay when the islamists, or the communists, or the fascists, or the socialists (they’re all — substantively — the same thing) take over.

– xPraetorius


(1) I’ve purposely left out one group whose arrival as conquerors would represent a godsend to oppressed peoples around the world: the Western Europeans. However, no one anticipates that these generally omphaloskepsistic peoples will ever come anyway, so there’s no point in joyfully awaiting their arrival.

Commenter Tries to Defend Islam; Condemns Instead (Part III)

What, I wonder, might one point to as the difference between Islam and Christianity? Well, here’s one: No one anywhere in the world flees in terror at the idea that “the Christians are coming.”

– xPraetorius